Terms of Service

The speed limit inside the campground is 5 MPH. The campground is a one-way road and children are playing. This speed limit is strictly enforced by both staff and your fellow campers.

"Flushable" wet-wipes and non-RV compatible toilet paper are strictly forbidden. Campground septic systems have a considerable load, and obstructions can cause a backup into your camper, into other campers, or render whole sections of the campground inoperable. RV toilet paper is indicated as such, or Scott 1-ply toilet paper is a typical acceptable use. 

Motorcycles in and out only.

There will be times when parking is crowded. When asked, please move cars or boats to temporary parking areas. Park in a manner that leaves room for your neighbors to get in and out of their sites. Do not park on empty sites.

Visitors must stop at office to sign visitor log. Camper must be on property for guests to be allowed into campground. Sign in sheet will be hanging next to the door if the office is closed. Fees may apply. Guests must be off property by 11PM or pay an overnight guest fee. Campers are responsible for the actions of their guests. Visitor's pets are by permission only. 

No cleaning of fish on 10 acres property except in designated areas. No fish in dumpster, no garbage in fish bags. Fish remains should be bagged and placed in the appropriate pail.

Place garbage and recycling in appropriate dumpsters near campground exit. No furniture, propane bottles or hazardous waste. Large items must be disposed off campgound property. All cardboard should be flattened.

Quiet hours are 11PM to 8AM. This applies to vehicles with loud exhaust, motorcycles, etc. Be respectful of your neighbors. 

Garbage and recycling are to be placed in the appropriate dumpsters near the exit of the park. No furniture, empty propane bottles or hazardous waste. All cardboard must be flattened. 

Use of illegal drugs or excessive consumption of alcohol are prohibited. 

Pets must be leashed. Clean up after all pet messes. All animals must be current on shots and vaccinations, and proof shall be provided upon request. Dogs must not be left alone to bark. Nuisance animals may be required to be removed from the park. If a camper fails to clean up after their pet anywhere on campground property, a cleaning fee will be required. 

No more than 2 vehicles parked at any site. A boat counts as a parked vehicle. No more than 1 parking spot is guaranteed at any site. Park in a way that faciliates other campers reaching their campsite as well. 

Children under 10 must be accompanied by an adult when near the pond or lake. No swimming at the pond. 


Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult at the pool. 

Swim diapers required for babies and incontinent individuals. 

No glass in the pool area. No food or drink in the pool itself. 

Long hair should be tied back for safety purposes. 

No pets in the pool or pool area. 

Pool area hours are 9 AM to Dusk. 

No smoking inside the pool area. 

Seasonal-only Terms and Conditions:

Washing of campers is allowed on dry days, within reason. Use common sense and avoid saturating the ground. 

Decks are no more than 8 feet wide and are not to exceed the length of the camper. All decks must be discussed and approved by campground management. 

No sheds larger than 4 X 8 feet. All sheds must be discussed and approved.