Terms of Service

Resort Rules and Regulations

  1. We are an Adult Only Resort
  2. Monthly stays require that RV’s must be 10 yrs or newer and in good condition. Any exceptions must be approved by management. Vintage RV's that have been restored are accepted. All reservation request must also include a current picture for the RV that will be at 7 Bridges RV Resort. 
  3. All Visitors must register at the office upon entering. Registered guest will be held responsible and liable for the behavior of their guest.
  4. Only 2 People per site. Sites will be limited to 4 guests.
  5. Texas Law requires the use of proper sewer connections. All hoses are to be properly connected with no leaks. Sewer hoses must be kept off the ground as to not interfere with mowing or weed eating. Placing within gutter material is recommended. Resort will not be responsible for damage to hoses or cable on the ground.
  6. Absolutely No Clothes lines
  7. Showers are for Registered Guest only.
  8. PETS: There is a 2 pet limit. All pets must be leashed and quiet. No pets may be left outside unattended. PICK UP AFTER YOUR PET IMMEDIATELY EVEN IN THE DOG PARK AREA AND WALK. Management reserves the right to deny entry for pets that are considered to be dangerous breeds. This is not a personal opinion but a liability issue.
  9. Do not change sites without management approval.
  10. Do not park in empty sites, Roadways, or Grass areas
  11. Only 1 RV per site.
  12. Golf Carts are allowed on roads only. 4-Wheelers and side by sides are prohibited in the Resort.
  13. No Fireworks
  14. No Smoking in any building on the premises. DO NOT throw cigarette butts on the ground.  Ashtrays are located Outside of buildings.
  15. No Mechanical work or Oil Changes allowed on premises.
  16. No grills on resort tables.
  17. Speed Limit is 5mph.
  18. Washing of RV’s does require management approval.  Absolutely no washing of cars, trucks, etc allowed in the Resort.
  19. No Permanent Structures allowed.
  20. All Furniture outside on your site must be outdoor furniture. No couches, recliners or other furniture that is intended to be inside shall be outside.
  21. Trash will be picked up by resort staff by 9am. Any trash before or after the  stated time    must be taken to the dumpster by the Guest. Please put trash in durable garbage bags and place adjacent to the street in front of your site. Only normal household trash will be collected. NO TRASH PICK UP ON HOLIDAYS
  22. Storage of outside items must be hidden from public view.
  23. Please report to office staff any potential hazards seen in or around the Resort. Dead trees, Broken Limbs, etc.
  24. Generators are ONLY allowed in the event of a power outage.
  25. Our water pressure is more than 40 P.S.I. To prevent damage to your unit, we suggest the use of a pressure regulator.
  26. Electricity: Each Site is individually metered and Monthly guest  are responsible for electrical usage. A $150.00 deposit for electricity is required at check in for monthly guest. Meters are read close to the end of the month and the amount is added to the monthly site rate. Electricity is included in the daily and weekly rate.
  27. Resort quiet hours are 10pm through 7am.
  28. Septic: Do not flush anything other than toilet paper in commodes. This includes, Baby or Adult wipes, hygiene products. These products can cause serious issues and should there be a problem and it is traced to your unit you will be held responsible for all repair costs.
  29. Our Ponds are very deep  and anyone around them does so at their risk.
  30. Unfortunately due to our location cable TV is not available in our area. Long Guest may get satellite TV at their own cost and the placing of the dish must be approved by Resort management.
  31. Under NO circumstances will any DRUGS, DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, UNLAWFUL ACTS OR DISTURBING OTHER TENANTS BE PERMITTED. YOU WILL BE IMMEDIATELY BE ASKED TO LEAVE THE PREMISES AND LAW ENFORCEMENT WILL BE CALLED. If you are ejected from the premises by Management or Law enforcement your remaining  days paid WILL NOT BE REFUNDED. You will be refunded any unused Electric deposit.
  32. Guest agrees that any and all Unpaid balances will be charged to the card provided by guest to settle any balances at check out from 7 Bridges Rv Resort.
  33. If you need to cancel this reservation, you must do it 48 hours before your arrival date, otherwise you will be charged for one night. No refunds given for Holiday/Special Event weekends. All cancellations will incur a minimum $10 fee. No refunds will be given on cancellations within 24 hours of your arrival date. 

    Monthly reservations are non-refundable if cancelled within 24 hours of scheduled arrival. Monthly reservations held for over 30 days are also non-refundable. We make no guarentees on particular site number (unless you have selected the site lock option) only then we will have a site available for your arrival. Unfortunately there will be times that we have to re-assign sites.


  1. No one under the age of 18 is allowed.
  2. There is no Lifeguard on Duty
  3. No diving is allowed
  4. No glass in the pool area
  5. Proper swimwear is required.
  6. Please always clean up after yourself.

INDEMNITY AND WAIVER OF LIABILITY-GUEST shall indemnify and hold Owner harmless from and against any and all claims, demands, costs and expenses, including reasonable attorney’s fees, arising from any and all damages or injuries caused by fire, water, wind, civil strife, or acts of God, Owner and/or GUESTS action or in-actions (or those of their employees, agents, or invitees), or any other cause related to GUESTS use or occupation of the site. Likewise, Owners assume no responsibility and assume no liability for any damage to GUEST or GUEST RV, including but not limited to, falling tree limbs. GUEST specifically acknowledges risks and probability of fallen tree limbs and the potential damage such tree limbs can cause.

Resort Policy 

  • Check-in 1:00pm / Check-out Noon, 12:00pm
  • Included: 1 RV, 2 vehicle, 2 people per site
  • No tent camping, RVs must be fully self-contained
  • RVs must be clean and in good condition regardless of age
  • Full payment is due at booking
  • No refunds for late arrivals or early departures
  • Reservations require a cancel notice of 2 days, (48 hours), or more for a refund minus a $10 cancellation processing fee
  • Cancellation fee equal to the rate of the first night stay is applicable if notice is received 2 days or less prior to arrival date

Electricity:  Each site is individually metered and Monthly tenants are responsible for electrical usage.   

A $150.00 deposit for electricity is required at check in for monthly guest. 

Meters are read close to the end of the month and the amount is added to the monthly site rental rate.

Electricity is included in the daily and weekly rental rates.

Holiday and Special Events:   3 night minimum stay required, special event rates may apply