Terms of Service

1.                   Road Speed: The speed limit is 5 mph throughout the entire park.

2.                   Responsibility: Angels Landing Campground LLC is not responsible to owners for any loss or damage to their property including, but not limited to explosion, fire, flood, tornado, windstorms, high water, hail, acts of God or any other conditions. The park is not responsible for damage or theft of trailer, contents, equipment, accessories, or personal belongings. The owner/lessee accepts full responsibility for their trailer and agrees to carry their own insurance to protect their trailer and such other property against said perils.

3.                   Firearms: No discharging of firearms, air rifles, BB guns, bows, and arrows, crossbows, or slingshots, permitted at any time in the park. No Fireworks will be allowed at any time.

4.                   Noise: Between the hours of 11:00 pm and 8:00 am excessive noises created by tenants or guests will not be tolerated. All children are to be on their sites or with their parents after the hour of 11:00 pm. This includes teenagers. IF YOU DO NOT OBEY, YOU DO NOT STAY'


5.                   Camper Courtesy: Walking or driving golf carts or vehicles through other campsites is forbidden. Please stay on roads. Children must have a licensed driver with them to drive carts on campground.


6.                   Pets: All pets will be kept on leashes, and it will be the responsibility of the owner to insure all stool deposits are cleaned up immediately. Pit Bulls and Rottweiler: Are considered to be a "Vicious Dog" and therefore will not be allowed at any time in the park. This rule applies to lot owners and their guests


7.                   UTILITIES: Sewage or sink water must not be discharged on the ground. Due to underground utilities, do not drive stakes or any object into ground without checking with the office.

8.                   Guests and visitors: Are welcome! They should be informed of our regulations. To avoid embarrassment, the management should be advised in advance if guests are to arrive not accompanied by the owner of the trailer. Remember that all owners are responsible for the conduct of their guests or visitors. Loud and boisterous parties or conduct will not be tolerated. Common sense and good judgment are the rules to follow. No more than two (2) cars per lot. There is additional parking in designated areas in the park for extra guests.

9.                   Insurance: Owners are encouraged to fully insure their trailer and boats and contents against damage or theft.

10.               Bicycles: Bicycles will not be ridden at night without the proper nighttime safety equipment. No riding of bicycles, skateboards, skates, scooters or golf carts in shelter house or pool area.

11.               Dumpsters: Please do not place anything but bagged household garbage in dumpster. If you have a mattress, furniture, large boxes, grills, or any metal can be taken to the recycle center conveniently located at 2163 Ranger drive, Cross, SC 29436 the hours of operation are 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM closed on Wednesday and Sunday. Please let’s keep our park clean.

12.               Lessee agrees to pay a $50.00 charge for each returned check.

13.               Lessee agrees that upon the expiration of this lease, renewal is solely at the discretion of the lessor.

14.               Lessor/management reserves the right to change, alter or otherwise make changes to this agreement or rules and regulations at any time without prior notice.

15.               Please note children are always present in the park so inappropriate language is unacceptable.

16.               Golf carts should only be driven by someone with a valid driver's license. This is for the safety of the cart owners and the residents of the park. Golf carts must be fully insured. If operated at night, proper lighting is required. No reckless operation of carts will be tolerated. Each lot owner will be afforded one (1) warning. Any further violations will require removal of your golf cart from the campground for the remainder of the season.


17.               By accepting this lease, the lessee agrees to abide by all the attached Swimming Pool Rules on Exhibit A.


18.               CAMP STORE: Our store and restaurant are currently open for breakfast 7am-10:30am lunch 11:00am-2:00pm 7 days a week.


19.               EMERGENCY SITUATIONS: Medical and fire emergencies call 911. Then please call one of the staff members phone numbers located on front door of camp store.


20.               CAMPFIRES: Small campfires are allowed inside a fire ring. No burn barrels allowed…


21.               DISCLAIMER: Persons using Angels Landing Campground LLC and its facilities do so at their own risk. They assume responsibility for injury or illness occurring to them or members of their party. Angels Landing Campground LLC assumes no responsibility for lost, damage, or stolen property occurring to anyone while on its ground or facilities.


22.               The management reserves the right to eject all violators of these rules & regulations, without refund, and to remove persons or animals who are considered detrimental to the health, safety, or welfare of others using the campground or its facilities.

Anybody that is not going to arrive on the original date needs to contact us within 48 Hrs after your arrival date if you do not contact us you will forfit your reservation and any possibility of a refund. 











Exhibit A


Swimming Pool Rules and Regulations

The following rules and regulations are for the protection and benefits of all to help assure safe and sanitary operation of the pool facilities. Your cooperation in abiding by these conditions will afford pleasant relaxation and recreation for all members/guests. Parents are requested to caution their children to observe all rules and regulations.

1)        Failure to comply with these rules shall be considered cause for any action deemed necessary by the Management, including the suspension of violators from the use of the pool area.

2)        Safety Issues     NO LIFEGUARD ON DUTY

3)        Swimming is strictly prohibited if there is thunder and/or lightning in the vicinity.

4)        No food, drinks, bottles, gum-chewing, or cigarette/cigar smoking is permitted on the pool edges or in the pool.

5)        No glass containers in the pool, deck, or lawn area.

6)        No diving or jumping from the edge of the pool.

7)        No running or rough play in or near the pool area.

8)        Parents must assume responsibility for their children.

9)        Children must be accompanied by an adult.

10)     Sanitation Issues

11)     No food or drinks are allowed in or near the pool.

12)     No pets are allowed in the pool area. (Exceptions are service animals only, and even then, not in the pool itself).

13)     No diapers except special swim diapers are allowed in the pool.

14)     Security Issues

15)     I . Removal of equipment, furniture, or accessories from the pool area is strictly forbidden.

16)     ANGELS LANDING CAMPGROUND LLC will not be responsible for lost or missing articles.

17)     Each member has a responsibility to report any incident involving another member, their family or guest using the Pool Amenities who creates an unsafe or unpleasant environment. The report should be made to the management.

18)     Management retains the right to revoke privileges to the Pool Amenities for any members who has delinquent Lease/Electrical Payments, or for violation of any of community rules and/or covenants.

19)     Guest Policy

20)     Members may entertain guests in the pool but use reasonable judgment in the number/frequency of guests.

21)     Members shall be responsible for their guests at all times and shall assume liability for the actions of their guests.

22)     Pool Behavior

23)     No loud music, offensive language, or loud yelling is acceptable in the pool area.

24)     Appropriate swimwear must be worn in the pool.

25)     No smoking is permitted in or near the pool.

26)     Only the following floatation devices are allowed in the pool: arm floats, toddler life preservers, and noodles. No scuba gear, inner tubes or rafts are allowed.

27)     No swimming after designated swimming hours. Use of swimming pool facilities when the swimming pool is closed is strictly forbidden and violators can be prosecuted for trespassing as well as face suspension of swimming pool and other privileges. 6. No diving or jumping into the pool. Flips from the side of the pool are prohibited. Jumping off backwards or in any way that throws the head back towards the side of the pool is prohibited. 7. No throwing of any objects that might injure another person or damage property in or around the pool area.

28)     Everyone is encouraged to shower before getting in the pool.

29)     Running, horseplay, fighting, dangerous conduct or loud noise shall not be permitted in or around the Pool Amenities.

30)     People with skin disorders, colds or any other infectious or contagious disease should not enter the pool.

31)     No loitering in the pool, lawn areas, or restrooms.

32)     Parents are directly responsible for the actions of their children!