Terms of Service


  • Check-in time is 1 PM and check-out time is 11 AM.
  • Quiet time is from 10 PM until 6 AM. Please keep loud noises to a minimum.
  • Your sewer hose must be properly attached to your RV to prevent unsanitary leakage. Please check your connections weekly; this is your responsibility. 
  • You must keep your water lines secure so there is no leaking. Excessive leaks will incur a fee for water usage.
  • Please be mindful of guests on neighboring sites when parking your vehicle, using your site, and playing loud music, etc. 
  • Grills are allowed at your site. NO campfires on the ground. Fire pits are allowed as long as they do not pose a fire hazard and are portable. 
  • Screened-in rooms are allowed without floors - one per site only. We will not be responsible for mowing or weed eating inside or around it


  • The speed limit from the entrance at Garcon Point Road and throughout the park is 5 MPH. THIS IS NOT NEGOTIABLE AND FOR EVERYONE'S SAFETY. Failure to comply may result in your vehicle being banned from the Park and you will need to park off the premises. 
  • Park vehicles in line, parallel, and in front of your RV. The grass is soft and will cause ruts if you pull up to your door, which will result in a muddy site. 
  • Vehicles of visitors (day or evening) should be parked in the extra parking area near the front of the office building. 
  • There is a $ charge for water and sewer usage when washing vehicles and/or RVs in the Park. Please notify office staff in advance. 
  • Parking permits are visible at all times (provided by the park). 


  • There is a $5 per night charge for each guest (13 and older). 
  • It is your responsibility to advise guests of Park rules. 


  • You MUST clean up after your pet. All animal waste must be removed and disposed of properly. 
  • ALL pets must be inside pets. They are to be on leashes at ALL times when taken outside of your RV - with the exception of when they are inside the dog run. 
  • Your pet MUST be supervised when outside at ALL times. Do NOT tie your pet up outside your RV and leave them unattended. You must remain outside with them. 
  • All pets must have up-to-date vaccinations, including rabies. 

Abandonment of Property 

  • Anything left behind when you vacate the Park will be dealt with by Park personnel in accordance with the Alabama State Statutes. 
  • Please notify the management if you are leaving for more than 5 days. 

Failure to Pay Current Charges 

  • Failure to pay all current charges may result in our requiring you to vacate the Park immediately. 
  • Failure to comply with arrangements for late payments may result in our requiring you to vacate the Park immediately. 

Infractions of Rules 

  • Infractions of any park rules may result in our requiring you to vacate the Park immediately.