Terms of Service

Terms & Conditions – Please electronically sign prior to arrival to ensure a smooth, timely check in process.                                          

Making A Reservation: There are no Refunds. Please pay the minimum amount due. If you have a discount (ie. Good Sam or Active Duty Military), email us your Membership number and expiration date so we can apply the discount prior to your arrival. Once the reservation has been paid in full, we are unable to apply the discount.    

Multiple Site Reservation:  If you wish to reserve more than one site, it is best to make a separate reservation for each site if the other party wants to pay their balance. When you add multiple sites to the shopping cart, the entire amount will be billed to guest making the reservations. 

Check In Time: 1:00 - 5:00 pm (by dusk) No self-parking and no parking after dark. Tents are Not Permitted. 

Important: To ensure your safety, and the tranquility of our other guests, we require your RV be parked on its site before dark. If an emergency requires that you arrive after dark, please call us (541) 469-3356 as soon as possible as we will need to make special arrangements. 

Check Out Time: 11:00 AM - Late check out $30.00 fee upon management approval. 

Quiet Hours: 10:00 PM - 8:00 AM - No unnecessary loud noise, TV, Radios, etc. Please be considerate of others when traveling in and out of the resort at all times. 

Speed Limit: 5 Miles per hour - PLEASE be considerate of children and pets.    

                                                             Campground Use Agreement -- Guidelines and Policies

AtRivers Edge RV Resort is a privately-owned park designed for the mature and independent. With my signature, I accept camping privileges with the understanding that I am entering into a contract with AtRivers Edge RV Resort (“Campground”), binding me, my immediate family, and any guests I may have to the following terms and conditions which are intended to assure a safe and pleasant living environment for everyone. Violations of these rules may result in legal remedies and loss of privileges or discounts. Equipment and facilities furnished on resort property are for registered guests only who use them at their own risk. If a guest abandons an outstanding balance owed to AtRivers Edge RV Resort, we will process the charge on the guest's credit card on file. 

• All guests and visitors must register at the office in the Clubhouse. Basic RV rent includes two people, one dwelling, one vehicle, and two pets. Additional guests/visitors or items will generate additional costs. See office for fees. Pets are not permitted for Rental Units (Cabins, Yurts, Huts and Airstream RV). Evidence of a pet is subject to a $200 deep cleaning fee plus damage costs if applicable.  

• Smoking is not permitted inside Rental Units (Cabins, Yurts, Huts and Airstream RV). Evidence of smoking is subject to a $200 cleaning fee plus damage costs if applicable. 

• An adult approved by office staff must actively supervise guests less than 18 years. Specific guidelines are posted in the Clubhouse for recreational areas. 

• Maintain positive control of your RV site pet at all times. Pet must be on a leash attached to you at all times when outside. They cannot be left unattended or tied up outside your unit. Failure to clean up after your pet, allowing it to run loose or be loud and aggressive will result in charges and/or loss of privileges. Pet owners will be provided a supplement to this rule and must sign a compatibility statement as well as provide proof of current rabies vaccination status.  Pets are permitted for RV site rentals. Pets ARE NOT permitted for Rental Units (Cabins, Yurts, Huts, Airstream RV). Evidence of a pet is subject to a $200 deep cleaning fee plus damage costs if applicable.  

• Garbage must be sealed and placed in dumpster. Only household garbage is permitted in the dumpster. Unauthorized dumping will result in significant fees.   Any questions about permitted garbage, please check with front desk.  Please recycle. Instructions are available in the office and recycling shed. Disposal of debris other than household waste (i.e. oil, batteries, paint, tires, furniture, appliances or other regulated material) is your personal responsibility. 

• All utility connections must be in accordance with county ordinance. Alterations to any utility are strictly forbidden and cause for immediate eviction. Sewer and sink water connections must be threaded and airtight. Fish cleaning stations are not allowed. 

• Visual site clutter is prohibited. Clotheslines, antennas and fences over 3 feet tall are not allowed. All vehicles and personal property must be neatly retained on rented spaces. Tents are Not Permitted. Fire code does not allow for on-street parking. Off-site storage is available for excess property. See office for rates and registration of items.

• Removal or transfer of equipment between sites is not permitted. Do not move picnic tables. 

• Auxiliary power units are not to be used except in the event of a power failure. 

• Off-road vehicles are prohibited except for transportation in and out of the resort property. 

• No repairs to vehicles or boats are allowed on the property. Disabled vehicles must be taken to a repair shop. 

• No Commercial Business activities are permitted. Illegal activities will result in immediate eviction. 

• Activities that create a hazard, liability or imposition are not permitted at any time. Use of firearms (to include BB guns), fireworks, safety flares, slingshots or other weaponry is not allowed. 

• Open fires are allowed only in designated areas. 

• Tents are not permitted. 

By signing the Terms & Conditions ahead of time, you allow us to speed up our check in time for you and other guests. 

Electronic Signatures: You agree that your electronic signature, whether digital or encrypted, is intended to authenticate the Terms and Conditions contained herein and to have the same force and effect as manual signatures. Delivery of a copy of this Agreement or any other document contemplated hereby bearing an original or electronic signature by email transmission in “portable document format” (“.pdf”) form, or by any other electronic means intended to preserve the original graphic and pictorial appearance of a document, will have the same effect as physical delivery of the paper document bearing an original or electronic signature.