Terms of Service

        Campground Rules


1.       Check in time is 1pm, Check out is 11 am.

2.       We do not guarantee specific sites unless the site lock option is selected.

3.       Firewood and ice can be purchased on the side of Snack Shack. Please place payment in the designated box.

4.       Snack Shack common area is open from 11am to 8 pm daily. Concessions are sold Friday and Saturdays from 6 -8 pm and on holidays.

5.       Speed limit is 5mph for all cars, golf carts, and bicycles.

6.       Quiet hours are from 11 pm to 8am.

7.       Courtesy hours are in effect 24 hrs. This includes pets.

8.       Pets (max 2) are to be always leashed. Please clean up after your pets.

9.       Please place garbage in the dumpsters by the entrance of the park.

10.   Please keep campfires under control and in fire rings. Kindly refrain from burning wood with nails, screws, or paint finishing.

11.   Fishing is catch and release. All children must be accompanied by an adult.

12.   Alcoholic beverages are to be consumed only on your own site.

13.   Fireworks and firearms are not permitted.

14.   Political signs, flags, posters for candidates, political groups, or issues are prohibited.


          Swimming Rules

Swimming facilities at Belden Hill Campground are not supervised by a lifeguard or other responsible person. In place of on-site supervision, this facility has established a series of safeguards to be followed by all guests.

  1. NEVER SWIM ALONE. A minimum of two adults 18 years of age or older, must be present whenever this swimming facility is in use, with at least one adult on the pool deck or beachfront.
  2. THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR ADEQUATE SUPERVISION. Children under 16 years of age must be accompanied to the bathing facility by a parent or guardian, or similar adult responsible for their safety and behavior.
  3. IN AN EMERGENCY, NOTIFY THE FACILITY OPERATOR AND CONTACT HELP IMMEDIATELY. A free phone is provided at this facility on the porch of the Snack Shack. Telephone numbers for the nearest emergency services are posted.
  4. Only use this facility during posted hours of operation and swim only in the designated bathing area.
  5. Don't drink alcohol and swim.