Terms of Service

By making a reservation and visiting the Brewster River Campground, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Tenants and Guests are responsible for any damage or injury caused by themselves, their children and/or pets.
  2. Tenants and Guests assume any and all risks associated with the foregoing and agrees to hold Campground harmless from and indemnify Landlord against the same.
  3. The Campground is not responsible for personal injuries or damage, loss or theft of any personal property or vehicle.
  4. We reserve the right to evict any person(s) who does not comply with the rules and policies.
  5. Quiet hours are 10pm-8am
  6. Music can be played at a reasonable level so long as it doesn’t intrude on other guests space.
  7. Fires are only allowed in designated fire pits and must be supervised by an adult at all times.
  8. Do not bring firewood from out of the area (50 mile radius) to avoid the spread of insect infestations.
  9. Dogs must be leashed at all time, under control, and all poop must be cleaned up after. Excessively noisy, mean, and barking dogs are not allowed.
  10. We reserve the right to refuse access to any guests whose vehicle is deemed to be unacceptable. We do not have RV hookups.
  11. Tent camping is permitted only in site designated areas.
  12. Swimming in the river is allowed and at your own risk.
  13. Absolutely no cleaning or dumping in the river.
  14. All sites are to be kept neat and clean for the duration of your stay.
  15. All trash is to be disposed of in dumpsters. All food must be kept secured when not using at all times to prevent bears.
  16. DO NOT leave trash out overnight.
  17. No firearms, fireworks, or weapons are allowed.
  18. Brewster River Campground is in a natural wildlife habitat area.  All guests should ensure pets and small children are supervised at all times.
  19. All sales are final.

There is no formal check-in/out process. Just drive right to your site.

Check-in Time:
2pm-9pm (Please try not arrive past 9pm, if you absolutely have to please be mindful of your noise/lights in setting up camp.)
Check-Out Time:
11:00 AM

Quiet Hours:


  • Enjoy the river carefully and supervise all children in or around the water. There are some deep holes, slippery rocks and swift currents, particularly after heavy rains. Do not dive or jump from the rocks. No glass bottles in the river.
  • Place all food in containers at night, preferably stored in your vehicle. We have had the occasional black bear visit the campground and raccoons may also raid your food if it is left exposed.
  • Do not harm or handle the wildlife.