Terms of Service

The following terms and conditions apply: 

  • Payment is required in full at time of making reservations.
  • Check-in for all reservations is 3:00pm. Early check-in is available for regular sites (not cabins) if site is available for $3 per hour. You must call first to confirm availability. There is no early check-in available for cabins.
  • Check-out for regular campsites is now 1:00pm (effective 4/1/2021).
  • Check-out for cabins is 11:00am - but you may move your vehicle to visitor lot and enjoy the park until 3pm.
  • Cancellations for regular campsites require two weeks minimum notice.
  • Cancellations for cabins require thirty days minimum notice.
  • Cancellation Fee: A 10% fee will be incurred for cancellations with proper notice 
  • Gate: Brialee now has gates.  Your gate code is 2-site#-2.  The gates are opened by code at entry.  If you have difficulty use the call box or phone the office (860-429-8359).  The gates will open automatically when you leave the park.  Approach slowly, there is a bit of a delay before they rise.
  • Your gate code is for YOUR USE ONLY!  You may NOT give your code to anyone else to enter the park - this includes any visitors coming to your site.  ALL Visitors MUST use the front entrance of the park and register at the office, pay the daily visitor fee, and keep their car parked at the visitor lot for the duration of their visiting time.  
  • Misuse of gate codes may result in the cancellation of your reservation with no refund, and immediate termination of your stay.  
  • Occupancy is maxed at 2 adults and your children.
  • Extra adults are charged $5 each per night at time of reservation. (if staying in your camping unit)
  • Vehicles are limited to 2 vehicles per site, which should be registered prior to your arrival.
  • Bikes: are to be ridden responsibly, do not ride on decks or in buildings, helmets are encouraged, and must be parked by dusk. 
  • Cord Wood (with notice) and bundles are available from the camp store
  • Firewood is not permitted from outside the park
  • Fishing: Fishing permitted, no license required. Catch & release policy. Trout (2-max) may be kept if cooking them.  
  • Golf Carts are not permitted (except Seasonal Campers with insurance)
  • Electric scooters, mopeds, electric bikes, hoverboards, and children's ride-on toys are not allowed.
  • Motorcycles much remain parked in one of the visitor lots and may not be driven through the park or to any campsites.
  • Pets are allowed - 2 maximum, and must remain on leash at all times, unless at pet beach or trails near beach. Aggressive and excessive barking dogs are not allowed. No pets in cabin rentals, at people beach, or in any of the buildings.
  • Trash:  Weekend Campers- trash will be picked up at 11:00 and 2:30. Must be left, bagged and tied, by your site. Trash left after 2:30 must be removed by you. No bulky waste- those items must be removed from the park by you.
  • Quiet Hour: 11 pm strictly enforced. All youth under the age of 21 must be back at their sites by 11pm unless accompanied by an adult. Any emergencies please come to the office (860-429-8359) during business hours, or call Security after 10pm (860-377-1731)
  • Site Issues: Other emergencies consisting of site, noise, misbehaving, and other security issues, please call  Security at 
    860 377-1731. Medical issues and all calls to 911 must be reported to Security immediately to assist emergency with finding your site.  
  • Vandalism: Please be respectful of Brialee property. Acts of vandalism of any kind will not be tolerated. First act will result in minimum of a warning. Second act will result in expulsion from the park.
  • Visitors will be charged a per day visitor fee and must keep their car parked in the visitor lot at front of park. (No exceptions)


Cabin Terms & Conditions

Please read this important notice if you are staying in one of our cabins.  You will be held accountable for the items in the cabin, the condition in which you camp and use the cabins during your stay, and the condition in which you leave the cabin at check-out.  We put a lot of time and effort in to making these units comfortable, clean, and high quality, and expect you will treat the cabins with the utmost of care and respect.  A security deposit of $200 will be held on your credit card upon arrival.  Damages, cleaning, or other cabin-related costs associated with misuse or abuse will be charged against that security deposit.  If costs exceed your deposit, your card will be charged for the amount of damages incurred.  

Cabins are to be used gently and carefully.  

Please make sure to watch your children and monitor their behavior while in and outside of the unit.

Inside furniture is to remain inside at all times, and should not be used for anything other than it's intended purpose.  Any interior items, such as pots and pans, plates, curtains, mini blinds, brooms, dust pans, linens, towels, etc. - if inside your unit, are to remain inside the unit at all times.  Please leave these items in clean condition upon departure.  If you have pans and plates in your unit, it is responsibility to wash them and put them away after use.  Units are to be left broom swept and clean.  All trash is to be removed, bags tied, and left curbside for maintenance to pick up.

Outside furniture is to remain in the location in which it is setup.  It should not be removed or taken home with you.  This is considered theft and we will prosecute.  Please ensure your children/guests do not climb on or around the porches and decks of the cabins, or near the fences and retaining walls at the cabin sites.

Our deluxe cabins are brand new and we are very proud of them.  Please help us make sure to keep them in superior condition by not allowing children to climb all over furniture,  jump from lofts, or otherwise be disrespectful of the units.  Misuse or reckless behavior during your stay will result in termination of camping privileges immediately and all future stays.  

Pets are not allowed in any of the cabins or on the sites of the cabins, especially the deluxe cabins.  Site (164) is the only cabin that is pet-friendly with an additional pet rental and cleaning fee.  If you are caught with pets in your unit, your camping experience at Brialee will immediately be terminated with no refund!  We check often, so please don't take a chance - you will be caught!

Tents may not be put up on the cabin sites.  We do not allow tents of any kind to be installed on the cabin sites.  All of your group must sleep inside the cabin only, and occupancy may not exceed the maximum occupancy of the cabin you have selected (typically 6-8).  If tents are constructed, you will be told to remove it immediately, or forfeit your ability to stay in the cabin.

There is NO SMOKING in or outside of the cabin units.  No exceptions.  We are very strict with this policy due to the health issues others have with the smell of smoke, and the difficulty getting smoke smell out of cabin space.  In addition, there is no smoking on the decks or outside grounds of the cabins.  Failure to follow this policy will result in termination of your reservation immediately.

If any of the terms and conditions are broken or not followed, your stay at Brialee may be immediately terminated, and all fees paid in will be forfeited with no refunds, at management's discretion.  Please ensure all members of your party, including any visitors or guests, abide by the terms and conditions as outlined.


We look forward to you staying with us, enjoying your stay, and making memories with your family and friends.  We appreciate your review and acceptance of these terms and conditions.