Terms of Service

FACILITY USE AGREEMENT with Friends of Takimina                         

I/We agree to pay in advance to the Friends of Takimina a non-refundable deposit of the entire reservation fee to hold my reservation. This payment will be refunded by up tp 50% if a reservation is cancelled more than 3 days in advance of the check-in date.  If a reservation is cancelled less than 3 days in advance of the check-in date, a credit MAY be applied to a future reservation within 1 year. I/We agree to pay for any damages or loss to any structure, supplies, contents or grounds as determined by Friends of Takimina staff and/or camp committee up to and exceeding the paid amount.

I/We understand and agree that Friends of Takimina reserves the right to deny rental privilege to anyone at any time; further that Friends of Takimina representative(s) may monitor guest activity during the rental period; further, that a rental will be terminated immediately upon discovery of action, activity or behavior on the part of the renter that is deemed by representative(s) to be dangerous, illegal or illicit, or damaging to the reputation of Friends of Takimina.

I/We understand that Friends of Takimina does NOT provide accident or health insurance for renters while using Camp Takimina. The renting group or individual agrees to indemnify and hold for persons other agent(s), employees or any other person(s) against loss or expense including attorney's fees, by reason of liability imposed by law upon Friends of Takimina, except in cases of the organization's sole negligence for damage because of bodily injury arising out of or in consequence of the agreement, whether such injuries to person(s) or damage to property are due to, or claim to be due to, any passive negligence of Friends of Takimina, its employees or agents. It is further understood and agreed that the renter shall at the option of Friends of Takimina defend them with appropriate counsel and shall further bear all costs and expenses, including the expense of counsel, in the defense of any suit hereunder. 

I/We have read the copy of the standards and policy for use of Camp Takimina including this Facility Use Agreement, which will be shared with all members of the group and agree to abide by the on-site procedures, policies, rules and regulations. I/We agree to all of the above conditions, taking full responsibility for all activities conducted on our own while on camp property, care of camp property, and will leave the premises in a neat and clean condition.

FOT has general liability coverage policy in place for private groups without group coverage using the camp. Events like weddings, conferences etc., may want to secure their own coverage as well.  Easy and inexpensive.  Online links are shared below for your convenience. 

www.kandkinsurance.com                    www.wedsafe.com                    www.eventinsurancenow.com

For emergencies call 911.  Report any damages or loss to Friends of Takimina          573-445-7536 or 573-808-6787. 


Bring your own:

Trash bags                    1st Aid Kit               Matches            Paper Towels           TP

  • Check-in and check-out times:
    • Monday-Thursday
      • Check-in time is no earlier than 3pm. 
      • Check-out time is no later than 2pm
    • Friday Check-in time is no earlier than 4pm.
      • Guests will not have access to campsites or parking areas until 4pm on Fridays.
      • Contact us at friendsoftakimina@gmail.com with questions or concerns
    • Saturday and Sunday
      • Check-in time is no earlier than 3pm
      • Check-out time is no later than 2pm

Fire Policies:

  • Firewood cannot be purchased at Camp Takimina.  There is a gas station nearby that has firewood available for purchase.
  • Campfires are prohibited during drought levels D2 and above for Boone County.  Guests are required to check current drought levels for Boone County here each day of their stay, and must refrain from using a campfire if levels are, or become, D2 or above.  Additional information can be found at https://droughtmonitor.unl.edu/CurrentMap/StateDroughtMonitor.aspx?fips_29019.  Please reach out to us by email at friendsoftakimina@gmail.com if you have any questions.
  • Campers must have water at their campsite for fire control at all times.
  • Fires are allowed only in approved fire rings or lodge fireplace.

  • Two (2) water buckets must be at each fire ring/site.

  • Clean previous cold ashes and dispose of properly.

  • Clear a 3 foot radius around fire ring.

  • Build a fire only large enough as necessary; for cooking, small is better. A bed of coals cooks more evenly than a blaze

  • Keep hair and clothing away from fire. Do not throw items / food in the fire or poke with a stick.

  • NEVER leave fires unattended.

  • Grease fires can be put out by putting a lid on the pan/skillet – NEVER USE WATER.

  • Extinguish fire by SPRINKLING: never pour water on fire - no steam. Wet and stir until completely cooled.





To prevent erosion, DO NOT LET WATER HYDRANT RUN. To conserve, put a bucket under to catch drips. Used water can be used to rinse off. dishes prior to washing or extinguish fire. Fill water coolers for drinking and cooking. Reusable cups reduce paper waste.  Set up hand washing station (basins in cabinet).

CONSERVE – reduce paper waste. Bring your own dishes, utensils, washing containers and trash bags.

Dishwashing steps: 

1) Rinse off excess food in scuzz bucket       2) Wash in hot soapy water

3) Rinse in hot clear water                             4) Rinse in bleach water and let air dry.


Key policies and procedures for our campers, their pets and guests:

  • Guests must lock entrance gate behind them after entering or leaving camp.
  • Dogs need to remain leashed. Guests must collect dog waste and dispose of in trash bags to be put in dumpster at end of stay.
  • The campground has a water source near the port-a-johns and the Arrow Hill campsite. Bring water containers and soap to set up primitive washing stations at your campsite.  (if you are familiar with Camp Takimina, be aware that the old water source near the Lodge is no longer active).
  • Toilets are available in port-a-johns located between the Lodge and Arrow Hill. There are no shower facilities at this time, but the campground has plans in the works to build a bathroom and shower house!  Feel free to add a donation as an add-on to your rervation to help make this possible!
  • Lodging options do not include bedding.  Guests are responsible for bringing their own sleeping bags, pillows, etc.

Checkout Procedures:

  • Trash must be collected and placed in the dumpster at the gate entrace prior to check-out.
  • Lodging sites must be swept, cleaned, fires completely put out, counters wiped down, refrigerators cleaned and emptied, and all windows and doors must be closed and locked prior to check-out.  Guests will meet with campground management to walk through lodging areas prior to checkout.
  • Any benches or tables moved during visit must be restored to their original location prior to departure.
  • Tent sites and all public areas must be clear of trash and all fires must be out prior to departure.
  • Guests must ensure water hydrant is off prior to departure.
  • Guests must be sure chain is around both strong bars of gate. All locks must be hooked together when departing the campground.


Reservations cancelled online more than three (3) days prior to arrival will receive a refund to the original credit card used, minus a cancellation fee equal to 50% of said deposit, and minus campground fees and taxes collected.  Reservations paid by check or cash will not be refunded, however a 50% credit can be applied to a future reservation within one year, if cancelled more than three (3) days prior to check-in date.

Reservations cancelled less than three (3) days prior to arrival will forfeit a refund of any kind.  With extenuating circumstances, these reservations can be rescheduled with a 50% credit that can be used within one year of original cancelled check-in date, upon the descretion of campground management. Please contact our office to utilize a credit from a previous cancellation.

Thank you for being our guests. We would appreciate any suggestions or ideas you may have on how we might better serve our community. If you’d like to help us improve or maintain camp through a tax deductible donation or service project, please contact us, or make a donation online through https://www.camptakimina.org/ . Friends of Takimina is an all volunteer run organization, and welcomes new volunteers all year long!