Terms of Service



  •  Outside of three weeks: you will be issued a 10% Admin. Fee and the remainder is refunded to the card on file.
  •  Inside of three weeks:  you will be issued a 10% Admin. Fee and your deposit will be carried forward for up to one year.
  •  No refunds issued for weather related cancellations or inside of 48 hours prior to check-in time.



  1. Check-Out time is 11:00 am. Any extension must be confirmed with the front desk. Extensions are not available Sundays, Mondays and Fridays or peak seasons. 
  2. Check-In time is as late as 5:00pm during our high season (if we can get you in earlier, we will call you and let you know). 
  3.  I will read the rules and regulations of the Candle Lake Golf Resort provided. I agree that should I or any of my guests not observe these rules and regulations that Candle Lake Golf Resort or its representatives do have the right to evict us.
  4. Should any additional services be provided for the duration of my stay, I agree that my credit card will be used to pay for those services.
  5. *Should I or any of my guests cause any damages to the unit and its furnishings or fixtures though willful neglect or abuse in the judgement of Candle Lake Golf Resort or its representatives, I agree that payment in full will be charged to my credit card.
  6. *Units with Hot tubs. Should I or any other member of my party pollute the water in the Hot Tub to the point that it requires dumping, I agree to have a charge of $200.00 billed to my credit card. The chlorine dispenser MUST remain in the hot tub at all times.
  7. *Should all keys not be returned at the end of my stay, I agree to have a charge of $25.00 to my credit card.
  8. *I agree to have a $250.00 charge for cleaning the unit charged to my credit card should there be any use of tobacco or marijuana products in the unit be either myself or my guests.
  9. *I agree to have a $250.00 charge for cleaning the unit charged to my credit card should there be any violation of the pet policy.
  10.  No person shall discharge, explode, set-off, detonate, or be in possession of any fireworks.
  11. *PLEASE DO NOT PLACE ITEMS CLOSE TO THE FIREPLACE for fire prevention and safety reasons. Guests will be charged for any damages resulting from placing items in close proximity.
  12. *Air conditioning thermostats MUST remain at or above 19 degrees. Lowering temperatures may cause the unit to freeze and become inoperable for a minimum of 24 hours.
  13. QUIET HOURS MUST BE OBSERVED between 11:00 PM and 7:00 AM.
  14. MARINA ACCESSS CARD. I agree that if the marina access card is not returned at the end of my stay, $100.00 loss charge will be charged to my credit card.



    Sales of units on sites:

    All units may be sold on site subject to the following:

     A payment of $2500.00 plus GST to Candle Lake Golf Resort 2020 Ltd.

     Approval of the new tenant by Candle Lake Golf Resort 2020 Ltd. The new tenant must fill out an

    application which will be provided by request from the administration office.

     Transfer to the new tenant will not be completed until the transfer fee has been paid to Candle

    Lake Golf Resort 2020 Ltd.

    Please Note: Marina sites are non-transferable and cannot be used in any sales agreement.



    BETWEEN Candle Lake Golf Resort 2020 Ltd. (“the Park”)


    The undersigned (“the Seasonal”)


    1. The Park is in the business of renting recreation facilities

    2. The Seasonal wishes to rent certain facilities from the Park

    3. Both Parties have a common interest in ensuring that all guests have a pleasant stay


    1. The Park will provide certain facilities at the prices set out in the attached Schedule “B”

    2. The Park may without notice, strictly enforce this agreement & the rules set out in the attached

    Schedule “A”

    3. The Seasonal will pay all monies owing to the Park when due

    4. The Seasonal will abide by all Rules set out in Schedule “A”

    5. The Park shall have full discretion to determine whether the seasonal has breached this

    agreement or any Rules set out in Schedule “A”

    6. In the case of a breach of this agreement or any of the Rules, the Park may immediately

    terminate this contract

    7. The Seasonal may not transfer or assign this contract without the prior consent of the Park,

    which may be arbitrarily withheld. If an RV or Park Model is sold on site the site may not

    necessarily be transferred. Potential buyers must fill out an application & be approved by the

    Park. If approved the site may be transferred only after a $2500.00 plus applicable taxes

    transfer fee has been paid to the Park.

    8. The Seasonal shall be legally responsible for all damage to the Park’s property & other

    Seasonal’s property & all personal injury & or death caused by the Seasonal or their visitors

    9. The Park shall not be responsible for damage to property or for personal injury or death suffered

    by the Seasonal or their visitors or guests, whether at the Site or elsewhere at the Park or in the

    vicinity of the Park & the Seasonal hereby accepts all risk & liability of Park facility and Site use.

    The Seasonal is accordingly advised to carry appropriate insurance for personal injury or

    accidental death as well as insurance for property loss for the full insurable value.

    10. The Park agrees to recognize the following cycle of seasonal:

     Spring Storage season runs from April 1 to May 14

     Summer operating season runs from May 15 to September 30 (weather permitting)

     Winter storage season runs from October 1 to April 30 of the following year

     The Park will open May 1 & will close September 30 (as weather permits) with limited

    operations during this time.

    11. In the event a new contract is not entered into or fees are not paid in full as provided on

    Schedule “B” pricing, a $20/day storage charge will apply to any unit left in the Park & the Park

    may remove any unit from the Site to a storage compound. Any storage fees or contract arrears

    must be paid before the unit is released to the Seasonal.

    13. The Seasonal is aware of the danger of falling trees. The Park is not responsible for any trees

    which may fall on any property. The Seasonal is responsible for removing any fallen trees on

    their leased property, & is also responsible for any tress which may fall on any neighboring


    14. This contract shall take effect once it has been signed by both parties & shall terminate on

    November 15, 2022.

    I/we acknowledge that I/we have read, understood, & agree to be bound by the rules & regulations

    as set out in Schedule “A” & Schedule “B” attached hereto which form part of this contract.



     1. BOAT DOCKS & LAUNCH – a no wake zone is in effect in the marina. Your boat stall is not

    automatically reserved. Boat stalls must be paid in full by November 30, 2021 for the 2022 year.

    CLGR reserves the right to move sites as necessary.

    2. FISH CLEANING – All fish are to be cleaned at the shack provided on the edge of the marina, not

    at RV sites. Please use container provided.

    3. CURFEW – All persons under the age of 18 must confine themselves to their Seasonal site after

    11:00 p.m. Parents are responsible for their children. If asked by CLGR be prepared to find &

    escort your children back to your site after 11:00 p.m.

    4. DIGGING – Digging of any kind is not permitted in the Park

    5. ENTRY & USE OF FACILITIES – The Park reserves the right to (a) Determine who may & may not

    enter the RV Park (b) Control who may use what facilities (c) Eject any Seasonal or visitor who, in

    the opinion of the management does not meet Park requirements.

    6. FIRES – Fires are permitted so long as they are contained either in the firepit provided by the

    Park or a firepit constructed with a minimum of 12” high sides unless there is a fire ban on. Care

    must be taken not to scorch the grass or trees on site. All fires must be extinguished prior to the

    Seasonal retiring for the night or leaving their site. Firepits are required to have a screen (per

    Resort Village). The Seasonal must provide their own screen.

    7. GASOLINE STORAGE – Provincial fire regulations prohibit storing gasoline anywhere in the Park.

    8. GOLF CARTS – (a) Operators of the golf carts must carry a valid driver’s license or be 13 years of

    age or older with a valid ATV course and adult supervision. (b) The number of persons on a golf

    cart is to be limited to the seating capacity. (c) Golf carts must be numbered with your site

    number. The number should appear on the back right corner of the canopy. If using the golf

    cart for golfing you must purchase a seasonal pass from the golf course.

    9. MOTORIZED PERSONAL VEHICLES – The operation of mini bikes, ATV’s, quads, trikes, golf carts

    etc. is permitted in the Park providing you are going from point A to point B. Please use the

    most direct route possible to exit the Park. A Candle Lake Village plate must also be purchased,

    valid and visible.

    10. NOISE – Quiet time is from 11:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. daily. The noise level must be such that it

    will not disturb other users of the Park. Once you have received a warning letter, additional

    violations may result in fines or ejection from the Park with no refund.

    11. Parking, PATIO, & SITE CONDITION – (a) In addition to the recreational vehicle regulations, only

    2 passenger vehicles may be parked at the site at any given time provided there is room.

    Seasonals with sites that do not have enough room will not inconvenience others by trying to fit

    extra vehicles on their site. Seasonals may not park any trailers, including but not limited to,

    board, ATV’s, etc., in any part of the Park, other than their own site. (b) The site & any lawn

    areas around the site are to be kept in a neat & clean state Mowers are provided throughout the

    park for the use of the Seaonals. (c) Patios and fences may be constructed only with the Park’s

    permission. Permits can be acquired at the park office. Once constructed they become the

    property of the Park, unless they are completely removable & in doing so would leave the site in

    good condition. The Park is not responsible for damaged patios that must be removed due to

    any water & or sewer repairs. Fences once built are not to be removed.

    12. PETS – The Park has a 1 pet per site rule. Any & all exceptions to this rule must be cleared with

    management. All pets must be registered with the Park. No pets will be allowed in with visitors

    so be sure to make your visitors aware of this rule. No exceptions. Pets may not be left

    unattended at any time inside or outside of the RV. At no time may pets run loose in the Park &

    must be on a leash at all times. Pets are not permitted in any resort building, playground, & or

    picnic areas. Owners are required to ensure their pet is not bothering other tenants (barking

    etc.). Owners are required to clean up promptly behind their pets. Repeated violation of pet

    rules will result in fines or ejection of the pet from the Park. CLGR may at any time deem a pet

    to be not welcome.

    13. REMOVAL OF RV – (a) In absence of a deposit, full payment or notice to the contrary, the Park is

    entitled to assume that the removal of the Seasonal’s RV constitutes the abandonment of the

    site & a termination of the contract by the Seasonal. Consent from the Park must be obtained

    before substituting one RV for another. (b) Sale of RV on site or any advertising may be

    prohibited & RV may have to be taken off the site to sell. The sale of the RV does not transfer

    the right to the site. Potential buyers must apply & be approved by Park management. There

    will be a transfer fee payable to CLGR 2020 on the sale of any on site RV.

    14. SEWER HOOKUPS – All hookups must be watertight. We like to be kind to the environment.

    15. SEASOLNALS & VISITORS – (a) The term “Seasonal” (as used in the contract) includes the party

    signing the contract & each a& every member of that party’s nuclear family. (b) Nuclear family

    includes: grandparents, parents, & dependent children living at home, provided these persons

    have been registered with the Park & are listed on the contract. (c) Visitors are persons who

    attend the Park to visit with Seasonals. (d) Day visitors must leave the Park by 11:00 p.m.

    16. POWER USAGE – Each unit is entitled to one extra fridge but the refrigerator must be certified as

    energy efficient. Please remember we like to be kind to our environment, so old refrigerators or

    freezers are an extra fee of $250. Energy Efficient fridges and freezers are an extra fee of $125.

    There is $150 charge for power to any outbuilding (this incldes running power cords). Again, let’s be energy efficient and keep our

    environment healthy.

    17. ELECTRIC GOLF CARTS – A charge of $250/year will be charged for each electric golf cart.

    18. AIR CONDITIONERS – To reduce the amount of power used and improve our Green footprint all

    AC’s must be turned off when RV unit is unoccupied. If any air conditioner is left on while you

    are not home, the Park management may need to contact you to have it turned off. It may also

    result in fines to cover excess electric fees.

    19. TENTS – No tents or smaller RV’s may be kept on site except the primary RV.

    20. FENCES – The only fences allowed will be of wooden construction. Please see the Park

    management before construction for approval of material, location and permit. Permits are $100.

    21. OUTBUILDINGS – there will be $150 charge for any & all plumbing to any & all outbuildings. A $75 fee for every storage shed.

    22. STORAGE – To be fair to all other seasonals & as per Village of Candle Lake bylaws no trailers

    may be left on the roadways or ditches. All trailers must be store on the seasonal lot. If there is

    no room then the trailer must be stored in an off-site storage compound.

    23. GARBAGE DISPOSAL – There will be regular garbage pickup every Monday in the park. The

    Seasonal must provide a good quality garbage can with a secure lid. Please ensure the lid is

    closed properly as it will attract bears & other unwanted critters to the Park.

    24. WHEN TRAILER IS NOT IN USE – If the RV site is unoccupied the Seasonal must ensure that the

    unit is checked periodically as per most insurance contracts for houses. CLGR 2020 will not be

    responsible for any damage caused by breakers that have tripped.

    25. Live trees may not be removed from the property. Dead trees may only be removed with the

    park’s permission and permit. Please remember, your seasonal fees are based on a square

    footage and the more property you take, the more your fees you pay as your lots are based on

    square footage.




    The Resort Village of Candle Lake has formalized bylaws relating to RV parks. These do not

    affect the individual lot lessees, but all enforcement is against the RV Park owner. Therefore

    compliance with the bylaw is our responsibility. Persons not in compliance with the bylaws will

    be asked to comply or unfortunately be required to leave the park.

    Highlights of Bylaw 28-2010 which everyone should be aware of are:

     Accessory buildings may only be a maximum of 100 sq. ft. with walls not exceeding 8 ft.

    & a roof peak not to exceeding 12 ft. - #1(a)

     An Arizona room is 3 walls abutting the recreation vehicle with no permanent electrical

    wiring & not to exceed the square footage of the RV itself - #1(c)

     A deck does not include cement patio blocks - #1(d)

     Park model trailers are to be a maximum of 14’x42’ - #1(h)

     RV Park owner must advise the Village of all occupant changes - #4

     There shall be no parking on roadways - #19


    SCHEDULE “B” Candle Lake Golf Resort 2020 Ltd.

    Campground Seasonal Rates Summer Operating Season April 1/2021

    (Up to 2500 sq. ft.) $3155, 

    (2501 – 3000 sq. ft.) $3385,

    (3001 – 3500 sq. ft.) $3560, 

    (3501 – 4000 sq. ft.) $3765, 

    (4001 sq. ft. & larger) $4095 

    Electric Golf Cart: $250,

    Old refrigerator/deep freezer: $250,

    EE fridge/freezer: $125,

    Rec vehicle: $200,

    Permit for fence/building: $100

    Arizona room or bunkhouse: $150 

    **Please Note** This includes any connection of electricity to storage shed, Arizona room or bunkhouse whether permanently wired in or with the use of extension cords.

    Shed: $75

    Park Model: $200 

    50 Amp Service: $140