Terms of Service

CHECK IN TIME:  After 2 p.m.     CHECK OUT TIME:  By 1:30 p.m.

You do not need to check out upon departure.  Please ensure there is no garbage left on your campsite.


1.  Reservations:  There is a $15.00 non-refundable Reservation fee for every campsite reserved. A valid credit card (AMEX, Visa, MasterCard) is required to make a reservation. We require the name  of the card-holder, card number, expiry date, and CVD.   All Campsite Fees are due when making a reservation. Add on charges and additional charges will be  applied upon your arrival and are due at that time. 

2.    All campers must be registered at the Campground Office.  Please come to the office upon arrival to register and receive your vehicle permit.

3.    MAXIMUM # of People:  One family (parents and their dependent children) or a maximum of 4 adults per campsite.  This policy is strictly enforced.  Please do not bring more than allowed for your campsite.  If you arrive with more people than maximum allowed you will be asked to register and pay for an additional site.  If no sites are available, your extra guests will be asked to leave the Park.

4.     Additional Fees:  Campsite fees are based on one family (parents with dependent children) or two adults per campsite. A  maximum of two additional adults may be registered to a site if there are no children for a fee of $5  per adult/night.  A campsite fee allows for a single vehicle to be registered to a site and a second vehicle can be  registered for a fee of $15.00/night. Max two vehicles per site.  

5.  Campsite Limitations:  One RV/Trailer & two pieces of shelter (tents) or three pieces of shelter are permitted on a campsite. Cape Croker Park reserves the right to refuse entry into the park. 

6.    Visiting hours are 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.   Only registered campers are permitted to remain in or enter the park outside visiting hours.

7.    The maximum speed on main park roads is 30 km/h.  The maximum speed in camping areas is 15 km/h.

8.    No excessive noise at any time.  (All musical instruments and audio devices turned off at 11 p.m.)

9.    Other than when otherwise prohibited by Park Management, alcoholic beverages may be possessed in the Cape Croker Park.  Possession and consumption by any person must be in compliance with the Ontario Liquor License Act. (Alcohol is permitted on occupied/rented campsites only.) 

10.    Cannabis may be consumed by campers on a registered campsite.  Smoking cannabis or vaping cannabis product is permitted on a registered campsite only.

11.    Campers and Park visitors are responsible for their garbage.  Garbage must be sorted for recycling.  All garbage placed in the Garbage Depots must be bagged.  Bags are available at the park office free of charge.

12.    Every person using a campsite shall at all times maintain the campsite in a condition satisfactory to Park Management.  When vacating the campsite, they shall restore the campsite as near as possible to its natural condition.

13.    Campfires are permitted only in designated fireplaces.  No person shall start or maintain a fire except in a designated fireplace.

14.    Scavenging for deadwood from park lands is prohibited.  Firewood can be purchased at the Park office for $9.50 per bag.

15.    The owner or person in control of a domestic animal must maintain physical control of the animal.  Leashes must be no greater then 2 metres in length.  Domestic animals are not permitted in swimming areas.

16.    No person shall pick or remove flora or fauna from the park.

17.    No person shall remove or damage or deface Park property or damage or deface any relict, artifact, or natural object or any site of archaeological or historical interest.

18.    No person camping in the Park shall operate an All Terrain Vehicle (ATV), dirt bike or any off road vehicle on the premises.  The operation of such vehicles on trails and in camping areas located in the Park is prohibited.

19.    The use of generators in all overnight camping areas is prohibited.  

20.    Non-compliance with park rules may result in charges and/or eviction. 

21.  Respect of others and staff:   All Customers, guests and staff are responsible for respecting the dignity and rights of everyone at the campground. Every person has a right to expect their time at the campground will be without any type of discrimination or harassment. We will not tolerate, ignore, or condone discrimination or harassment and we are committed to promoting respectful conduct, tolerance and diversity at all times.

22.  Cancellations: 
We require one week's notice of cancellation prior to the date your arrival either by phone or email. For example, reservations made for Friday must be cancelled by 2 p.m. the previous Friday.  A  refund of charges invoiced less the reservation fee will be credited to your card. Reservation no shows will not be refunded. 

Held Reservations: 
Reservations will be held until noon the day following your expected arrival. 

The Cape Croker Park or the Chippewas of Nawash Unceded First Nation (including any of the  officers or employees) will not be held responsible for any personal injuries occurring as a result of an  individual’s own negligence or any loss, theft or damage of personal property while in the park. 

We wish you an enjoyable and safe summer.  

Thank you for choosing the Cape Croker Park. 

Park Management