Terms of Service

1. Please check in upon arrival.  You only paid the deposit at reservation.  If not at the clubhouse, then call me to run your credit card.  I need to know who is here.  We do not have overflow/double parking of RVs anymore.  Holidays and July reservations are only refundable 1 month out.
2.  Any tents are extra fees and charged the same as RV’s even if sharing the RV site.
3.  Quiet time begins at 10:00 pm
4.  Please do not let children fill the sewer dumps with cinders.  You will be charged $200 for us having to remove them.
5.  No carts in the RV park.  They are to be used only for paid golfing and only by those having a driver’s license - no children driving them.  Don’t try to jump the pivot tracts or have people riding on the backs of them. A small child can ride with parents but we can’t have a whole family hanging on the sides and back. The carts are not free and not for amusement rides.  We will charge both riders $200 each for any noncompliance.
6.  Please don’t throw any rocks of any size into the canal.  It is an irrigation canal having a plastic liner that the rocks tear.  There are also chemicals put in the water so better not to get into it.  We have complaints of kids playing on the bridge and blocking the through  traffic.
7.  No playing games on the driving range. There is a grassy area for games at the RV park.
There is glass around the aiming car so not safe anyway, but  need to keep kids off the range regardless.  This is NOT a playground for the RV park.
8.  In golf, please stay in traditional 4 somes.  We have had families that want to all play together and cause slow play. We are still a golf course and can’t have kids running around doing gymnastics on the greens and playing on the carts.  We want children to learn to play golf but need supervision.
9.  There can be a lot of wind at times,  It would be appreciated if all garbage is  sealed in bags so it doesn’t blow around the farm when picked up or if the canisters tip over in a storm.
10.  No firearms which includes bb guns or air guns
11.  Dogs are allowed if on leashes and cleaned up after.
12.  The clubhouse is closed on Sundays but you can pay for your golf on Saturday night or let me know as well to run a credit card over the phone.
Seems like a lot of rules, I know, but we have seen it all lately -  from 4 year olds riding on the cart tops to having to dig the sewer up over and over.  Or having 10 carts with a cheering section for families finishing a round on #9.  Just wanting everyone to know what we expect to keep all customers safe and happy.  We appreciate your helping us to do that.