Terms of Service

Don't hurt the grass!  Do not park or drive on the grass. We do not allow rugs or mats on the grass, even for a short stay, as they will kill the grass. You will be responsible for repair costs from damage you cause to the grass by parking or driving on it or by use of a rug/mat.

Garbage:  Place bagged trash on edge of CENTER road by 10:00am for pickup by park staff.  No boxes or loose trash.  Cigarette butts are trash - do not throw them or other trash on the ground or in fire pits.  

Pets:  Pets must be on a leash no more than 15ft in length and under adult owner's control at all times. A fenced pet exercise area is provided. Pets must be cleaned up after inside and outside of the fenced area, a cleanup fee will be assessed for dog poo left on your site.  Pets cannot be left outside unattended, do not tie your pet up to our trees or allow them to damage/pee on our flowers and plants.  Pets are not allowed in any buildings or the pool area.  Aggressive or nuisance pets are not allowed.

Park Buildings (Restrooms, Laundry Room, Game/Fitness Room): Open 24hrs. Children must be accompanied by an adult in all buildings. Fitness equipment is for adults only. No smoking in buildings. Leave buildings clean. No wet clothes or food allowed in the Game/Fitness Room. Do not dispose of dog waste in trash cans located inside buildings, dog waste stations are located throughout the park.  

Pool:  Children must be accompanied by an adult.  Review all Pool Rules posted in the pool area prior to entering.

Vehicles:  One vehicle and RV per site, additional vehicles must be approved by park staff prior to check-in.  Vehicle must be parked on your gravel site, do not park in roadway or on the grass.  You will be responsible for repair costs from damage caused by parking or driving on the grass.  Do not drive through unoccupied sites.  The speed limit is 5 mph, stop at all stop signs, and watch for pedestrians.  Only street legal vehicles are allowed in the park; valid driver's license is required. No off-road vehicles, golf carts, dirt bikes, or scooters.  Provisions made for ADA compliance.  Vehicle maintenance is not allowed.  You may purchase a vehicle wash permit for $10 (plus tax).

Check-in / Check-out:  Check-in is at 1:00pm Central Time.  Check-out is 11:00am Central Time.   With pre-approval and based on availability late check-out may be purchased for $5 per hour up to 3:00pm Central Time.  Late check-outs past 3:00pm Central Time or without prior approval will be obligated for an additional full nights fee.  Specific site numbers are not assigned or guaranteed prior to check-in unless guest chose to pay a site lock fee.  

Guest registration: All campers/guests/visitors must register at the office and display a park pass. Visitors must register with office, a fee for each visitor may apply. Visitors must leave by 9:00pm Central Time. Registered guests are responsible for the conduct of all persons and pets in their group. 

Children:  Children must be supervised at all times. Parents are responsible for their children’s safe conduct and any injuries or damage that they may incur or cause.  Children should not be allowed to traverse other guest's sites.  

Fire pits and BBQs:  All sites have built-in fire pits. You may use your own portable fire pit or BBQ on gravel. Fires must be supervised and properly extinguished. Use proper heat and grease protection for table-top grills on picnic tables.   

Quiet Hours:  Quiet hours are from 10:00pm to 7:00am.  Excessively loud music, vehicles, and behavior are prohibited at all times.  

Fireworks and firearms:  Along with any other devices or materials that could pose danger to guests or property are prohibited. 

Guests are responsible for any damage they cause to campground property.  Management reserves the right to terminate the stay or refuse entry to any person who has exhibited a disregard for the rules without a refund. Guests and their visitors agree to use the campground at their own risk. The management and owners are not responsible for damage, injury or loss to persons, pets or property. We reserve the right to make changes to the rules, regulations, and fees as we deem necessary.