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Center Point RV Park

Terms & Conditions


Park Guidelines, Policies, Rules, and Regulations  

Welcome to Center Point RV Park in Nampa, Idaho!  We are excited to have you as our guest.  We trust you will enjoy your stay here and we hope that you will treat our park as you would your own property. The following guidelines are based on common sense, common courtesy and your best interest so everyone can enjoy what the park has to offer. 

These guidelines are simple to follow and will be enforced for the betterment of the community. Please keep the following in mind:

  • All campers must register in office upon arrival. If after hours, before 10am the following morning. 
  • No horse trailer RV's allowed.
  • Keep your RV and the area around your site and vehicle clean.
  • Respect your neighbor’s rights and be courteous to others by not walking through their site.
  • Rentals are due when reservation is booked online in www.campspot.com.   Renewed reservations must be booked through Campspot (online or through our office staff) and are subject to availability.  See payment policy for multi-month extended stays.
  • Quiet hours are from 10:00 PM to 8:00 AM. Enjoy, don’t annoy!  Be considerate of your neighbors.
  • For the health and well-being of our guests, Center Point RV Park is a non-smoking environment.  Smoking is not allowed anywhere within the park boundaries including within your RV, travel trailer or vehicle. 
  • Park speed limit is 5 MPH.
  • Observe and obey all posted signage throughout the park.
  • Check-in 1:00pm / CHECK-OUT 11:00AM

1.     Reservation Process:
All guests staying longer than twenty-one nights are required to call our office at (208) 953-7205 for long-term availability. Short-term reservation bookings can be made online through www.campspot.com and/or submitted through our website CenterPointRV.com.  An applicant, or an applicant’s guest who will be living with the applicant, having been convicted of a Class A or B misdemeanor, or Felonies as defined by Idaho laws will not be accepted as a guest in the park.


Rental Agreement:
Prior to admission to his/her site, by completing rental payment, guests agree to Center Point RV Park Terms & Conditions. The Terms & Conditions agreement does not constitute a Landlord/Tenant relationship.  Blocked Guests in our online reservation system are not authorized on site and must receive Management approval to change blocked status.

Payment policy:
All payments are to be made by credit card (Visa, Master Card, Discover, or AMEX only).  Payment in full at time of reservation for everything up to 2 months. For long-term monthly renters (for example, planned stay is anywhere from 2-6 months), this means you are paying first and last month’s rent upfront. Each month after initial first month will charge credit card (used in original reservation) 1-3 days prior to the end of the previous month. Monthly renters will be charged monthly for electricity use to same credit card.  For electricity billing purposes, “Monthly” is defined as a reservation of 28 days or greater with calculations based on daily use.

Monthly guest refunds are subject to the conditions indicated in the cancellation policy.

To avoid a late check-out fee, the tenant’s credit card account used at time of reservation may be charged a $50 fee for the following reasons: a) if the guest has not disconnected from all utility services provided by the park; b) hasn’t moved their vehicle from the RV site to the nearest exit to the public roadway; c) hasn’t cleaned the site to its original condition at the time of rental; d) hasn’t returned any property issued to the guest by the park.

Please note that certain stalls will transition to short term stays during the peak season.  Approximately from April 1st to September 30th Center Point reserves the right to convert long term spots to short term rentals.  The length of stay at these stalls will be limited to two consecutive weeks subject to management's discretion.  It is administered through our reservation system and it will alert interested renters to this limitation.


Cancellation/Refund policy:

The purpose of a paid reservation is to assure your booking and make sure we do not offer space that you have reserved to another guest. We do not offer refunds for changes in travel plans.

Nightly (less than 28 nights):

7+ DAYS NOTICE: Full refund less a $25 cancellation fee.


3-6 DAYS NOTICE: Refund less amount equal to 1 night’s stay plus $25 cancellation fee.


0-2 DAYS NOTICE: No refund. Guest will forfeit the entire amount of the reservation.      


We do not offer refunds for early departures on nightly stays. Refunds or credits issued for extenuating circumstances (weather, health reasons, mechanical issues, etc.) are at management’s discretion.

Monthly/Long-term Guests:

30 DAYS+ NOTICE must be provided.  Payments already made on account beyond the rents due for the 30 days notice period will be refunded, less a $25 cancellation fee and any outstanding electricity charges.

LESS THAN 30 DAYS NOTICE: Rents for the full 30 days notice period, a $25 cancellation fee, and any outstanding electricity charges will be due, either through deduction from deposit paid on account at time of reservation or through a charge billed to the customer debit/credit card on file. Refunds will only be issued for any overpayments on account once the charges described herein have been processed. 

Any and all refunds are subject to the conditions indicated in the cancellation policy above. Management reserves the right to use discretion in any cancellation/refund situation. **Cancellation/Refund policy is subject to change at any time.**


Occupancy policy

2 adults (age 19 and above) included in monthly rate.  Monthly renters will be charged $2 per day for each additional occupant (unless those additional occupants are under age 19).  Maximum of 4 occupants allowed (age 19 and above) per site for monthly guests.  Maximum of 8 occupants total (adults/children) allowed per site. No additional occupant charges for nightly rate stays.  

Parents are responsible for the conduct of their children.  Children must be supervised at all times. At no time may a child be left unattended on a guest’s RV site or on the Property.


Pet policy

A Maximum of 3 pets allowed per site (subject to approval).  First two pets are covered at no extra charge.  $3/day added charge for third pet.

Cats and dogs are allowed, if you have other pets, let management know and it will be up to management's discretion for approval. Exotic animals are not permitted in the park.  Your pet is your responsibility. A pet must be kept secure on a leash and under your control at all times. Dogs must be on a leash (by person over age 12) at all times when it is not inside your RV, except when it is with you at the fenced dog park.  A dog may be off leash while within the dog park.  The dog park is usable by residents only; however, you must pick up your animal’s waste IMMEDIATELY and dispose of it properly in one of the trash receptacles provided within the dog park.  These receptacles are for pet waste ONLY. Dogs may not be tied outdoors, left unattended at the park or at the guest’s RV space. Enclosures, kennels, fences, and tethers are not allowed.  Excessive barking will not be tolerated. If management receives complaints, you may be asked to leave the premises.  Please pick up, securely bag, and remove any of your animal’s waste IMMEDIATELY at all times and dispose of it properly.

  • Pets are not allowed in any buildings (shower/bathrooms, hallways, laundry room, kitchen, clubhouse common area, etc).
  • Pet owners who are non-compliant of the pet policy will be asked to vacate the RV park.
  • Service animals of any breed are welcome however these animals may not exhibit aggressive behavior.
  • We reserve the right to exclude pets from the RV Park if we deem the pet to be a “problem.” Aggressive or barking dogs will not be allowed to remain at the RV park.
  • The pet owner is solely responsible for any damage done to persons or property by the pet.
  • Only pets that belong to registered RV guests are allowed on property.


Restrictions - RV’s & Other Vehicles

RV must be street legal and in good and sound condition.

  • Tiny homes/house on wheels are not permitted.
  • All original type parts shall be installed. There will be no broken glass, doors, or trim.
  • The exterior must be clean and there shall be no dents, stains, discolorations of any kind, rust, or missing paint on the vehicle. Siding must be in next-to-new condition.
  • Decals and lettering shall be in good shape.
  • Non-standard writing on the RV is not allowed.
  • Window air conditioning units are not allowed.
  • No foil, or non-standard blinds or drapery are allowed.
  • No tarps or covers will be applied over the body of any vehicle.
  • All waste disposal hookups must be sealed with all hoses and connections free of leaks/odors.

Two vehicles plus RV are allowed per RV site. For monthly rentals, no boat, utility, storage or auto trailers may be parked in the RV site or park.

All vehicles must park within site without encroachment of the roadway.

  • Vehicles cannot leak oil or other fluids on its parking surface.
  • No trash shall be stored in vehicle or receptacle on RV site.
  • No mechanical work or maintenance/service can be performed on either vehicle within the park.
  • Vehicles without mufflers, or otherwise “loud” exhaust vehicles are not permitted on the park property.  This includes the use of loud stereos.
  • RV’s and vehicles must be currently registered, in good running order and operated by a licensed driver. Issues such as flat tires, dead battery, leaks, broken windows or is deemed to be in general poor condition, including exterior, may not be parked within the RV Park.  Tenant is responsible for cost if towing off property is required.


·       No parking on grass or artificial grass areas permitted.

·       No parking on a roadway is permitted per fire code.

  • Two vehicles are permitted per site provided they fit within the site dimensions and are NOT ALLOWED ON EMPTY SITES.
  • Any vehicle parked illegally is subject to being towed (at owner’s expense).

Antennas/Satellite Dishes

·       Antennas/Satellite Dishes must be attached to the RV.

·       No stand-alone poles/dishes are allowed.

Speed Limit:
Please keep your speed 5 MPH or below within the park.

Mail & Packages:
There are US postal service mailbox assignments for each site.  You will be assigned the key associated to your site if you are long-term tenant and utilize that service for mail.  There will be a $25 deposit charged to your credit card for lost, non-returned key purposes.  Contact office personnel for further information.

Packages delivered (by Amazon, UPS, etc.) to the clubhouse will be held in a secure location and must be signed for by the tenant when picked up.  Center Point is not responsible for stolen packages or any package/content damage that may have occurred when transported.  Center Point is not responsible for packages delivered to, dropped off at renter’s site.


RV Park Facilities

  • All rules regarding the use of these facilities must be observed.
  • Management reserves the right to restrict or deny the use of any facility.

Clubhouse - Kitchen/Common area:

Kitchen area (including refrigerator use) is for event-type get togethers only and is on a “first come, first serve” basis.  To avoid a $100 clean-up fee charged to renters credit card, appropriate clean-up must be completed by organizer/participants at the end of the event.  Renter is also responsible for any damage repair costs.    Please enjoy it but leave it spotless for next guest.  Alcoholic beverages are not allowed inside the clubhouse at any time.

Restroom/Shower & Laundry Facility:

These facilities are here for your convenience so please do your best to leave them as you found them.  They are located in the clubhouse and are for registered guests ONLY.  Clubhouse inner doors are open during regular office hours.  External doors require a key code for entry.  Daily cleaning schedule is posted so please do not use during that time. 

Personal belongings may not be stored or left behind. All such items left behind will be discarded.

Laundry room equipment is provided and serviced by a third party.  Call service number posted with 5-digit machine ID or alert office personnel with the same.  Wash/Dry instructions and Fast/Secure Pay Range App instructions are posted. 

If you find a problem with the restrooms, please let management personnel know immediately.

Pickleball court and BBQ/pergola area

Please enjoy this recreational area at your leisure and clean up after use.  Rackets/balls are available in clubhouse - please contact office personnel for details.


Propane tank refill requests can be scheduled by contacting office personnel for pick-up from and delivery back to your site.  For monthly renters, if you would like to consider setting up a larger tank/pad directly on your site, we can contact our distributor for you and advise any associated cost.  All propane services on Center Point RV Park premises must be handled by Center Point employees or our contracted propane distributor.  Competitor distributors are not allowed on site.  Please observe/obey all signs posted at propane tank area.

Fiber Internet

Center Point RV Park offers free Wi-Fi named "Standard" for our registered guests.  There are two upgrade packages available to purchase.  They are named "Gold" (fast) and “Platinum" (way more than I need).  Please see posted details in clubhouse and/or contact office personnel.


  • Place trash in plastic garbage bags, close and dispose of in dumpsters.
  • No open campfires are permitted. Manufactured outdoor cooking charcoal grills are permitted.
  • No portable outdoor refrigerators or freezers allowed.
  • Only customary outdoor patio/lawn furniture may be left outside.
  • No decks/porches/sheds/storage units are permitted.
  • Excessive generator noise will not be tolerated and should only be used 10am-8pm in consideration of your neighbor's well-being. “No noise is good noise!"
  • No clotheslines are allowed.
  • No tent camping or sleeping in vehicles outside of the RV is permitted.
  • Smoking is prohibited within the park boundaries.
  • No criminal or drug related activity in or near the park will be tolerated.
  • Absolutely no discharge or use of firearms or fireworks is allowed.
  • All weapons shall be kept in compliance with all applicable state and federal laws.
  • No open carry of firearms is permitted within the park.
  • A sewer hose “donut” or “L” connector is required. Sewer connections must be airtight.  Do not put any wipes, female products or any other objects that could stop up the sewer line. If these products cause the sewer to not work and are found in the line the park guest will be responsible for the cost to remove the stoppage as determined by the plumbing company.
  • Excessive noise/nuisances/loud stereos created by tenant/guest/visitors will not be tolerated.
  • Common courtesy shall prevail between all persons within the park. Obnoxious, profane, abusive or threatening language, behavior and/or actions directed at the park’s personnel or guests, or that could adversely affect the enjoyment of other parties utilizing our property is prohibited; anyone engaging in such activity will be required to leave the park immediately without a refund at the sole discretion of park management.
  • Drunkenness and disorderly conduct will not be tolerated and will be cause for immediate eviction.  Alcoholic beverages are to be contained within your own site.
  • The storage or disposal of hazardous materials on the RV site or anywhere on the property is strictly prohibited.
  • Any customer or guest destroying/damaging park or other customer’s property will be required to make restitution. If your RV has an electrical problem creating a problem with the park electric connection panel and a certified electrician has to be called, you will be responsible for the cost of the electrician’s service call and damages.



Tenants/Guests are responsible for any damage they caused to the RV park. 

Management is not responsible for damage, injury, or loss to either person or property. The owner/management of Center Point RV Park absolve themselves from all liability and responsibility pertaining to loss by fire, theft, weather, acts of God, property damage, accident or any other cause whatsoever, and guest agree to save, protect and hold harmless Center Point RV LLC from all such liability.

The Park reserves the right to disconnect utilities in order that repair, alterations or additions may be made. Guests will be notified, when possible, of any planned utility system shutdown.

The Park shall not be responsible for any loss suffered by any guest from planned or emergency shutdowns.

All Tenants/Guests must abide by and act in accordance with all City of Nampa ordinances.

The Park reserves the right to charge guests accordingly for any damage they cause to the grounds and/or park facilities, including but not limited to broken waterlines, damaged sewer connections, landscaping, etc.

Center Point RV Park retains the right to alter and modify any of the Guidelines, Policies, Rules and Regulations in keeping with the fairness and best interest of all participants.

Management’s decisions in all disputes are deemed final.

Violation of these guidelines, policies, rules and regulations that result in damage or destruction to Center Point RV Park property or threaten the safety of park guests will result in the termination of your stay.

Additionally, park management reserves all rights to terminate guests’ stay for any reason.


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