Terms of Service

Park Rules and regulations are based on common sense, common courtesy and in the best interest of your resort. If you have any questions, please check with the office. These and other Rules are posted and may be changed without notice.

Office Hours: 9:00 AM- 5:00 PM         

Check-In/Out: Check-in is at 1:00 pm and Check Out is at 11:00 am.

*No arrival after 9 PM                                         

Quiet Hours: 10:00 PM- 7:00 AM.

All common areas of the resort are strictly NO SMOKING. Cigarette butts must be extinguished and discarded in fire safe container.

1. Site Fees and any other payments are due and payable each month per the site services agreement. A $35 fee will be charged for all returned checks. Cash, cashier’s check or money order will be immediately required to recover the returned check and personal checks will not be accepted for any future payments.

2. The Park speed limit is 10 MPH. Please observe it.

3. One (1) RV and two (2) vehicles are allowed per site. Vehicles that are not registered or in disrepair will not be allowed.

4. RVs should be in good repair and not older than ten (10) years. Units more than ten years old are subject to inspection and must be pre-approved by the Resort via photos. If RV arrives at Park and isn’t as appears in submitted photos, then the Park reserves the right to reject the reservation.

5. You may park in designated areas only. Parking on streets, fire lanes, or grass areas is not allowed.

6. Utility trailers, tent trailers, tent camping, pop-up campers, converted horse trailers, boats, trampolines, and basketball goals are not allowed on the site. Separate storage may be available for a fee.  

7. No major vehicle repairs shall be made on these premises. Service work including changing oil and lubing is prohibited.

8. Pets - See our separate Pet Rules Sheet.

9. Your site must be kept neat, clean and free of boxes, litter or trash. No refrigerators, storage bins, gazebos, grill shelters, freezers, weight sets, etc are allowed. See the Park manager for questionable items.

10. No wood or charcoal campfires allowed—gas grills are permissible.

11. Damage caused by you, your family or guests is YOUR responsibility.

12. We are on a water conservation program—year round—please do not waste water.

13. Quiet hours are from 10:00 PM to 7:00 AM. If we have to call the authorities for a disturbance at your site, you may be required to leave.

14. Clotheslines are not permitted.

15. A sewer hose “donut” or “L” connector is required. A $25.00 clean-up fee will be charged if your RV causes a sewer back-up.

16. To take advantage of our courtesy trash pickup, place your secured trash bags at the curb by 9:30am. No trash should be placed outside the night before or in any Resort trash cans. Our dumpster is at the southeast corner of the property if you need to dispose of trash after pickup. Boxes must be flattened.

17. Do not let items accumulate under or around your unit.

18. You may not assign or sublet your site, even if you sell your RV. The Park must approve all new guests.

19. If guests are to stay overnight more than three (3) days there is an additional charge. A guest is considered an overnight visitor after 10:00 P.M. Due to limited parking, guests will be required to park in the guest parking lot at the front of the resort.

20. The site is for your RV and up to two motor vehicles. Additional vehicles must be approved in writing by the office. The RV is to be located on site so that a car or truck may be parked on drive in front of or behind your RV. No trailers are to be placed in grassy areas.

21. Golf carts are allowed, but all drivers must possess a valid driver’s license. No ATVs, minibikes and other two or three wheeled motorized vehicles are to be driven in the Resort.

22. Parking on the street is not allowed unless you are loading or unloading.

23. Loud parties, excessive drinking, offensive language, or other unacceptable behavior by guests is not permitted. Illegal activities of any sort are strictly prohibited.

24. You are responsible for the conduct of your children; they must be supervised by an adult at all times.

25. Portable buildings, sheds, and cabanas are prohibited.

26. Site lot lines are generally from electric meter to electric meter. Please do not encroach on your neighbor’s site.

27. Patios are meant for patio furniture not motor vehicles.

28. No indoor type furniture will be allowed outside of your unit. Refrigerators and freezers must be placed inside your unit or shed.

29. Smoking is not allowed in any park buildings, family pool, or common areas, etc.

30. Do not use a vacant site for any reason without first contacting the office.

31. If you have RV off site for repairs, etc. please notify the office.

32. Please do not attempt to correct any problems with Resort facilities, notify the office or one of our maintenance staff.

33. No unregistered, junked, unusable, unsightly or vehicles in disrepair will be allowed in the Resort.

34. No fireworks. 

35. Open Carry of firearms is prohibited throughout Chappell Hill RV. 

36. Lakes are not for recreational use and swimming is prohibited. No unsupervised children under 16 are allowed near the lake area. Our lakes have been recently stocked, however fishing is currently prohibited until a time where our fishing levels reach maturity. 

37. Tents for children should not be erected for more than forty-eight (48) hours.  

38. No covers above RV is permitted.  

39. All vendors need to be pre-approved by the Park and carry a COI with CHRV as additional insured.

Note: Please keep your site free and clear of trash or debris (i.e. general trash, cigarette butts, etc.). If any debris remains, guests will be charged an additional $50 clean-up fee.  

40. Gate codes are for paying guests only and should not be shared with anyone that is not a paying resort patron. Should you be expecting guests to the park, please have them park up front and pick them up or have them check in with the office for access to the facilities. 

41. The guest lodge room hours from 7 am to 10 pm. For private functions, reservations must be made with the front desk.

ACCORDING TO TEXAS PENAL CODE SECTION 31:04 (b), any guest who leaves without paying for site services or who refuses to pay for site services when due is subject to criminal prosecution. We are providing service hook-ups for your RV. We require full payment in advance and will prosecute any violations under the “THEFT OF SERVICES LAW”.

General: Please secure your valuables, we are not responsible for stolen property. Please respect other guest sites and walk around not through their site. Rowdiness, loud music, abusive language, drunkenness, or possession or use of drugs will not be tolerated at any time.

Right of Refusal: Guests of Chappell Hill RV are provided a license to stay in the park and shall not be considered tenants under Texas law. Chappell Hill RV Resort reserves the right to refuse service at any time and for any reason. Guests will be removed from the Resort in the event of inappropriate behavior or infraction of any of the rules set forth herein or posted within the resort.

Indemnification: Chappell Hill RV shall not be responsible in any way for accidents, injuries, or loss from any cause. Customers shall indemnify and hold Chappell Hill RV harmless from and against any and all claims, demands, costs, or expenses due to weather, civil strife, or acts of God, as well as from any and all actions or inactions of other customers, guests, invitees, or persons.                                                                                                                                                           
VIOLATION OF THESE GUIDELINES is grounds for ejection from the park WITHOUT refund.



Special permission to keep a house pet in the Park must be obtained from Park Management. A house pet is defined as a pet that spends its primary existence within the RV. Park Management reserves the right to deny a Guest a pet if a proposed pet would pose a threat to the health and safety of other Guests of the Park.

A) Non-house pets (including farm animals) are prohibited under any circumstances.

B) Once you are staying at the Park, a pet may not be acquired without written permission from the Park Management.

C) If any of the rules regarding pets is violated and such violation is noted by Park Management or a valid complaint is made by another Guest, the owner of the pet will receive an official notice in writing stating that the right to keep a pet within the Park may be terminated.

The following rules must be strictly followed by all pet owners:

1) Each pet must have a current rabies certificate when checking in and remain current for the duration of your stay. Certificates need to be submitted to Park Management within seven (7) days of receipt of a written request for such information.

2) All pets must be registered with the office.

3) Maximum of three (3) quiet well-mannered pets are allowed per site – either 2 large (max. 80lbs.) or 3 small dogs (under 25lbs.) or 1 large (max. 80lbs.) and 2 small dogs (under 25lbs.)

4) Pets must be on a leash when not inside the RV.

5) All pets are to be kept inside at night and are never to be left unattended.

6) Any pet running loose in the Park will be turned over to SPCA or other authority. Recurring violations of this rule will lead to the loss of the privilege to maintain a pet.

7) Pets are not be allowed in the any park building at any time.

8) Pets will not be allowed to cause any disturbance which might annoy neighbors, including, but not limited to, barking, growling, biting or any other unusual noises or damage. Under no condition is a pet to invade the privacy of anyone's site. Pet owners are responsible at all times for their pets, including injury, destruction, and annoyances to other Guests, and the Park and Park Management shall not be liable for any loss, damage or injury of any kind whatsoever caused by Guest’s pet.

9) Any exterior pet enclosures have to be approved by Park Management.

10) Visitors are not permitted to bring any pet into the Park, without prior approval of Park Management.

11) The tying up of pets outside the RV and/or leaving them unattended outside is prohibited.

12) Park Management encourages pets to be spayed or neutered. However, in the event of offspring, Park Management must be immediately notified and written permission of Park Management must be obtained for the offspring to stay in the Park for a temporary period not to exceed eight (8) weeks.

13) Guests are required to dispose of their pet waste on and around their site daily. If you walk your pet around the Park, you must dispose of your pet’s waste. Pet Stations are provided in several locations throughout the Park for your convenience. 

VIOLATION OF THESE GUIDELINES is grounds for ejection from the park WITHOUT refund.