Terms of Service

RV & Space

·       RV & RV Space must be well maintained and in excellent overall condition – Management reserves the right to order a third-party service clean-up, if not corrected within 14 days of notice; billed to Park Guest

·       Only one (1) RV per space

·       Placement of RV was booked on Campspot map or booked with park managment. Please see Park map.

·       Staff works very hard to keep park free of trash and debris. Please, help keep park free of clutter and eyesores such as boxes, furniture, swimming pools, tents or tarps, storage containers, empty flowerpots, fishing gear, cigarette butts, tools & general possessions

·       Outdoor patio furniture in good condition and a single canopy tent is permitted

·       No clothes lines or hanging laundry

·       No appliances outside of RV

·       No concrete blocks to form structures, brace awnings or RV

·       All waste disposal hookups must be sealed with all hoses and connections free of leaks

·       Dumping waste in another Guest’s septic is prohibited

·       Dumping anything but the RV’s Grey or Black down the septic, is prohibited

Roadways & Parking

·       Speed Limit in the Park is 5 MPH; this will be heavily enforced – including ATV or UTVs

·       Two vehicles are permitted per site

·       Additional Parking Fees:

       ¨   Extra vehicle $25 monthly, or $5 daily

       ¨   Boat or Utility Trailer $75 monthly, or $10 daily

       ¨   UTV or ATV $15 monthly, or $5 daily

       ¨   18 Wheelers or Logging Trucks $125 monthly, or $15 nightly

·       Each vehicle must be registered with Park Management

·       Drive ONLY on the roadways; do NOT park on grass fields – these are septic areas

·       Park only in designated areas 

·       Parking in a non-designated spot could results in a tow at the Owner’s Expense


·       Pets must be always on a leash, no exception

·       No pets allowed in the restaurant

Pets on the back patio must be on a leash, no exception

·       Dogs Rules: No excessive barking, must not be a nuisance to other Guests, or tied unattended outside

·       Aggressive pet behavior will result in Guest being asked to vacate the park or remove the animal

·       Failure to pick-up after your pet droppings will result in a $25 clean-up fee; multiple violations will result in Guest being asked to vacate the park due to cleanliness and food safety concerns


·       Visitors are always welcome

·       Overnight Guest must register with the office and pay a $5.00 nightly fee

·       Visitors under the age of 18 must always be accompanied by an adult

·       Please notify management in the event you will have visitors so they will be allowed to freely navigate the park


·       Quiet Time is 10 PM until 8 AM – Please be considerate during these times

·       Check-In time is 2 PM – Check Out time is 11 AM

·       Please respect Guest Privacy by not walking through occupied sites

·       Please respect common areas by not leaving trash or cigarette butts, including in the fire pits

·       No smoking in any common areas

·       Do not move or remove any Park-owned tables, chairs, fire pits, Rocks or equipment, without Management approval

·       Actions by any person of any nature which may be dangerous or may create a health and safety problem or disturb others are not permitted.  This includes, but is not limited to, any unusual, disturbing or excessive noise/intoxication complaints, quarreling, threatening, fighting, immoral or illegal conduct, or rude, boisterous, objectionable or abusive language or conduct.  The use or display of any weapon, including, but not limited to, a bow and arrow, BB guns, knives, swords, batons, fireworks, explosives, mace, pepper spray, tasers and guns is expressly forbidden

Rent & Financial Stuff Monthly's

·       Rent is DUE on the same day each calendar month – There is a three-day grace period – After the grace period, you will be charged the Daily Rate ($40) until rent is paid. You may then choose to move back to the Monthly rate after catching up. If rent is not received by the 10th day passed your due date, Guest will have 24 hours to vacate premises

·       Early departures are not eligible for refund

·       Cancellation Policy requires seven days-notice or forfeiture of deposit

·       Restaurant & Bar Tabs may happen ONLY under these scenarios:

       ¨   Credit Card will be left on file in our Square POS

       ¨   Tabs will be closed out EVERY night.

       ¨   Tabs will be closed any time they exceed $75

       ¨   Tabs being closed are subject to 15% tip; at Management discretion

·       Returned checks are subject to a $35 fee


·       Any Guest or invited parties destroying/damaging the park or other Guest’s property will be required to make restitution and could be subject to park removal

·       You are responsible for the costs if your RV has an electrical problem that creates damage to the park’s electric equipment

·       The Park is not responsible for theft of valuables inside or around your RV, vehicle, dwelling or space

·       Do NOT flush anything but septic approved toilet paper down the septic system – Guest will be subject to service call fees for failure to maintain this rule

·       Operating an RV is dangerous. Please do not operate any vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. You are financially responsible for damage to trees, building structures, electric boxes & other RVs because of your driving. Please, make sure you always have proper clearance and ask for a spotter if needed

·       Part of the allure of the Mountains, is the wooded and natural terrain. Park Management is not responsible for slips, trips or falls, of Guests or their Visitors. The owners of L & M Heindel LLC. DBA Clear Creek Station absolve themselves from all liability and responsibility pertaining to slips, trips, falls, accidents from any Guest or Visitor and it remains the obligation of each Guest & Visitor to safely roam “the Park”, and by agreeing to be a Guest of Clear Creek Station “the Park”, Guest or Visitors agree to save, protect, and hold harmless, L & M Heindel LLC. DBA Clear Creek Station from all such liability related to injuries resulting from a slip, trip or fall, regardless of the nature, or factors related to liability or negligence on behalf of our staff or “the Park”

·       Management is not responsible for damage, injury, or loss to either person or property. The owners of L & M Heindel LLC. DBA Clear Creek Station absolve themselves from all liability and responsibility pertaining to loss by fire, theft, weather, acts of God, property damage, accident, or any other cause whatsoever, and guest agree to save, protect, and hold harmless, L & M Heindel LLC. DBA Clear Creek Station from all such liability

The Premises are privately owned and L & M Heindel, LLC DBA Clear Creek Sation RESERVES THE RIGHT TO REFUSE SERVICE to anyone for any reason except for those prohibited by law.