Refund Policy

If you cancel your reservation you will be assessed fees. It’s important to know the closer to your arrival date you cancel, the less money you will receive back as a refund. 

Cancelling 8 days or more prior to arrival - reservation fee $25 + cancellation fee $5.

Cancelling 7 days or less prior to arrival - reservation fee $25 + cancellation fee $5 + the cost of the first nights stay. 

Please note: All fees are retained if you fail to arrive and do not inform the park of a cancellation in advance.

To cancel a reservation prior to your arrival you can cancel online or contact the park directly at 719-376-5943. Please note: If you are cancelling on the day of arrival you must contact the campground directly. 

All camping patrons are required to pay the full cost when making reservations. Any fees eligible for refund will be refunded upon completion of your stay.