Terms of Service

If you or your group does not respect or engages in any of the following, loss of lot rental and the privilege to rent a site from Cotton Land RV Park could result.


- Failure to comply with rules and guidelines.

- Damage, deface, or remove property.

- Engage in public disturbance of other people during your stay.

     ei. Not observing and being respectful of quiet hours.

- Refrain to pay outstanding dues within 5 days of invoice.


Failure to comply with any or all regulations will result in termination of contract with no refund of deposit or rental fees.


Check In / Check Out


Standard check in time for confirmed reservations is 3:00 pm.

Standard check out time is 1:00 pm

All stays beyond 1:00 pm may be billed and additional night stay (subject to prior agreement and availability)

No Refunds, No Exceptions

Make sure all water connections are not leaking.

Speed Limit is 10 MPH in the park 

All RVs older than 10 years must be approved by Cotton Land RV Park staff prior to reservation.


Animals / Pets

Pets are restricted to the lot they belong to. Please do not allow your (or visitors) pets to roam free outside of your area or RV lot.

Noisy pets are not permitted.

Pet droppings must be cleaned up on a daily basis.

There is a $25.00 fine for pet waste left on site or not promptly collected while walking pet. Pets creating a nuisance or disturbance may be asked to be removed from the park. No aggressive animals allowed this is up to managers’ discretion.

Pets must be on leashes (maximum 12’) when outside of RV’s.

Pets must be accompanied by an adult (over 12) when outside of the RV.


Firearms / Weapons

Firearms and weapons kept on site must comply with all local and state laws.



Guests must park in the designated parking spots. Gravel Back in and Pull through sites allow 1-2 vehicles per site. Concrete sites allow 2-3 vehicles per site. Please do not park on grass, block roadways or driveways. Issues or disputes with parking will be handled by Cotton Land RV Park staff.


Laundry Facility

Laundry facilities will be normally be accessible 24 hours a day but these facilities will be closed from time to time at Park Management’s discretion for cleaning and repairs.

Washers, dryers, and all other laundry facilities are to be cleaned by RVer, inside and out, immediately after use. Clothes are to be removed from dryers as soon as they are dry. Dyeing may not be done in the washers. The laundry is to be left in a clean, neat and orderly condition. Pet laundry may not be done in the washers.

No pets are allowed inside the laundry building. 

Do not open windows within the building. 


Smoking / Drugs / Alcohol

Please discard smoking butts appropriately. Dropping butts in public areas is considered littering and will not be tolerated. Absolutely NO SMOKING inside or around the Office/Laundry building. 

Those suspected to have or those found with illegal drugs on site will be removed and expelled from the park and are subject to loss of any payments and security deposits.

Use of alcohol outside is expected to conform to legal and mature standards of conduct. Beer bottles and caps are to be disposed of properly.


Rules & Regulations (continued)



Please do not enter any neighboring properties. The land behind the small tree line is neighboring property. Absolutely no cutting across to get to the community or county road behind the park. The land towards the highway belongs to Cotton Land RV Park and can be used to walk your pets, but please remember our policy on pet droppings still applies there as well. 


Cleaning / Recycling

Guests are responsible for leaving their lot in the same condition or better than it was found. This includes the grounds, their lot and surrounding areas.

Use dumpsters provided. Garbage that does not fit in a garbage bag is not permitted to be deposited in dumpsters.

Burning trash is prohibited.

Bag ALL of your trash before placing in dumpster. 


The following are NOT ALLOWED on site:

-Tents or Tarps

-Pools, Hot Tubs

-Outdoor Appliances

-Perimeter fencing


-Indoor Furniture

-Open Trailers (Trailers used for your job may be permitted but must be approved by park staff.)

-Excessive Décor

-Affixing to Trees, this includes holiday string lights

-Excessive Storage Under and around RV

Please keep the area around your unit neat and clean. Keep outside storage of items to a minimum.

Safety Rules

All RV site rental owners are responsible for their own actions and insurance. Cotton Land RV Park is not responsible for fire, theft, injury or loss of personal property. Guests and all others users of this property are liable for all property damages. The undersigned releases, indemnifies and saves harmless Cotton Land RV Park and all employees from all suites, actions, or claims of any character, type or description brought or made fro or on account of any injuries or damages received or sustained by any person or persons or property or acts of God. RV guests expressly assumes all risk of such loss or damage andy must carry their own insurance.


Quiet Hours / Noise Pollution

Cotton Land RV Park observes quiet hours from 11:00 pm - 7:00 am. During this time, campers are to respect their neighbors by keeping noise to a minimum. Music is prohibited during these hours. Those who do not respect quiet hours will be asked to leave. 



By signing, Renter agrees that deposit and/or rent money will be forfeited if payments are not made within 5 days of due date. Furthermore, Renter agrees to pay his/her share of the electric bill due at the time of rent payment. amount to be determined by Cotton Land RV Park staff, if not included in rent already.


With my signature, I agree with all the rules and regulations concerned in this contract.