Terms of Service

Reservations can be made online, by phone or in person. Must be 21 or older to make a reservation and be present at time of check-in. Minors need to accompanied by an adult. Reservations are non-transferable.

Reservation requests are not guaranteed until the 100% deposit has been received. A 100% deposit by MasterCard or Visa must be given by phone.

Reservations are only guaranteed until 8PM on the expected day of arrival. Please inform us of any changes. Otherwise the reservation will be cancelled and subject to re-rental. While we hope you do not need to cancel, we have a high demand for our sites so we must enforce a strict cancellation/No show policy.

All No Show/No Calls are subject to the remainder of the balance due on the reservation.

No group reservations except on site 62.

We do not allow site hopping.

Site Changes
You have been assigned a specific site, if you wish to move please check with the office. Due to reservations and maintenance, moving may not be possible. Please inquire before moving sites.

Open Fires
Open fires are not allowed in our park. Fires must be in firepits or designated fire rings. We have portable fire pits available for guests to rent for the night. Firepit rental is $2 each per night and you must place the fire pit over the gravel or concrete, so that the heat from it does not damage
the grass.

Please do not park your vehicle, trailer, or boat in an adjacent site. Use of more than one site will result in additional charges.

Storage is not allowed under or around your RV or picnic table.

Site and Park Navigation
Please be respectful of your neighbor and do not walk between sites when navigating the park. Please use main roads, sidewalks, and designated public paths to walk around the campground.

Washing RVs or vehicles is only permitted with 1 bucket of water and a sponge. Hose washing is not permitted, as it can result in a mess and disturb your neighbors.

Pet Policies
We ask that you keep your pets on a leash at all times. This helps you, your pet, and other guests and other guests’ pets stay safe. Be a good neighbor and please use the dog walk area and clean up after your pet always. Do not let your pet deposit waste on your site or any of our other guests’ sites please. Failure to clean up after your pet will result in you being asked to leave without a refund. Pets may not be left unattended in our park. Please do not tie your pet to a tree and leave. Leaving your pets unattended is dangerous for your pet as many factors including weather, power outages, etc. can affect your pets well-being while you are away. If you are staying in one of our glampers or motel rooms, pets are not allowed on the furniture.For any incidents, that will be a $25.00 charge per occurrence. Due to Insurance Requirements, all pets must be vaccinated in our park. Please make sure your pet’s shots are up-to-date. Excessive barking is not tolerated and disturbs your neighbors. Please note that excessive barking may result in you being asked to leave without refund.

Vehicle Policies
Speed Limit
The park speed limit is 5 mph. This policy is to keep you, your children, and your pets safe.
Exceeding this speed limit will result in a warning. Multiple warnings will require us to ask you
to leave. Safety is our number one priority for our guests.

Each paid guest registration covers 1 vehicle per site unless noted. Extra vehicles will need to be parked in additional parking spots behind our building or fence. Please do not park on our grass. Ruts caused in your site due to additional vehicles will result in damage
Trailers, Boats, and additional vehicles will cost additional fees for camping. A nightly
registration 1 vehicle only.
No parking in common areas. Do not park in the middle of the road. Do not park in sites that you did not register for and do not block our garages or our bathroom and laundry room doors.
Parking on the grass is not permitted.