Terms of Service

All visitors and guests are required to register at the office upon arriving at CreekRidge Campground.

Speed Limit on the private roads leading to the campsites is 5 MPH. The Campsite User(s) shall observe all traffic control signs and shall not operate their vehicles in a reckless manner. Vehicles must be operated on paved roadways. Electric golf carts are permitted (if evidence of insurance is provided to the Camp Operator).

Any disorderly conduct will not be tolerated. This includes vulgar language, excessive drinking, violent/abusive actions and vandalism. Quiet time is 12:30 a.m. until 8:00 a.m. Any behavior which is deemed violent or overly offensive will result in immediate removal from the property and loss of membership.

All pets must be under the control of the owner and must be on a leash (and on your hand) when being walked on the common areas. Pets are not permitted in any building or in the pool area. Aggressive animals are not allowed on the property. YOU MUST PICK UP AFTER YOUR PET. All Pets must be current on vaccinations and records of same will be made available to Camp Operator upon request.

Tenters are to park vehicles in designated areas not in the tenting area. Vehicle washing strictly prohibited.

All garbage is to be secured and placed in the dumpsters provided by the Camp Operator on a timely basis.

All Campsite Users are responsible for the activities on their lot/site and any outdoor fires shall be fully contained and supervised during the burning period. All sites will have a picnic table and fire ring. Please help keep our park clean by leaving your site clean when you leave.

Trees are not to be cut whether they are dead or alive. You may pick up wood from the ground. You may not cut any of the larger pieces - no chain saws are permitted. Please do not nail or screw anything into the trees and do not leave anything up permanently.

Fishing Lake is for day fishing only. All fishing is catch and release. No frogging allowed in the lake or the river.

Dogs and other pets are not allowed on the pool deck, nor are glass containers. If you bring a glass container and it breaks, you will be financially responsible for the complete clean up of the pool. NO LIFEGUARD ON DUTY. SWIM AT YOUR OWN RISK.

No Glass allowed in shower areas, club area or dance hall.

No public sex.

No firearms shall be allowed anywhere on the campground property including the facilities.

Any disputes between Campsite Users shall be reported to the Camp Operator and such complaints will be dealt with in an expeditious manner. If in doubt - ASK!

In case of emergency - go to the office and see staff promptly.

Only one vehicle can be parked at the camp site at one time. Any additional vehicles must be parked at designated parking areas.

No chainsaws are allowed on the premises.

No sheds are allowed on the campsite.

No permanent outdoor kitchens are allowed on the campsite.

No permanent structures are allowed on the camp site. Such prohibited structures include, but are not limited to, patio covers with tin or fiberglass roofing, carports, and enclosed sun rooms.

No tenting camping is permitted on seasonal campsites.

CreekRidge Campground wants to ensure that all campers thoroughly enjoy their experience at CreekRidge in a safe and respectful manner. Any guest who fails to act towards others in an appropriate, safe and respectful manner during their stay may be asked to leave the campground. If any camper has any concerns or experiences any issues while at CreekRidge we implore you to bring it to management’s attention promptly.