Terms of Service


The following rules govern your use of the Cullen RV Resort facilities. These rules may be amended from time to time as necessary and in the event that they are, you will be given a new list of rules.

  1. All Guests must register with the staff.
  2. All Guests are responsible for their visitors.
  3. Quiet time is from 10:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. and is strictly enforced.
  4. Check out times is 12:00 p.m. due to previous reservations. If you plan on staying longer, the earlier you re-register, the better your chance of keeping your site.
  5. Guests under age 18 must be accompanied by an adult. After 9:00 p.m. children under the age of 18 are to be at their assigned and registered site.
  6. You may NOT assign or sublet your site. You are being provided services under a site services agreement. You are NOT under a landlord / tenant arrangement – THEFT OF SERVICES APPLIES
  7. Rent and payment for electricity are due and payable as per the terms of the site rental agreement. You will be charged a $25.00 late fee plus $10.00 per day past the due date if the total amount is not received in the office by the due date.
  8. If you leave without making full payment, remaining balance will be charged on any credit card, user credit or banking information on file.
  9. If an RV is abandoned or payment is overdue by 5 days, Cullen RV Resort has full authority to get the RV towed away at owner's expense.
  10. Returned checks – in addition to a $18.00 handling fee, the late fee described in #1 will be charged until full payment is received in cash, cashiers check or money order. Future rent payments after an N.S.F. payment shall be in the form of CASH ONLY.
  11. No cash back allowed on debit card payments.
  12. The Speed limit in the Resort is 5 mph and will be enforced.
  13. Open Firearms and fireworks are prohibited. Discharging Firearms will be cause for automatic eviction without refund.
  14. The storage of hazardous materials on the RV Site or anywhere on the Property is prohibited
  15. The maximum number of RV's per site is one. The maximum occupancy of the RV per site is not to exceed six (6) people. Four (4) people (including kids) are included in the rates. Additional persons are $10 per person per night. In the event that you should have occasional guests that would exceed the maximum occupancy please obtain written permission from the Manager. ($10.00 per person/day additional fee will apply).
  16. Tents are not permitted.
  17. The maximum number of personal vehicles per site is two (excluding RV). Cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats and trailers are all considered vehicles. No parking permitted on roadways.
  18. No use of unauthorized vehicles will be allowed in the resort. No commercial enterprise will operate from the resort.
  19. Guests are responsible for keeping their sites clean and neat. No shopping carts, permanent attachments or cutting of trees is permitted.
  20. Trash is to be disposed of in the dumpster at the edge of the Resort.
  21. If necessary, guests are responsible for obtaining a post office box to receive their mail. Personal mail including any packages should not to be delivered to the Resort address and resort is not responsible for lost or stolen mail or packages.
  22. No alcohol consumption by minors is allowed. Any drunk/disorderly person(s) will be removed from the premises.
  23. Cullen RV Resort assumes no responsibility for personal property left at your site or in the overflow area.
  24. We do not give credits or refunds due to discomfort of nature, weather or for early departure or eviction.
  25. All local, state, and federal laws must be obeyed.
  26. A maximum of 2 pets per RV are allowed. All pets must be registered with office prior to bringing pet into Resort. Pets must be kept on a leash, cleaned up after, and not left unattended at the campsite. All vaccinations must be up-to-date and the pet identified by a name tag. Please reference the Pets Regulations Policy (SEE ATTACHED).
  27. No vehicle washing (including RV) allowed inside the Resort.
  28. No temporary buildings, structures, outside appliances, window air conditioners, tarps, etc. without management approval.
  29. Limit of two (2) Large Ice chests or Rubbermaid type containers on each site.
  30. All property must be in the confines of the space.  parking on roads prohibited. Parking is provided at the office for use of the office only. No overnight or guest parking in the office parking spaces.
  31. Outside of the RV and Lot area must be kept clean and free of debris. Trash must be bagged and placed in dumpster.
  32. Please no mats or rugs on the lawn.
  33. No outside clothes lines are to be used.
  34. No RVs that fall into a state of disrepair will be allowed to remain in the Resort. 10-year age limit cutoff to be eligible to gain long term entrance into the Resort.
  35. No open fires except in barbeque grills or in small fire pits that are at least six inches above the ground. Homemade fire pits are not allowed.
  36. Please respect your neighbor and do not cut through their site.
  37. Each RV will use one space and hookups for that assigned space only.
  38. Visitors are not allowed to bring any pets into the Resort.
  39. Digging of any kind is not permitted and before driving stakes of any kind into the ground, please contact the office. This is for your safety as well as that of our water, sewer and electric lines.
  40. A sewer hose support device is required. Sewage and gray water must not run on the ground.
  41. A positive sewer seal is required at both ends of your sewer hose.
  42. Electric space heaters are not allowed. No cheater boxes or pigtails allowed. Cullen RV Resort is not responsible for any electrical components on RV’s.
  43. No soliciting, sign postings or any commercial activity is permitted.
  44. Renters and all other users of this property are liable for all property damages.
  45. All Local, State, and Federal laws are applicable to all persons on the premises.
  46. Rowdiness, loud music, abusive language, violent behavior, drunkenness, possession or use of drugs or illegal substances will not be tolerated at any time. It will be reported to law enforcement and will be a reason for immediate eviction without refund.
  47. Objectionable conduct of any kind or violation of any Resort rule or causing a disturbance will be a reason for immediate eviction without any refund.
  48. In the event of an emergency please immediately call 911. If the emergency does not relate to health or safety please contact the Manager.
  49. Fencing of yards is not allowed.
  50. Parties are not allowed.
  51. Reservation is viewed as a “two-way” agreement. We hold the space, which you have reserved, turning away all future requests, in return for payment of your deposit. No refunds once payment is processed. Only credit for future stays within 30 days of arrival.
  52. All resort facilities and equipment are intended for the convenience of the guests. Any and all persons using the facilities do at their own risk and consent. The resort management is not responsible for accident due to fire, theft, wind, flood, personal negligence, acts of God or other unfortunate circumstances. The registered guest is financially responsible for all individuals or pets at their site for any/all damage to the Resort.
  53. Cullen RV Resort is not responsible for any contents or food stored inside the RV/fridge/freezers.

Damage to park property, including but not limited to: restrooms; utilities; landscaping; vehicles; street lights or signage is strictly prohibited. Guests will be held responsible for the repair of any damages. Management reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. Management assumes no responsibility for fire, theft, vandalism, natural happenings, injury, accidents or losses from any cause. Management is not responsible for any damage to vehicles caused by other guests/visitors. Management is not responsible for any personal property. Management reserves the right to limit the stay and number of persons per site. Willful violation of these rules will result in immediate eviction without refund. These rules & regulations supersede any previously written or discussed. Rules & regulations; and rates may be changed at any time without prior notice. Please report any problems to park management immediately. Please notify park management of any incident or accidents as soon as possible. For emergencies dial “911”.

This property is under 24-hour video surveillance. Equipment in use is to aid in the prosecution of any crimes committed against this business.


Special permission to keep a house pet in the Resort must be obtained from Resort Management. A house pet is defined as a pet that spends its primary existence within the RV. Management reserves the right to deny a Resident a pet if a proposed pet would pose a threat to the health and safety of residents of the Resort. No more than two (2) dogs or cats, is permitted in addition, resident may keep a maximum of two (2) birds.

  1. The types of pet permitted are: a domesticated bird, cat, dog, or aquatic animal kept within an aquarium. Only medium sized cats or dogs (which, at maturity, do not exceed 50 pounds in weight) are permitted. Pit bulls, Chow Chows, Rottweiler, Doberman Pinschers and/or aggressive breeds are expressly prohibited.
  2. Non- house pets (including farm animals) are prohibited under any circumstances. Strange and exotic pets are not permitted.
  3. After moving into the Resort, a pet may not be acquired without written permission from the Resort management. Resort Management must approve all pets before application to rent is accepted.
  4. If a pet is lost or dies, written permission to acquire a new pet must be obtained from Resort Management.
  5. If any of the rules regarding pets is violated, and such violation is noted by Resort Management or a valid complaint is made by another Resident, the Resident owner of the pet will receive an official notice in writing stating that the right to keep a pet within the Resort may be terminated.


The following rules must be strictly followed by all pet owners:

  •  Each pet must be inoculated in accordance with local law. Evidence of inoculation shall be submitted to Resort Management within seven (7) days of receipt of written request for such information.
  • All pets must be registered with office prior to bringing pet into Resort.
  • Maximum of two (2) quiet well-mannered pets are allowed per site.
  • Pets must be on a leash when not inside the RV.
  • All pets are to be kept inside at night and are never to be left unattended.
  • Any pet running loose in the Resort will be turned over to SPCA or other authority. Recurring violations of this rule will lead to the loss of the privilege to maintain a pet.
  • Pets will not be allowed in any Resort building at any time.
  • Pets will not be allowed to cause any disturbance which might annoy neighbors, including, but not limited to barking, growling, biting or any other unusual noises or damage. Under no condition is a pet to invade the privacy of anyone's site, flower bed, shrubs, etc. Pet owners are responsible at all times for their pets, including injury, destruction, and annoyances to other Residents, and the Resort Management shall not be liable for any loss, damage or injury of any kind whatsoever caused by Resident's pet.
  • No exterior pet housing is permitted in the Resort. this includes, but is not limited to, any type of confining barricade, fencing or structure.
  • Visitors are not permitted to bring any pet into the Resort.
  • Feeding of stray cats and other animals is prohibited.
  • The tying up of pets outside the RV and/or leaving them unattended outside is prohibited.
  • No tying up of pets to any Resort property at any time.
  • If Residents pet is allowed to exercise in Residents yard or elsewhere, all excrement must be picked up, wrapped in paper and placed in the trash immediately.
  • Resort management encourages pets to be spayed or neutered. However, in the event of offspring, Resort Management must be immediately notified and written permission of Resort Management must be obtained for the offspring to stay in the Resort for a temporary period not to exceed eight (8) weeks.