Terms of Service

Welcome to our RV Park and Campground!  In order to preserve the appearance and beauty of our campground, we have established the following rules and guidelines that will apply to all sites at Cummins Ferry RV Park and Campground.  We appreciate your help in keeping our facility clean, neat and free from damage. 

All guests must follow the rules and guidelines of the park.  Any situation not directly covered by these guidelines but deemed unsafe by the camp hosts will be addressed.  Decisions of any camp host are final pertaining to noise, campfires, and other infringements of the campground rules or unsafe acts/conditions.  Disrespect of authority, property or other guests is grounds for camper removal. 

To avoid any misunderstanding of any of the guidelines mentioned, please check with management if you have any questions!


    NO DRIVING ON GRASS PLEASE - Any damage to site or septic systems shall be billed to guest.

    DUMPSTERS ARE LOCATED NEAR PAVILLION PAST GATE - Please place all garbage in a bag and in an open space in dumpster. Any garbage left behind will be removed and you will be charged $50 per item cleanup fee. 


    NO Elecric Vehicle charging at the RV sites please


    • RVs Check-In Time: 2pm – 6pm
    • RVs Check-Out Time: 12 noon on day of departure
    • If you wish to stay another day, just come to the store and pay by 11:00 AM on day of departure. You may keep the same site as long as there is no current reservation for that site.
    • Late checkouts after 12:00 will be charged a minimum of $25 Late checkout fee.
    • Early check-in “arrivals to the park” fee is $25 extra for before 2:00 check-in.
    • Late departures will be charged for an additional night.
    • Late check-in:  If you arrive after 6pm please stop at the office to pick up your welcome package.  It will be located in the arrivals box at the front door.  Your name and site number will be included in our packet. Camp host info included if you have any issues with your site.
    • No arrivals are permitted after 10pm.  You must call in advance for approval on arrivals after 6pm.
    • We recommend that you flush the water lines before connecting, using a filter and a pressure regulator. 


    • There is a $25 administrative fee for all site change requests.
    • There is a $20 lock-in fee for guaranteed site location requests.


    • Enjoy our pet run from dawn till dusk, pleae pick up after your pet.
    • Maximum of 3 pets per guest - size and breed restrictions apply
    • Pets must be kept on a maximun 6 foot leash at all times.  Pets must be cleaned up after and are not allowed in the pool area, bath houses or camp store
    • Any animal waste not removed promptly will be removed by staff and you will be charged $50 per occurance
    • Do not leash your pet to your RV or vehicle
    • Do not hang dog runs/leashes on trees
    • Pets cannot be left outside when owners are away from site or park
    • Excessive barking, growling, or any aggressive behavior will not be allowed and you may be asked to immediately leave
    • Pets must be current on all vaccines 
    • All pet containments are to be of LTD wire fencing with flat edges.  Containments can be no larger than 8ft x 8ft
    • Customer is responsible for cutting grass if pet containments are left standing
    • No dog houses allowed in the campground
    • Pet owners are responsible for any damage or holes caused by their pets
    • All kiddie and dog pools must be emptied when not in use
    • Pet leashes and screw holders must be picked up for grass cutting to avoid damage to lawn mower
    • Noisy pets, failure to keep pet on leash or failure to clean up after your pet could result in having you remove your pet from the premises or you may be asked to leave the park without a refund

    • Campfires are permitted in the fire rings only and must be attended to at all times
    • Fire rings must be kept clean
    • Do not put trash in fires, no burning cans, bottles, oil or PLASTICS OF ANY KIND
    • Fire rings cannot be moved and all wood must fit within the fire ring

    • Washing and drying machines are coin operated
    • Change machine available
    • Please keep laundry facilities clean at all times
    • Remove cloths promptly so other campers can use the facility
    • Do not leave laundry unattended
    • Camp hosts are not responsible for your laundry


    • Gates are operated electronically.  Do not attempt to lift or lower gates by hand.  Any person who damages gates will be charged a minimum of $2,500
    • You will incur a $25 lost key fee for each unreturned gate key(s)


    • Must use treated lumber
    • No hand rails or enclosures of any kind are allowed on platforms
    • Must be no larger than 10ft x 20ft x12” high
    • Cannot be sunk into ground
    • All platforms that are built on a lot will become the property of Cummins Ferry RV Resort and Marina if you choose to end your contract
    • Any modifications or changes must be approved by management


    • Rugs cannot be larger than 10ft x 20ft
    • Storage boxes cannot be larger than 5’ long, 2’ wide, and 26” high and limited to 1 per site


    • The Pavilion is available to rent for customers.  Customers are responsible to clean Pavilion after use.  Contact management for
      rental information


    • Any propane tank that is not part of an RV must be secured appropriately


    • All cable for satellites must be buried in the ground to allow for proper mowing of the area.  Any damage to improperly buried cables is not the responsibility of Cummins Ferry RV Park and Campground


    • Guests are allowed to use foam insulation or winter skirting to insulate and protect their units through the winter months.  All winter protection materials cannot be put in place prior to November 1st and must be removed by April 1st
    • All winter campers must be TOTALLY self-contained. 
    • Water hydrant and hoses MUST be heat taped.


    • Absolutely no public display of alcohol and must be contained in a koozie or cup
    • Cummins Ferry RV Park and Campground has chosen to designate our RV Park a DRUG FREE area.  The use of any recreational drugs, legal or otherwise, will result in an early departure for the offenders


    • Guests are required to pay a visitors fee at all holiday events and for use of the pool.  Customers are responsible to meet their visitors at the visitors parking area.  Please do not let them wait at the gate
    • The person registered at the site is also responsible for the visitors, visitors children, pets, etc.
    • All rates include 2 adults and 2 children.  There is an additional charge per person extra after 4 people
    • Maximum 6 persons per site
    • No more than 2 vehicles per site and must display car/visitors pass 
    • No parking on the grass at any time
    • Quiet hours start at 10pm – 8am, children must be at campsite by dusk 
    • For safety reasons, children should not play around or ride bicycles near the entrance gates.
    • Drive carefully, watch for children and obey the speed limit


    • No parking and/or driving on grass
    • Limited items stored under and around camper
    • No chainsaws allowed
    • To avoid stagnant water, kayaks and canoes must be placed upside down and tilted at tree line
    • All kiddie and dog pools must be emptied when not in use.  All children must be clothed in swimming attire
    • Any person who defaces or destroys park property or puts nails or metal objects in trees will be held liable at the full value.  Damage to electric meters and/or water hydrants will be charged a minimum of $300
    • Campers must keep their site clean and dispose of refuse in the dumpster provided.
    • The site should be left in the condition is was found in
    • Please place trash in bags prior to disposing in dumpster located past the pavilion on your left, no trash bags to be left outside of campers during the night
    • Please do not litter, this includes cigarette butts, if management must clean your site, there will be a $50 charged
    • No clothes lines permitted
    • NO PARKING or DRIVING ON any GRASS - we have septic systems
    • Utility bills are to be paid within 5 days or a late fee will be added
    • All accounts must be paid in full and gate cards returned before camper leaves the premises
    • No Solicitating
    • If site is vacated for thirty (30) days or more, without making arrangements with management, your contract will be null and void and NO refunds will be provided
    • Any camper or equipment left on the premises for 30 days or more without written permission from the camp host becomes the property of Cummins Ferry RV Park and Campground
    • No automobile repairs to be done inside park area
    • Any accident or disturbance should be reported to the camp host immediately
    • No refunds for early departure.
    • Lost and found is located at the camp store.
    • Firearms, fireworks, or any hunting equipment are strictly prohibited.
    • To protect our guest families, we do not allow sex offenders in the park.
    • Grounds and buildings are monitored with video/camera surveillance equipment at all times
    • Site must be kept neat and camper washed at least one time per year, contact management for water use fees
    • Small shrubs, bushes and flowers must be potted in planters only.   Nothing can be planted into the ground
    • Limit of 3 to 5 pots
    • Any additional landscaping must be approved by management and will become the property of Cummins Ferry RV Park and Campground if you choose to end your contract


    • One RV and one vehicle are permitted per site
    • Vehicles and trailers that do not fit completely on your pad must be parked outside of gates
    • Please keep all vehicles on gravel or paved surfaces – do not park on grass!
    • There is an additional per day charge for extra vehicles
    • Boats and trailers must be docked or parked outside of campground in the gravel parking lot outside of gates
    • All utility or flatbed trailers are to be parked in the gravel parking lot outside of gates
    • Do not park past sewer dumps due to septic fields behind campsites
    • No tent, camper, RV, boat or camping equipment should be left unattended for 24 hours without written permission from camp host
    • No off road vehicles allowed
    • All marina guests must use the designated parking area which is located across from the check-in/store area. 
    • Marina users are not allowed to park their vehicles in the tent or RV areas
    • If vehicles are improperly parked, they will be towed at owner’s expense
    • Golf carts are permitted with proof of insurance, valid driver’s license and signed waiver
    • All tow vehicles must be disconnected/reconnected outside of the gates


    • All garbage must be removed from the dock area and disposed in the dumpster located at the entrance across from the tent area
    • Any trash that is left on the boat dock will be the responsibility of the boat owner to clean up, or there will be a fine imposed for littering
    • Fishing poles and other related fishing or marine supplies are the responsibility of the guest to secure and property store away either on their boats in their vehicles
    • No swimming allowed in the river
    • For fishing rules see https://fw.ky.gov/Pages/default.aspx

    PLEASE NOTE Cummins Ferry RV Park and Campground, it’s private property and the staff or owners may ask you to leave at any time.


      • If you are renting an RV site, at minimum, a deposit for the first night's stay is collected at the time of reservation.  In the unlikely event that you must cancel or transfer dates, we require a 10 day notice by phone prior to arrival date.

      • Refunds will be issued immediately less your deposit (first night’s stay) as a cancellation fee.

      • With less than a 10 day notice of cancellation, shorten your stay or check out early, please understand that we must ask you to take responsibility for your entire reservation.  If you would like to move your reservation to another date, we do that one time as a courtesy as long as it is done no less than 5 days prior to the arrival date with no penalties.

      • Deposits made for holiday reservations will not be refunded – regardless of when you call.

      • If you need to cancel your reservation, please call the park office during business hours. 859-865-2003

      • Email cancellations are not accepted.

      • No refunds for early checkouts.

      • We reserve the right to charge for any outstanding fees, cancellations fees as per our cancellation policy.


      • Group discounts start at 8 (eight) accommodations / RV sites and receive 10% off each accommodation / RV site. Groups reserving 8 (eight) or more accommodations / RV sites will require a deposit of half of the total reservation amount.
      • Cancelling before 90 days of your arrival date will require a $100 cancellation fee.
      • Cancelling within 60-90 days of the arrival date you will receive half of the deposit back.
      • Cancelling within 30-60 days of the arrival date you will lose your deposit.
      • Cancelling less than 30 days of the arrival date, you are required to pay the full amount of the group reservation.
      • The group leader is responsible for any unpaid balances. Group rates are not available during June, July, October, Special events* and Holidays with a 3-night minimum including Memorial Day, Labor Day, Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. (*special events are predetermined and subject to change without notice.
      • Cummins Ferry RV Resort and Marina Club house and Pavilion are not included in the group discount. Cummins Ferry RV Resort and Marina staff reserves the right to determine accommodations / sites needed if you are making arrangements more than 1 year in advance. 

      Agents, employees and representatives:

      • shall not be held responsible for claims, losses or liability of any nature arising in any respect with camper’s occupancy and/or use of premises.
      • reserves the right to remove anyone in violation of these rules or anyone conducting themselves in a manner deemed unsuitable or violating any State or Federal laws.
      • is not responsible for damage due to acts of nature.
      • is not responsible for damage to, or theft of personal property or liable for any personal injury.
      • Cummins Ferry RV Resort and Marina reserves the right to change and/or update the rules and guidelines at any time.