Terms of Service


This reservation constitutes the agreement between DEER RIVER CAMPSITE, INC., herein after referred to as the Campsite, or Licensor and the registered party(ies), herein after referred to as the Licensee or seasonal camper, relating to the use of a campsite in Duane, NY, whereas the purpose of this Agreement is to provide for the use of a campsite by a license at DEER RIVER CAMPSITE, INC. for the Licensee's Recreational Vehicle. Now therefore, it is agreed as follows:

1) The Licensor agrees to the reservation referenced in the Campspot database for seasonal camping during the camping season of May 1, 2022 to October 10, 2022 or Columbus Day as determined by Licensor and weather permitting.   The Campsite shall provide: water, modified sewer hookup, metered electric service, public restrooms, common grounds and road maintenance, recycle and garbage area, controlled access gate, and general supervision. Water and electricity at open and close of season will be weather permitting at the discretion of Licensor.  See internet #16 below.

2) Continued use of the site for the next ensuing year must be obtained by entering into a new license and placing a down payment prior to September 1st of the year of this contract.  Non-renewal by September 1st will result in the removal from any waiting lists for moving to another site, removal of unit and will avail the site for use by any other licensee. Management reserves the right regarding renewal of all licenses.

3) The site charge is as referenced in Campspot reservation documents. The down payment / winter site fee is $ 200.00 with the balance to be paid on or before May 1, 2022. Other prepayment arrangements may be made.  Licensee agrees to pay a minimum $10.00 or 2%, whichever is larger, per month service charge for any and all charges incurred, which become past due. If down payment or site balance is not paid by due date, Licensor has the right to remove the RV to a storage area, and all reasonable moving and storage fees incurred will be due to Campsite, in addition to any other amounts owed; and further, after 90 days, Campsite may sell, at public auction, claim ownership, or otherwise dispose of the RV to satisfy all past due amounts without any further notification unless an agreement, in writing, satisfactory to Campsite, is procured, pursuant to law.

4) The licensee and immediate family (spouse/partner, (children under 21 residing with licensee) only, may occupy the site. The names of agreed occupants will be provided to Licensor for entry into Campspot database at time of deposit to renew license.

5) This license is for the recreational vehicle as provided by Licensee and on file in the campground database.    Any change in recreational vehicle, (RV) requires prior approval of the manager. The Licensor may terminate this agreement at its discretion for failure to obtain permission.  Licensee may not use an RV older than 12 years, unless has been previously owned and licensed by him with Campsite, unless extenuating condition.

6) Campsite may terminate this agreement for any just cause, act, or omission by the Licensee as stated in this license, or for violation of law or the Campsite Policies in effect during the term of this agreement, and no refunds will be given.

7) Licensee acknowledges that this agreement is subject to the terms and provisions of the DEER RIVER CAMPSITE, INC. policies and of "APA" Permit No. 82-139, issued August 27, 1982 and recorded at the Franklin County Clerk's Office Malone, NY and agrees to abide by those terms and provisions, and all other state rules that may apply to the use of the campground and the use of the general area. A copy of the campsite policies is attached to this agreement and incorporated herein.

8) The Licensee certifies that he/she has inspected the site and the premises are safe and fit for use. The Licensee shall be responsible for his/her actions of negligence or damage caused by any entity, person, nature, or otherwise (other than the Licensor).

9) The Licensee further acknowledges that the Licensor is not an insurer, and is not responsible for the Licensee's possessions. The licensee will file with the Licensor, proof of liability insurance covering the lease period.

10) At the end of his/her term, the Licensee agrees to leave the campsite in the same condition it was upon occupancy, or will incur charges.

11) Campsite will not refund due to “Acts of God” or restrictions to access which are imposed by government or regulatory authorities.

12)  The licensee will read and sign receipt of Policies and agree to abide by same each year at time of renewal of license.

13)  The Campsite has available boat dockage and winter boat storage on a first come, first served basis. (Fee)

14) If Licensee chooses to store RV during off season, Licensee is responsible for all winterization and securing of the RV or by contracting with a provider to do so. Licensee will pay the provider directly. Licensor assumes no responsibility for contractor’s services.

15) During winter trailer storage, Licensor will monitor snow loads. Licensees will have access to their RV’s during the winter to address any issues or will have agreed to have Licensor shovel roof as needed. (Fee)

16) Internet via Fiber optic/Wi-Fi will be in the campground for 2022.  Licensees will “pay as you use data” if applicable, to the provider. 

In witness thereof the parties hereto set forth their hands in seals in agreement thereto. Undersigned agrees to License conditions and Policy statement. Electronic signature of Licensee will be accepted via Campspot by “Accept(ing) Terms and Conditions” of this license.

Deer River Campsite, Inc.   F.G. Paddock     8/10/21.