Terms of Service

Check in/out times for RV Sites:
RV Site check in time is 12:00PM Central Time
RV Site check out time is 11:00 AM Central Time

Check in/out times for Cabin Rentals:
Cabin check in is 3:00 PM Central Time
Cabin check out is 11:00 AM Central Time

Cancellation Policy for RV Sites:
15 days or more – deposit/payment is refundable minus 20% admin fee or can be left in user credit for one year. 
14 days or less – deposit/payment is not refundable or transferrable to user credit. 

Cancellation Policy for Cabins Rentals:
30 days or more – deposit/payment is refundable minus 20% admin fee.
15-29 days – deposit/payment will be applied to a future visit.
14 days or less – deposit/payment is not refundable or transferrable. 

Visitor Policy:
visitors must check in at the office and pay a $5.00 per person per day guest pass.
If a visitor is coming after our office is closed, we ask that you register your guests before we close and come to the office to pick up their hang tag for their vehicle. If your guest does not have a hang tag for their vehicle, they may be asked to leave.
Letting in unauthorized and/or unregistered guests into the park is cause for termination of your reservation without a refund.
Visiting hours end at 9:00 P.M. Central Time.

Maximum Campsite Capacity:
No more than a total of 8 people per campsite or cabin, including camping guests and visitors.

Parking is limited to 2 vehicles per cabin/campsite. Additional vehicles parked at a cabin/campsite will incur a $25 fee per vehicle per day. Overflow parking is in the front of and behind the store, at bathhouse #3, and at the pickleball courts. Please only park in the gravel areas of the campsite. Parking anywhere on the grass is prohibited and will incur a $25 per day fee.

Speed Limit Policy:
We have a speed limit of 10 MPH that is STRICTLY enforced.
Upon the second occurrence of this violation, you will be asked to leave without a refund.

Personal Golf Carts:
Personal golf carts are welcome.  You must tell us that you are bringing your personal golf cart when you check in. We will need proof of insurance. You must have a valid driver's license to drive the golf cart inside the campground (i.e. No one under 16 is allowed to drive the golf cart on campground properties)..There is a $250 fine for allowing anyone without a driver license to drive your personal golf cart.

Deer Run Golf Carts:
Before renting a golf cart from Deer Run, you MUST sign our golf cart rental agreement. Please note: No one under the age of 16 or anyone without a valid driver's license may drive our golf carts at anytime. Violation of this agreement will incur a $250 fine. This is for safety of everyone within the Deer Run Park boundaries. Golf carts cannot leave campground property.

Pool Hours:
The pool is open from Memorial Day weekend – Labor Day Weekend
The hours of operation are from 10:00 A.M. – 8:00 P.M. Central Time.