Terms of Service

Drifters RV Park

9110 Untreiner Ave.
Pensacola Florida 32534
(850) 484-2488 https://driftersrvpark.business.site
Email: info@drifterrvpark.com
Welcome to Drifters RV Park. We are glad you are here!
Please take the time to read our “Do’s and Don'ts of Happy Camping!

●  No parking at empty sites. DO NOT PARK ON THE GRASS!  Park only on gravel or brick. If you do not fit, you will need to find parking for that elsewhere.

●  All overnight visitors must register at the office. Anyone staying longer than two days will be subject to $7.00 fee pp/pd.

●  All Guests and visitors of guests, must conduct themselves in a respectable manner and treat others respectfully or you will be asked to

leave. ANY show of violence will be immediate termination and NO REFUNDS!

●  All vehicles must be in running condition, licensed and registered with the Office. Limit 2 vehicles per site.

●  Speed limit throughout the park is 5 MPH at ALL times. (1)= Warning, (2)= You will park at the office, (3)= you will camp elsewhere.

●  Check out time is 11:00 A.M. and all fees must be paid in full prior to leaving the park.   check in 1:00 P.M.. No check ins after dark.

●  Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times and NOT LEFT unattended. We require proof of current vaccines.

●  Guests are responsible for any claim, loss or damage caused by Guests, their visitors or their pet(s).

●  Owner, at any time, may request a pet be removed from the Property or the Campground.

●  Pick up after your pets in a bag and dispose of it in the dumpster! DO NOT let your pets wander in your neighbors yards

●  Garbage must be bagged and placed in the dumpster, there is no pick up on site. Please do not dispose of large items in the dumpster, only


●  Please keep your campsite clean and uncluttered. Storing things under your RV will bring unwanted critters.

●  Make sure to keep personal items out of the way of lawn mowing. Owners not responsible for any damages of anything left in the way.

●  No hot coals placed on property or in the dumpster. No Open burning.

●  Please be courteous of noise levels before 9AM and after 9PM

●  Septic Donuts are required per Florida State Law. Under NO circumstances is dumping of black water anywhere on the property except for

the dump station acceptable.

●  DO NOT dispose of or flush condoms, sanitary items, flushable wipes, paper towels, cooking oil, food, anti-freeze, or other harmful items

through the septic system. This includes in your unit, rest rooms, showers, and laundry drains.

●  Please be courteous when using Bath House and Laundry; Clean up after use, clean lint traps after every cycle, remove personal items and

turn off lights when not in use. Do not prop the door open. No Smoking in the laundry area or bath house.

●  Children must be under parental supervision at all times.

●  No use of Firearms or Fireworks on the Property or in the Campground.

●  Illegal drugs and/or drug activity are not allowed on the Property, violation is grounds for immediate expulsion from the park. NO REFUNDS

●  In the event of a Hurricane or other disaster you are required to follow all evacuation notices. If you should choose NOT to evacuate, you

do so at your own risk. Drifters RV Park its owners, management and staff are not liable for you or any loss you incur.

●  No sexual predators/offenders or registered felons are not allowed to reside in this Rv park. Tenants/renters are considered transient

campers and not permanent residents.

●  This property is privately owned. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. Drifters RV Park, it’s owners, employees and affiliates

will not be responsible for any accidents, injuries, damages, loss of money, or valuables of any kind to our guests or their visitors.

●  Violations of rules may result in immediate eviction without warning or refund. As a renter I understand that I am considered transient rental

and can be ejected for violations of rules.

●  Drifters reserve the right to refuse accommodations to anyone who does not comply with our rules.

●  WIFI is mild internet use PLEASE DO NOT STREAM it slows everyone in the park down.

●  Understand if you choose to stay longer than your prepaid time, you MUST arrange this with the office.

●  Cancellations made within1 week of the expected departure date will not be refunded.

* By signing this document I attest to not being a sex offender, and agree to abide by all rules and regulations and hold harmless Drifters RV Park; its owners, management and staff from any and all liabilities.

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Bathhouse code: 7117 WiFi: Drifter Repeater Password: Driftersrvpark9110

Hopefully you enjoy your stay, if so would love a review from you https://driftersrvpark.business.site