Terms of Service


  • One week minimum stay (Sat. to Sat.) from 4th Saturday in June until 3rd Saturday in August can be booked in advance of arrival
  • date. 3 day minimum stay required during Memorial & Labor Day weekend
  • Stays of less than a week, or dates other than stated above, can be booked 3 days before arrival date by calling reservation
  • office at 207-585-2200
  • All reservations require a 50% deposit for the first week and $30 for each additional week booked
  • There are no refunds of deposits if you cancel within 3 weeks of your arrive date
  • Check-in time is 1:30pm and check-out is 11am.
  • The balance of your reservation is due upon arrival
  • Each site is allowed 2 car stickers per site. Cars that cannot fit on your site need to be in parking field.
  • Cars that cannot fit on your site, must be parked in the parking lot
  • Vacant campsites and pathways are not to be used for parking.
  • No transferring of car stickers to any car(s) not registered to Camper



  • Your rate includes 2 related adults and DEPENDENT children. All others are subject to Guest Fees
  • Quiet time is from 10pm to 7am. No loud talking, laughing or music during this time. Any noise that could wake up your
  • neighbors should be stopped. Violators will be asked to leave the Campground immediately.
  • Your guests and children are not allowed to be on your site without you present. YOU are responsible for the behavior of your
  • family and guests
  • All overnight guests must be registered before 8pm and paid for prior to arrival or they’ll be turned away. Overnight guests
  • can park on your site if room, otherwise their car should be in the parking field.
  • All day guests must pay the picnic rate and leave campground by 9pm. Day guests can park on your site if room, otherwise
  • their car should be in the parking field
  • All children (including teenagers) must be back on their site by 10pm.
  • No sewage or waste (gray) water is to be dumped on the grounds. Dumping stations are available or for gray water you can
  • use the sinks outside the Bathhouses.
  • All children under the age of 11 must be accompanied by an adult when using the public restrooms.
  • No camping or campfires are allowed on the beach
  • No bonfires at any time. All campfires must be contained in fire pits and not left unattended. No burning of any trash.
  • No bicycling after 8:30pm. ATV’s are allowed only to dump honey pots. Motorcycles are allowed to enter or exit the
  • campground, no joyriding. All Maine motoring rules apply while on the campground. Speed limit is 5mph
  • Belligerent or drunken behavior will not be tolerated. No smoking on the Beach
  • No cutting through campsites, use designated paths. All campers must comply with posted signs
  • No camper or their guest can bring firearms, weapons, fireworks or drugs to the campground
  • No swimming after 8:30pm 



  • Campsites are allowed one camper trailer, plus one tent or two tents if no trailer
  • Your guests cannot bring their own camping equipment but must use your camping equipment
  • No washing of campers, cars, motorcycles and boats are allowed on your site.
  • No leaving A/C on while you are not here. This will result in your electricity being cut off.
  • You cannot cut any trees or bushes on or around your site
  • Adapters: our sites require an electrical adapter available in Canteen with $25 refundable deposit



  • A copy of dog’s current license and shots must be on file in Canteen. Dogs must have ID on collar
  • In 2016 all dog owners must provide a picture of their dog with name and site # on back of photo
  • The entire Campground is a “poop-free” zone and owners must pick up all excrement immediately
  • Excessive dog barking will result in a warning and if it continues, you’ll be asked to leave
  • Dogs must be on leash while on the Campground including when on your site unless they are caged
  • Anyone walking a dog, must be able to control the dog at all times and follow all the rules
  • Pet owners release Dummer’s Beach from any liability and accept full responsibility for their dogs



  • All boat owners must provide their own mooring with your name on the mooring
  • Boats must be securely moored as to withstand the winds and not drift into another boat
  • Boat trailers need to be stored in the field area (ask Canteen to unlock)
  • All boat owners and their passengers must abide by all Maine boating laws
  • All boat owners release Dummer’s Beach from any liability resulting from boating accident
  • Dummer’s Beach does not charge to moor your boat and it not responsible for accidents on the water


  • Not obeying 5mph speed limit and jeopardizing children’s lives
  • Fighting on the Campground or threatening any camper, guests or staff
  • Vandalism by Camper, Camper’s children or Camper’s guests
  • Ignoring any request by Campground Security or Staff
  • Drunk and belligerent behavior of Camper, children or guests
  • Sneaking on unregistered guests


These rules are not all-inclusive. Campers must also use common sense. If Camper needs clarification of rules or does not see a rule listed, please come to the Canteen and schedule a meeting with Management to discuss the issue.