Terms of Service



Check-In Time: 2pm CST
Check-Out Time: 12pm CST
Quiet hours are as posted: (Sun-Thurs) 10pm – 8am (Fri-Sat) 11pm – 8am
Pool hours posted as follows: 9am – 6pm. Children under the age of 14 must have adult supervision at all times.


No storage of any kind is allowed outside of your vehicle. A limited amount of leisure furniture is allowed on-site based on management discretion.


Vehicles must be parked on your site with a max of 2 vehicles. Additional parking available with fee.


Only one camping unit per site.

Up to 6 adults allowed per site.


Burning garbage is not permitted. Please dispose of cigarette butts properly.

TN State law prohibits the draining of any type of liquid into the ground.


Small campfires are allowed as long as they fit in the campfire ring on your site. Firewood may not be brought into the facility due to Army Core of Engineers law.

Please do not cut, carve or deface trees in any way.


Parents are responsible for the behavior and welfare of their children.

Parents must supervise children using campground facilities at all times.


The use of motorbikes, ATVs, firearms, bb guns, airsoft, paintball, or fireworks are prohibited.


TN State Law requires alcoholic beverages must be consumed within the confines of your campsite.


Vehicle washing and repairs are prohibited on-site.


Pets are welcome as long as you comply with the below regulations:

Leashed at all times
Never left unattended at campsite
Pet waste is disposed of
Owner assumes responsibility for pet’s actions


Management reserves the right to discharge any person(s), without refund, for failure to abide by the rules or for objectionable behavior.


Management assumes no responsibility for accidents, injuries, or losses incurred for any cause to guests or visitors.


1. No person shall be allowed at the Resort without prior approval of Lessor for each visit; each showing evidence of adequate General Liability and Workmen’s Comprehensive Insurance coverage. No RV shall be repaired, or cleaned with non-approved chemicals. No repair work or professional RV cleaning is to be done on-site unless approved by lessor and vendor name and contact information is provided.

2. No yard art, wooden stairs, underpinning, or lattice work, pop-up sun shelters or tents permitted. A limited amount of travel/leisure furniture is allowed on-site and is based on management discretion.

3. No large propane tanks stored outside of RV. Please Initial

4. RV’s and vehicles must be in kept in good working condition with NO LEAKS of any kind. RV’s may be prohibited from entering the Resort if found to be in non-compliance of, mechanical, health, or safety codes.

5. Pets must always be attended to and leashed. You must clean up after your pet anywhere on the premises. Pets may be prohibited as necessary. Copy of current vaccinations must be kept on file in the office. No more than 2 pets allowed per campsite without Lessor permission.  

6. Lessees and their guests shall not engage in any disorderly behavior including, but not limited to profane language, slander, liable, harassment of employees or guests, disturbing the peace; and will not create excessive noise within the resort at any time.

7. At no point in time shall lessee receive any kind of monetary reparations for allowing guests to stay at Elm Hill RV Resort.

8. Guests outside of immediate family that are on resort property must check-in and be registered with the office if they are not accompanied by you.

9. A state of general quietness shall be observed between the hours of 10:00pm and 8:00am (SundayThursday) & 11:00pm and 8am (Friday-Saturday). 


• Sewer connections are provided for all RV’s at every site. There are no dump stations. It is contrary to local, State, and Federal laws to discharge any chemical, household gray water, or sanitary waste (treated or untreated) anywhere except into the approved sewer system. Lessee agrees to abide by, and have his RV adhere to, all Federal, State, local, TWRA, TVA, and Corp of Engineers laws, regulations, rules, statutes, regulations and requirements. Lessor shall have the right, but not the obligation, to inspect all RV’s at the Resort to determine compliance with the above requirements or RV’s mechanical status. Lessee agrees to remove his RV immediately from the Resort at his own expense, if found by Lessor to be in violation of any of the above laws, or otherwise in an unsafe, non-drivable condition and to indemnify Lessor for any liability or fines incurred because of such violations. All sewer connections must have a sewer ring and support for the sewer hose to allow proper gravity drainage.

• Site assignment or parking arrangements may change remaining the prerogative of the Lessor throughout term of this lease, for safety and the overall efficiency of operation; However we will attempt to accommodate Lessee’s desires when possible. Overnight parking of extra vehicle at Resort requires notification to, and written permission of, Lessor. Unidentified, unauthorized or mis parked vehicles will be subject to surcharge or towing at the vehicle Owners expense. Parking Pass required. Park only in your assigned space and please stay off the grass.

• RV’s and vehicles must be in kept in good working condition with NO LEAKS of any kind. RV’s may be prohibited from entering the Resort if found to be in non-compliance of, mechanical, health, or safety codes. RVs and Vehicles found in violation may be removed

• In the event a mechanical defect or emergency places the property of the lessee or any other lessee’s property in danger, lessee grants Lessor the right, but not the responsibility, to take such action as Lessor, in its sole discretion, deems necessary to safeguard any property located within the Resort. Lessee agrees to pay Lessor for any and all reasonable expenses, which Lessor incurred on behalf of lessee. Lessee MUST be able to move own RV out of the resort within 24- hour notice and immediately during emergencies

• Lessee shall pay as additional rent, any separately metered electrical service. Surcharges may be charged for certain services, utilities, or multi-vehicle parking at discretion of Lessor.

• Waste receptacle is for tenant’s normal household type garbage only.

• Only one (1) RV and (2) vehicle(s) shall reside in designated site unless otherwise approved by Lessor for an extra charge. Lessee shall not modify or add to site in any manner without written consent from Lessor.

• Do not park in any other site but your own or you will be subject to towing.

• Must be at least 16 years old to drive Golf Carts and all carts must have headlights to be driven at night.

• Within the harbor limits no skiing, or diving allowed

• Fireworks are not permitted and shall not be displayed or discharged at the Resort.

• The opening or discharge within the Resort of any regulated materials, paints, thinners, solvents, waste, sewage, or petroleum products of any type or in any amount, and all other activity negatively impacting water quality is prohibited!

• No “For sale” signs, advertising, soliciting, business operation will be allowed on Resort property except by lessor approval. For security reasons, known Brokers or RV owner shall accompany any prospective purchaser in Resort to view RV.

• In the event of any breach of this agreement by lessee, lessee agrees to pay for any and all legal costs, including attorney fees, for Lessor to collect money due from lease. Also, the lessee agrees to pay any and all reasonable expenses itemized by the Lessor, as a result of damage or injury to any property or personnel of the Lessor, and other individuals on or about the Lessor’s premises for which the Lessor might be liable, including any and all reasonable investigation and legal expense incurred by the Lessor as a result of lessee’s or it’s guests activities; and to pay attorney fees incurred by the lessee’s refusal to pay such itemized expenses after written demand by the Lessor.

• If RV or camper is more than 10 years old, a visual inspection is required from a manager to be allowed into the park. If unable to pass visual inspection, resort has the authority to deny access to any individual.

• No lessee shall have anyone outside the immediate family on property without lessee escort; nor, shall at any point in time lessee receive any kind of monetary reparations for allowing guests to stay at Elm Hill RV Resort. Violation of this rule is immediate dismissal.

• These policies and conditions may be amended from time to time as deemed desirable by the Lessor; or as necessary for compliance with pertinent laws, regulations, ordinances; or the safe and efficient operation of the Resort. It is our desire to allow you the most safe and pleasurable experience possible at Elm Hill RV Resort. Please send all remittances and correspondence to the address below.