Terms of Service

Check in: 1pm-5pm                      Check out: 12pm


•Rates are for up to 4 occupants; 8 max per RV site and 1 vehicle. $5 per day for the second vehicle, $15 per day for the third vehicle; 3 max per site; all additional vehicles will be parked in overflow. 2 visitors allowed per site at $10 per person per day; must check in with office before going to the campsite. Wristbands are enforced and must be visible from the ankle or wrist at all times. Car passes are enforced and must easily visible underneath the rearview mirror throughout the duration of your stay. 

•Sites are for 1 RV only and 1 vehicle only.  No tent camping allowed.  

•Guests are expected to inform their visitors that they are required to register with the office and pay all fees upfront. Should guests’ visitors fail to register and/or pay fees, EL Rods on the Frio will charge the card on file for site visiting. 

•Vehicles must be parked in reserved sites or designated overflow parking areas only; never park in empty sites. 2nd and 3rd vehicles need to always stay parked in the overflow lot.

•Campground, spring-fed pool, river access is reserved for registered guests of EL Rods on the Frio only. 

•Areas around your RV should be kept cleaned and free of debris/trash.

•No fireworks, hunting, shooting, burning, or ground campfires on any part of the property; this includes any area by the river. Fire pits (burn ban permitting) or BBQ pits are allowed for fires. Must use pre-cut firewood.

•Never destroy or cut trees and/or limbs for burning or otherwise.

•No water balloons, confetti, piñatas, or other celebratory litter.

______   Cigarette butts need to be disposed of properly and not left on the ground. $25 cleaning fee will be charged to guests even after check out.  

•Be respectful when playing music, no explicit music, or extreme volume.

•Texas law requires sewer hoses to be connected using a threaded connector or rubber donut; please make sure you comply.

•______ Garbage should only be household items during your stay and after your departure. $100 fee will be charged to guests for other debris found during or after your stay with EL Rods on the Frio.

•Public intoxication, profanity, or violence will not be tolerated. Please vacation responsibly. 

•NO ABOVE GROUND POOLS allowed on any part of EL Rods property this includes all campsites and cabins. No washing of vehicles or RVs on property. 

•Pets will be limited to 2 and must always be on a leash (8 ft max) or in a kennel when outside your RV or anywhere on campgrounds including the river.  Always clean up after your pet. NO aggressive pet allowed. Aggressiveness is at managements’ discretion. For the safety of every guest and visitor, all pets must always be supervised while on property. Please always be courteous of neighbors. 

•______   Speed limit will always be 5 mph on the property.  $25 fee for repeated violations.

•Quiet time is from 11pm – 8am. ALL minors require immediate adult supervision while on the property especially after sunset.

•Please help keep the grounds clean for everyone to enjoy. Do not litter, damage, or deface any areas of the property which include the natural springs and along the river.

•Swimming, entering and exiting the river, as well as jumping off “Big Rock”, is at everyone’s own risk. NO LIFEGUARD ON DUTY.

•We are not responsible for accidents, injuries that occur to any occupants, guests and/or visitors, lost or stolen property, or damage to your trailer.

•Please observe all NO TRESPASSING and PRIVATE PROPERTY SIGNS and NO glass containers in or around the river area.

•No trucks, cars, golf carts, or any vehicle are allowed down the river access or by the river. 

•Zero tolerance for erratic behavior and/or illegal activities.

•In the event you need security stop by the office and press the RING to contact onsite security personnel.

•No personal property is to be stored or left on the property after check-out and any abandoned personal property will be removed at the expense of the owners of said personal property. Sites are not available for permanent residence.

Photographs: Entrance to EL Rods on the Frio constitutes permission to photograph/film the visitor while on the premises and to use pictures for lawful purpose without credit or acknowledgement to visitors. 



A maximum of 2 dogs are allowed per RV site - no pets allowed in cabins; even for a short time; no exceptions.

The only animal that is allowed on resort property is a DOG. EL Rods on the Frio prohibits any other animals other than a dog. If your dog exhibits aggressive behavior towards other guests/staff/visitors, you agree to remove the dog from the premises. Resort management will make the final decision as to what constitutes as “aggressive behavior,” and you agree to follow management’s decision.

We require that your pet has received, and is current with all required shots and immunizations.

We require you to use dog waste pick up bags and dispose of waste in the outdoor garbage receptacles.

We require that you keep your dog with you or a designated individual on its leash or in its kennel at all times.

We require that you will not leave your dog unattended at your RV site or anywhere on propety at any time.

We require you to pay a NON-REFUNDABLE $75 fee per animal, per night, if violating our pet policy and/or by bringing any animal other than a dog. ​This fee will be added to your bill and charged to the card on file.

We require you to keep your dog on a leash no longer than 8ft while at the river and at all times while on resort property.

We require you to accept FULL responsibility for any and all damages/harm and/or unusual degree of soiling caused by your pet during your stay. EL Rods on the Frio accepts no responsibility for any pet or pet owner that does not follow the items listed on this waiver.

In reguards to the cabin, we require the pet owner to pay any additional cleaning and/or repair bills, should they be required. Furthermore, pet owner authorizes EL Rods on the Frio to charge their credit card for such damages even if these damages are discovered following the guests' departure. This includes, but is NOT limited to, odors, stains, excessive hair and flea treatment.

We ask for you to prevent noise and/or any other disturbances by your dog in consideration for other resort guests.

We require that, should your dog create any disturbances, which cause other guests/staff/visitors to complain to the resort personnel, at the request of EL Rods on the Frio, you shall immediately make arrangements to house your pet else where outside the resort or leave the property without reimbursement.

Violation of rules will lead to immediate removal from the property without any refund.

Rules are subject to change with/without prior notice as property owners see needed.

CAMPING IS AN OUTDOOR EXPERIENCE: We do not give refunds due to the discomfort or dissatisfaction of nature. The guest assumes all risks and dangers incidental to the activity of camping in a rustic outdoor environment including (but not exclusively), the danger of being injured by an insect or an animal, or being injured while participating in recreational activities such as biking, swimming, inflatables, playing in the playgrounds, jumping in the zone, or any other activity at EL Rods on the Frio or being injuring as a result of inclement weather conditions, agrees that EL Rods on the Frio and it’s owners, agents and employees are not liable for injuries or property damage resulting from such causes. 

EL Rods on the Frio is not responsible for any potential exposure to Novel Coronavirus, or COVID-19, while on property or interaction with their employees, volunteers, or the organization throughout my stay. I understand that there is no direct medical health coverage afforded to me during my stay with EL Rods on the Frio or thereafter. I further understand that I am responsible for my compliance with local and state ordinances during my stay. 


By continuing to register as a guest; the registration shall include all persons occupying the site from Eric and Lisa Rodriguez and EL Rods on the Frio, LLC. 

GUEST agrees to protect, indemnify, save and hold Eric and Lisa Rodriguez as well as EL Rods on the Frio; harmless, including its officers, agents and employees from and against all losses, costs and expenses and from and against all claims, demands, suits and actions for damages or from liability of whatever nature for any and all damage to personal or others property or for injury (including death) to any person/s, arising or in any way growing out of our visit to the property owned or managed by Eric and Lisa Rodriguez. This includes but is not limited to any use of river and/or any amenities or areas of the property.

With my signature, I agree to EL Rods on the Frio’s TERMS and CONDITIONS of Day Pass, RV, and/or CABIN SITE RENTAL as outlined above and furthermore authorize all charges on receipt. I also understand and accept any and all charges applied due to rule violations by my guests/visitors and/or myself.