Terms of Service

Evergreen Bay Resort
34243 Co Hwy 46
Park Rapids, MN 56470
Tel +218 732 4650
Mobile: 701 429 7536

Who we are

Evergreen Bay Resort is owned and operated by:
William (Bill) Williams
Office Location: 34243 Co Hwy 46 Park Rapids, MN  56470

Our website address is: https://evergreenbayresort.com
We can be reached at: info@evergreenbayresort.com
cell Phone: 701 429 7536


No smoking is allowed in any of the cabins or common areas gathering areas of the resort.  If smoking occurs in any of the cabins or in common area, guests agree to pay excessive cleaning charge and may be asked to leave the property. 

Cabins & Supplies

Your home away from home, our cabins are clean, comfortable, housekeeping cabins.  Cabins are fully furnished.  All bed sheets are provided as we can disinfect according to CDC guidelines.

Kitchens all have a stove, refrigerator, microwave, electric coffee pot, toaster, pots and pans, dishes, silverware, glassware… everything you need to boil water or cook a full meal. Each cabin is also equipped with a gas grill that uses the one pound propane tanks.  We sell the tanks at the resort or you may choose to bring your own. If you use a grill it is your responsibility to clean the grill after use.

NO bath towels, condiments, or soaps (except for dishwasher soap) are provided. GUESTS SHOULD bring their own.

Your cabin is provided with cleaning supplies, trash bags, a broom and vacuum.  Guest are be responsible for your own cleaning during your stay (washing and shelving dishes, making beds,etc, vacuuming, removing trash, etc). You are not required to clean the cabin upon check-out, WITH THE EXCEPTION OF cleaning and shelving dishes, removing bedding,  and bagging & disposal of your trash/garbage.

Cabin Rental Pricing

All rates are published online and taxes and lodging fees are NOT included in rates.

50% Deposits is required to hold a reservation.  Balance including Taxes are due on or before Check-In.
Cabin pricing is based on length of stay, size of cabins and number of guests.

Deposit policy

A deposit of 50% is required to reserve a cabin.

Cancellation policy

Before February 1st: Your deposit will be refunded less a $50 rebooking fee per cabin.

After February 1st: Your deposit will be refunded when, and only if, your cabin has been filled with a new reservation, less a $50 rebooking fee.

Discount opportunities

Guest will qualify for a 10% discount off their cabin rental rates if:

·         Week stay reservations and deposits are made before January 1st, and/or

·         3 or more cabins are reserved, and deposits are made for week long stays, and/or

·         Cabin is rented for 2 or more consecutive weeks.

Max discount will be 10%.

Damage Policy

Normal wear and tear damages are to be expected at the resort, however we ask that guest inform staff about any and all damages can be addressed.  It is expected for guest to be responsible for any property they damage.  This include property in the cabins and the share items at the resort.  Please immediate inform staff when/if items are damaged.  Guest will be required to repair/replace property they damage due to neglect, in appropriate use or by accident.  In addition failure to keep up with housekeeping in the cabin or causing excessive spills, stains or damage to carpet, equipment or furniture will result guest being responsible for repairs or cleaning.  If cabin are left in severe disarray (ie trash/food spilled, stained or excessive soil, mud or sand  not removed/cleaned/vacuumed)  guests will be charged  a minimum $200 excessive cleaning charge. 

Pet Policy

Dogs only MAY be allowed at Evergreen Bay Resort with prior permission.  Call for to  All Pets must be vaccinated (Recent proof may be required).  If pet is approved there may be a damage deposit of up to $500 required that will be held in case of damage that will be returned if there is no impact to the resort.

Dog – $25.00dog/day and Owner will be required to pay for all damages to property caused by pet:

If any one or more of the following rules are not followed you agree to forfeit the pet damage deposit and if understand that may be asked to kennel your dog and/or leave the resort.  No refunds will be provided if you are asked to leave the resort.

  • ·         You must clean up after you dog and vacuum each day,
  • ·         Dogs must be current on vaccinations, well-mannered and house trained,
  • ·         Dogs must NEVER be unattended,
  • ·         Dogs must be on a leash at all times & under control (that includes at your cabin, shorelines, docks, etc.).
  • ·         Dogs must stay in the cabin they are registered to,
  • ·         You MUST clean up after your pet – Dog droppings MUST be picked up and disposed of properly.
  • ·         No dogs on beach or in swim area, or other common areas,
  • ·         Dog MUST be kept off furniture and bedding,
  • ·         You are responsible for any damage by your dogs. 

At all time pets must under control and when outside of your cabin. They must also be properly picked up after, attended to by an adult at all times, kept outside of common buildings, beach area, and common areas, excluding the 60+ acres of trails.  They may be walked in areas away from landscaping, grass, and other cabins.  Pets are not allowed to be left unattended INSIDE our cabin unless placed into a kennel.

Disruptive Pets, (ie aggressive to others, barking/howling dogs) are not allowed at any time. Animal control may be called to pick up the pet. If your pet is considered to be a threat, you may be asked to leave.  Lodging fees will NOT be return to patrons requested to leave the resort.

Charges and Store “Tab” Policy

Guests will be asked to present a credit card upon check in which will be held for any charges incurred during the stay including but not limited to items purchased at our lodge store, unpaid balance, pet deposit and damage charges 

Resort Rules

The following are rules that we ask all Guests to observe and wabide by them.

  • No guest motor vehicles or boats/trailers are permitted to park near the cabins, or other resort buildings. Motor vehicles may unload or load near cabin but must remain on designated roads and/or in designated parking areas.
  • Evergreen Bay resort is a NO SMOKING facility. No smoking is allowed in any cabin, lodge, building or structure or at any outdoor public meeting area of resort (beach, picnic area, game area, trails etc.)  Smoking is allowed off resort property and in the one outdoor designated smoking area to the west of the main resort garage.
  • Grilling is allowed near each cabin but at least 10 feet from any building/structure. NEVER grill on any deck.
  • Fires pits are located near the game/picnic area and near the beach and may be used by guest.  No horse play allowed near any fire pit. Fires must be kept within the confines of the pit.
  • Portable fire pits may be rented from resort and must remain in the location they are set by Evergreen Bay personnel.  Fires must be kept within the confines of the pit.
  • ONLY wood from Evergreen Bay may be burn in fire pits, No garbage, paper, garbage, gas/fuel etc may be burn in fire pits.
  • Warning: No lifeguard on duty! Guests and their guests swim at your own risk.
  • No running, jumping, or diving from the dock area.
  • No grilling on the beach or dock area.
  • No standing on the seats & tables at beach, common areas or at cabins.
  • No climbing on or hanging off any of the structures at the resort.
  • Do not crawl or climb on boats docked in slip areas.
  • Any damage to the equipment and/or buildings Etc. not from normal wear and tear will be the responsibility of the renter.
  • The lake swim area is closed to Guests at sunset each day.
  • No sunflower seeds, pistachios, peanuts or other foods that leave debris and waste may be eaten outside of cabins.
  • All area should be kept clean. Guest and their guest will keep area clear of clutter and garbage (cans, plates, bottles, fishing tackle, etc.).