Terms of Service

Frontier Trails Camp & Rental Rules

BEACH/RIVER – Our beaches are not supervised, and children are YOUR responsibility. The river is deep and flows fast at certain times of the year. Parents or guardian must supervise children under 16 years of age We recommend life jackets for anyone who is not a strong swimmer. No pushing or boisterous play is allowed. Smoking or alcohol is not permitted in the beach area. 

REFUND POLICY – There are NO REFUNDS after arrival. Rates subject to change without notice Payment due in full upon booking. Deposit refunded less $25 handling fee if canceled 30 days prior to arrival & No refund if canceled within 30days. To reserve a rental unit (cottage/trailer), the person booking must be the one who calls in and use a valid credit card to hold the site. Minimum 1-night stay or 3 nights long weekends or 1 week July & Aug!

Checkout & Check in: time is 11:00 am. If you wish to stay beyond this time, and the site is not otherwise reserved, an additional fee for overtime will be charged. Check-in time is 4p.m. for trailers, cabin rentals & 12pm for camping sites!

It is against Provincial law to walk around the campground with any alcohol. Alcohol consumption & smoking & vaping must be confined to your campsite. No glass containers anywhere. Drink responsibly. You are responsible for taking reasonable precautions to prevent second-hand smoke from bothering other campers throughout the park and on your site. NO smoking anything in the rentals at anytime.

No person under 25 years of age is allowed to camp in the park without adult supervision. (Up to discretion of Management). Children under 7 years of age are to be always accompanied by an adult in the campground. Youth under 17 years of age must be on an adult supervised site by 10:00pm.

VISITORS: Day guests / visitors must check in at the office before 8:00pm, pay the visitor's fee of $5 and depart the park by 10:00pm the same day. Additional charges apply, should they stay overnight. All guests not checked into the office are trespassing! You are responsible for your visitors. All visitors must report to the office, pay a small fee and all visitors must check out by 10pm, or purchase an overnight pass.

CAMPFIRES – Firewood can be purchased in the office. Do not move your campfire pit. Douse your fire during periods of high wind or when retiring for the night. No outside firewood allowed.  Do not leave any garbage in the campfire pit. No cutting, damaging or removing any branches or trees allowed. Do not damage any property. You will be held fully responsible for all damages. One picnic table and fire ring per site only.

Garbage: Ensure garbage is securely tied into bags and deposited into the dumpster, as garbage attracts animals.

ATV/UTVS’s – Riding around the park is not permitted BOAT TRAILERS – To be stored in designated areas only. GENERATORS – Use of generators is only allowed in designated areas. No Fireworks or Firearms. No Chinese Lanterns. You will be asked to leave the park.

Quiet Time: Please respect your neighbors and refrain walking, on their site. Keep the noise down. 11:00 pm to 8:00 am & please respect sleeping children after 9pm. No loud music or bright lights at any time. Anyone causing a disturbance will be removed from the campground. Treat the park with respect. Keep your site clean! Maintain your site's appearance as it was upon your arrival or better.

SPEED LIMIT – The speed is 10km/hr in the park.  PLEASE DRIVE SLOWLY AT ALL TIMES!  If you are reported speeding through out the park, you will either be asked to leave or park your car in the front parking lot by the office for the remainder of your stay. Please park your vehicle on your campsite only. Visitors who do not fit on your site are required to park in visitor parking.

THANKS SO MUCH: These rules help make everyone’s stay more enjoyable!