Terms of Service

Indemnification and Hold Harmless

This contract limits our liability. Renter leave vehicle at own risk. This agreement licenses the holder to park one (1) RV and one (1) accompanying vehicle in this area. The Garden City RV Park, LLC hereby declares it is not responsible for fire, theft, damage or loss of any article left in the same. Only a license is granted hereby, and no bailment is created. Renter will indemnify, hold harmless and assume defense of, in any action law or equity, the Garden City RV Park, LLC, the County of Finney, the State of Kansas, and each agency's offices, employees, agent and elective and appointed boards, from all claims, losses, damages, including property damages, personal injury, including death, and liability of every kind, nature and description, directly or indirectly arising from the operations of Renter or any persons directly or indirectly acting as agent for Renter, but not including the sole negligence or willful misconduct of Garden City RV Park, LLC. This indemnification shall extend to claims, losses, damages, injury and liability for injuries occurring after completion of the services rendered pursuant to this Agreement as well as during the progress of rendering such services. Acceptance of proof of insurance documentation required under this Agreement does not relieve Renter from liability under this indemnification and hold harmless clause. This indemnification and hold harmless clause shall apply to all damages of every kind suffered, by any reason of any Renter’s operations regardless of wether or not such insurance policies shall have been determined to be applicable to any of such damages or claims for damages.

Garden City RV Park, LLC Use Rules

1.      Authorized vehicles only. Parking on an RV property is restricted. Unauthorized vehicles are subject to being cited and/or towed at the owner’s expense. All applicable Federal, State and Local laws are enforced on this property.

2.      RV Space Rental Fee is payable in advance when reserving a space, or on demand after arrival, if no reservation has been made.

3.      Check-In Time is 1:00PM. Check-Out Time is no later than 12:00PM. Special arrangements for after hours arrival or departure must be made in advance.

4.      Pets are permitted with the following Permitted Restrictions:

          A.     Pets may disturb others with excessive barking or howling.

          B.     Pets may contained in appropriate pens outside the RV or Vehicle. They may not be tied outside at any time.

          C.      Pets may not be left unattended at any time inside the RV or vehicle.

          D.     Pets must always be under the control of the owner. When walking pets, please keep them on a leash ad clean up after them.

5.      Renter must maintain proof of current vehicle registration and insurance during stay.

6.      RV and accompanying vehicle must be clean, well maintained, operable and movable at all times. Sewer (Black and Grey Water) valves, hoses and connections must be in good working order with no leaks. No repair work, maintenance work or vehicle washing is allowed at any time.

7.      Vehicle accompanying RV must be parked within the assigned space. There can be no more than one additional vehicle per space (ie, towing vehicle or towed vehicle).

8.      Personal Property outside of RV must be kept within the perimeter of the assigned site. No clothes lines allowed at any time.

9.      Tent Camping is not permitted unless accompanying an RV staying in the park. Tent accompanying RV must be erected within the perimeter of the accompanying RV’s assigned space.

10.   Open fire is not permitted. Use of propane fueled BBQs is permitted.

11.   Place trash in the provided trash receptacles. No excessive trash dumping of any kind is permitted unless authorized by Garden City RV Park, LLC Management.

12.   Black and grey water must be drained into sewer at assigned site or the designated dump site. No black or grey water may be discharged on the ground at any time.

13.   Speed Limit: Please observe the speed limit of no more than 5 MPH.

14.   Children: We want children to be safe and have a good time, but always under the watchful eye of a parent/guardian. Please use good judgement if you decide to leave you children at the park when you are gone. We are not responsible for their safety of welfare You are liable for their behavior.

15.   Quiet Time runs from 9:00PM – 7:00AM

16.   Exceptions to these rules may be made at the sole discretion of Garden City RV Park, LLC Management.

17.   Failure to abide by these rules may result in expulsion from the grounds and forfeiture of rental fees.

18.   In Case of Emergency Dial 911. For Office Garden City RV Park Management Dial (620) 204-5661.

Please sign and date to acknowledge that you have read, understood and agree to the provisions stated in the in the Indemnification and Hold Harmless paragraph above. Your signature also acknowledges that you have been provided with copy of the Garden City EV Park, LLC Use Rules and that you understand and agree to abide by these rules.