Terms of Service

1. There are NO REFUNDS once a reservation is placed or for early check-outs, as we reserve a site for you for the period indicated and turn away other business.

2. Pets outside of the RV must remain on the leash at all times. No vicious pets, or pets that scare other guests, employees, or owners. No pets are allowed inside the cabins or The Grand Lodge at anytime.  

3. No loud music or partying that would disturb other guests.  Quiet time is 10pm-6am.  Gavel Falls Campground reserves the right to eject any Customer at anytime without notice in the event that the Customer or their guests disturbs other customers,  causes problems, or violates any of the campground rules.  This is a high-class campground and we intend to keep it that way.

4. Burning of firewood must be done inside the fire ring, fire pit or grill at all times.

5. RV sites and Cabin Sites must remain neat and clean at all times.  No storage of any kind outside the RV.  Storage units are available for $50 per month if needed.

6. Check-Out time is 11:00AM.

7. Trash dumpster is located near the front office for guests to deposit their bagged trash in. All other trash may be taken to the public dumpster site less than 1 mile south of us on Highway 1, free of charge.

8. Coin Operated Washateria is located in Building D (Auction Building).

9. If Customer wishes to extend the stay, they must check with office for availability. 

10. There is a 3% surcharge for using a credit or debit card.

11. Only two (2) adult persons per RV campsite allowed overnight.  Any additional adult guest will require a guest pass at $10 per night.  Each cabin or lodge has occupancy regulations and absolutly no additonal guests will be allowed without prior written permission and fees collected by Campground Management. 

12. All vehicles must park on the concrete area of RV site only.  No parking on grass.

13.  Customer assumes all risk associated with grass mowing, lawncare, and maintenance, and releases Gavel Falls Campground, LLC, it's owners, employees, agents, and other guests from any liability caused by flying rocks, debris, projectitles, etc. that may result in property damage to the Customer's RV, vehicles, etc, and will hold harmless and idemnitfy Gavel Falls Campground, it's owners, employees, agents, and other guests from any liability, whether the result of negligence or otherwise.  Furthermore, Customer assumes all risks for any and all damages caused by the use of an electronic gate, and releases Gavel Falls Campground, LLC, it's owners, employee's, agents, and other guests from any liability caused by the operation of the electronic gate.  

14. Do not flush sanitary napkins down the toilet.  The cabins are connected to a sewer system with a pump, so tampons and napkins clog up the sewer and will cause sewer to backup in the cabins.  Do not use RV tank sanitizers in the RV toilets as this tends to kill the good bacteria and could cause the sewer systems to stink.  In fact, pouring buttermilk or old milk down your drain will help the sewer system to work even better.

15.  In the event of an emergency, dial 911.  This area is serviced by the Caddo Parish Sheriff’s Office, which can be reached by calling (318) 675-2170.

16. No washing of vehicles or RV’s on the property. A carwash is down the road.

17. For monthly campground renters, the customer will receive 500 kilowatt hours of electricity which is included in their lot rent, then they will owe Gavel Falls Campground 12 cents per kilowatt hour for any overage above 500 kilowatt hours.  We read the meters around the 1st of month.

18. Late Fees:  Late fees will be assessed at $25 for the first day, plus $10 for each additional day after the due date.   Late fees begin two days after the due date. 

19. Utilities will be disconnected after 3 days late on monthly lots and after 1 day on daily or weekly lots.

20. If a camper has not paid by the 4th day after the due date, the RV will be removed by a towing company and transported to the towing company’s facility at the Customer’s expense in order to make room for paying customers. Customer assumes all fees, including towing and storage.

21. Mailbox keys can be obtained from the office for a deposit of $20 cash. Once the key is returned, the deposit is refunded.  UPS and FEDEX packages are taken to the campsite by the carrier.  We do not accept packages at the office.

22. In the event of freeze it is the responsibility of Customer to turn off the water hydrant and disconnect hose to prevent freeze and breakage of hydrant.  There is a $150 replacement/plumber fee due if Customer fails to perform this easy task.

23. No children under the age of 16 allowed within 150 feet of the ponds unless supervised by a parent or guardian.  Customer assumes all responsibility for their guests, including children, and agrees to be responsible for supervising them around ponds and on playground equipment and swings. The roads in the park are not playgrounds and children should not be allowed to play in the roads or driveways at any time. 

24. No golf carts allowed without liability insurance.  Proof of insurance must be provided to the office prior to use in the campground.  The insurance is generally cheap and can usually be purchased through your auto insurance carrier.

25. Hold Harmless & Indemnity Agreement:  Customer agrees to hold harmless and indemnify Gavel Falls Campground, LLC, it’s owners, employees, and agents of any and all liability due to property damage, injury, or death caused by negligence or otherwise arising from any claims by Customer or their occupants, or guests.  

26.  Customer assumes responsibility for all damages and injuries caused by the Customer or any of their guests, including property damage, loss of life, injuries, and any other liability.  

27.  Please note that we do not offer public bath houses or public restroom facilities.  RV campers must have restroom facilities in their RV's.

28.  Fishing is allowed on the stocked pond, however it is "catch and release" fishing only so that our campers can enjoy fishing for many years to come.  

29.  Bath houses are not available on the property, therefore only RV's with restroom facilities are allowed.

30.  No RV's older than 2005 models are allowed without a waiver from park management.

31.  The only pool on the property is at The Grand Lodge and is reserved for guests renting The Grand Lodge only. 

32.  The guest will receive a check-in email prior to the scheduled arrival date.  Once the guest checks in, they will receive an email confirmation email with the current gate code, the current wifi password and any codes needed to access cabins (for cabin guests).

33.  Customer authorizes Gavel Falls Campground, LLC to charge the Customer's credit card on file for any rental amounts due, any electric overages, or other incidentals without prior approval. 

34. Monthly RV Campsite customers may elect to reserve additional months past their initial monthly stay, however in the event that the Customer leaves early, there will be a $100 cancellation fee charged to the Customer's credit card on file.