Terms of Service

These rules will be strictly enforced with “Zero Tolerance”

"Our goal is to offer you a clean, fun, and safe atmosphere, please respect
us and all of our guests as you would want the same respect."

• No fighting or physical altercations of any kind. You WILL be handed over
to the proper authorities and removed from the park.

•  Theft of any kind will result in you being handed over to the proper authorities

and removed from the park.

•  NO underage drinking of alcohol, State Law requires you must be 21 years of age to consume alcoholic beverages.

•  Glass containers are NOT allowed at General Sam’s. Glass containers will be confiscated and returned at your departure.

•  Gathering of ground wood for campfires is allowed. Do not cut or destroy any trees or fences in or around General Sam’s.

•  DO NOT burn your trash. Please place all trash in the proper trash barrels located throughout the park.

•  Firearms are NOT allowed at General Sam’s.

•  Illegal drugs are not permitted at General Sam’s.

•  All patrons visiting General Sam’s are required to wear the wristband furnished upon entry. New wristbands can be purchased at the office if lost. If you are caught sneaking into the park, you will be banned from General Sam’s indefinitely.

•  5 MPH SPEED LIMIT in all camping areas is strictly enforced.

•  No reckless driving.

•  Dogs must always be on a leash, you are responsible for ALL your dog’s actions, please clean up their mess.

•  Keep loud music to a minimal in the campgrounds and cabin area after midnight please, respect your neighbor.​



General Sam’s Offroad Park Cabin Rental Incidentals

Thank you for renting a cabin at General Sam’s Offroad Park, we’re glad you’re here.  

Please carefully review the contents in the cabin that will coincide with the list below.  Any missing or damaged items will be charged to the credit card on file. 

Twin mattress - quantity 6 - $150.00 each

Queen mattress - quantity 2 - $225.00 each

Refrigerator/freezer - quantity 1 - $499.00 

Microwave - quantity 1 - $199.00

Space heater - quantity 1 - $99.00

Window A/C - quantity 1 - $599.00

Broom & dust pan set - quantity 1 - $15.00


Please consider this your weekend home away from home. Be safe and have fun!