Terms of Service

Genoa RV Park Rules and Policies

To ensure all visitors have a safe and enjoyable visit to the Genoa RV Parks
please review and follow our policies

The only discount we give are for returning customers.
We keep our rates low and consistent so everyone can enjoy a discount off corporate rates.

Site occupancy
To ensure the enjoyment of all our guests, our parks have established maximum occupant numbers for our 3 classes of sites
Full service RV Sites:  4 adults & 4 children max per RV
Tent sites:  4 persons max per text
  2 vehicles allowed per site
Month to Month occupancy residents will differ, call for details.

The Genoa RV Parks are private property.
Only registered RVs and persons are allowed on the property at ANY time.
It is the Parks responsibility to provide 24-hour security for its many customers through the season so no exceptions will be made to the rule. All guests must be registered or be in direct contact with the manager before entering the property

Weatherization for long Stays
Your RV must be winterized if you plan to stay with us through the winter. We understand you may have a modern RV that can with stand cold extreme temperatures yet in our experience in our location because of the wind and drifts it is not worth the time and extra money the utilities cost us to remain un-skirted in winter

We welcome your leashed, well-behaved pets. Please do not leave pets unattended or tied outside. Pets should always be kept under control and quiet. Owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pets. For the safety and enjoyment of all visitors, please refrain from bringing your pets into buildings, pens,fencing, and kennels are not allowed

Quiet Time
Everyone deserves a good night's sleep. Please move about quietly between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 am.

Vehicle washing and repair
To wash your RV at your site, please obtain a permit at the office. Repair work, including oil changes, is prohibited on park property. If you need repairs made to your RV, please obtain a repair permit at the office. The site manager will be glad to assist in basic repairs if possible and help you hook up to our utilities if needed.

All posted camping and lodging rates exclude taxes, additional person(s),pet(s),Extended stays. If you wish to reserve a site for longer than 1 week, please contact the park manager directly to make your reservation. A monthly contract for the rental will be required for stays longer than 4 weeks.

Wood burning campfires are NOT allowed at the RV sites at any time. However,guests may use propane grills and propane fire pits and charcoal grills designed for cooking only.

Truck Campers, Trailers, and Toys
Truck campers/toppers are not to be removed from the vehicle at any time:  All RVs that stay more than three nights are required to hook up to our sewer system. If your RV is completely self-contained and you are traveling through and do not wish to hookup to our system, please call us or let the site manager know of your plans.All sewer connections must be tight and leak-free.  All water connections must be leak-free. All electrical wiring outside of your RV must be up to code and must have a proper connection to the power panel.

Appearance is very important to our overall acceptance in the community. Please look closely at your site and ask does it look acceptable.The look of your RV in relation to our park is important to the community, you may not attach any structure to the ground and your RV, excluding winter skirting. No tarps of any kind can be attached to your RV. No outside pens are allowed

At no time can any disturbance to the park or to any customer be allowed. We reserve the right and you acknowledge that if you create a disturbance in our Parks, at the discretion of the manager, at any time you will be asked to leave and/or consent to your RV being removed at that time.