Terms of Service

Geronimo Village rules and regulations:

1. Geronimo Village reserves the right to amend or change rules without prior notice for the preservation, safety, control, and orderly operation of the resort.

2. The Geronimo Village Lodge is non-smoking building. This includes the laundry room, showers, and bathrooms. Outdoor smoking must be twenty-five (25) from the doors. Smoking on the back patio is allowed. Please dispose of cigarette butts safely.

3. Pets must be under the control of their owner; they must always be kept on maximum 8ft leash or kept inside the owner’s RV – this includes cats and all other pets. They cannot be tied up outside. There is a limit of two pets per site, and they must be under 30 lbs. EVERYONE IS REQUIRED TO CLEAN UP AFTER THEIR PET. Noisy or vicious breeds are not allowed If any pet is unruly, the owner must remove it from the resort immediately. Please respect your fellow guests.

4. No vehicle may drive over 5 miles per hour in the park. This includes ATV’s which may only be driven on pavement and gravel.

5. NO FIRES ALLOWED. Fully contained barbecue grills and camping stoves are okay.

6. Alcoholic beverages are permitted in your camper or on your site. Guests must drink responsibly. Please keep all canned or bottled alcoholic beverages in a concealed container.

7. Quiet Hours are 1:00PM – 7:00AM. No loud or disruptive noise of any kind.

8. In case of an emergency, Geronimo Village is authorized to move any members’ RV equipment or vehicles without notice or liability.

9. Washing RV’s and cars not allowed except for employees. Changing of oil and other outdoor maintenance is prohibited.

10. Bikes must have lights to ride after dark. Skateboards not allowed. Clotheslines are not allowed.

11. No minors are allowed to stay at the park unattended.

12. Parents are responsible for actions and safety of children. All children 16 years of age and under must be at their site by 10:00PM unless accompanied by a parent or guardian.

13. Loss or Damage: Geronimo Village RV Resort tries to operate a safe environment, but we are not responsible for accidents, injuries, or losses from any cause. Members will use all facilities at their own risk.

14. No rifles or handguns are permitted on the resort grounds. Members who have such items are required to lock them up out of sight.

15. All members or guests that willfully or negligently deface or destroy property or equipment of the resort or any other guest will be held liable for the full value thereof.

16. RV’s greater than 10 years old or in disrepair are prohibited.

17. Check in time is 3 PM and check out time is 12:00 noon on the day of departure. Extensions if granted must be paid for by that time. Power is disconnected at check out time.

18. Slot rates are for up to four adults or six people, one RV and one other motorized vehicle.

19. No littering. Dispose of refuse in the dumpster. This includes properly extinguishing and disposing of smoking materials.

20. No gray or black water is permitted to run onto the ground.

21. Failure to pay in advance for occupancy or failure to comply with Rules and Regulations currently in effect is grounds of eviction without refund and refusal of future admittance. Any violation of the rules and regulations may result in removal of your RV without judicial hearing.