Terms of Service


Check-In is 1pm, Check-Out is 12 Noon.

Speed Limit – 10mph. Please pay close attention as our park allows traffic in both directions and we have guests walking and playing throughout the park.

Pets – All pet droppings are required to be picked up immediately. Poop bags are located throughout the park. Please utilize and dispose in the dumpsters or trash cans. $50.00 fine for not picking up droppings. Pets must be under control of the owners and are not allowed to be roaming the park unattended. Current rabies vaccination is required per Alabama state law. No excessive barking or aggressive pets as determined by management allowed in the park. Pets are not allowed in bathrooms, playground areas or buildings. If you have more than 3 pets you must contact management at 404.625.2070 for approval. Service dogs have full access in accordance with Alabama and Federal regulations.

Children – Guests are responsible for the behavior of minors under their responsibility. Ensure proper supervision at playgrounds, sprayground, game room and other amenities throughout the park.

Visitors – Your visitors are always welcome at Heritage Acres Park but MUST register at our office. Registered guests and their visitors are expected to read and adhere to all campground rules. Visitors that utilize the park amenities (clubhouse, game room, playgrounds, sprayground, etc.) are REQUIRED to purchase a day pass. All your visitors must leave campground by 10pm.

Golf carts – Must maintain the 10mph max speed limit throughout the park. Minors must be under adult supervision.

Trash – Please do not dispose cigarette butts on grounds. Dumpsters are to be utilized for household bags of trash, no mattresses, large objects, etc. One is located next to the propane station and the other is across from site 47. A recycle container for paper, plastic, and aluminum is available near the propane station. Do not place bags of trash inside or next to the trash cans throughout the park. These are intended for small trash items and poop bags. Please utilize the recycle dumpster when possible. Only cardboard, plastic and aluminum cans are to be placed in the respective bins. Please ensure cardboard boxes are broken down.

Grills – Do not place on picnic tables or marble light fixtures.  

Fires – Per Alabama Forestry Department guidance, no firewood is allowed to be brought into the campground. Firewood is available at Heritage Acres Park. For Deluxe and Premium sites fire rings are provided. Do not use fire rings as trash cans!

Monthly guests - Fire pits are permitted providing they are above the ground and not make shift. It is your responsibility to clean out and dispose the ashes/coals. Do NOT dispose ashes or coals on the grounds.

Parking –  Do not park on grass or in an open site. Do not park RV over curb for back-in sites. Maximum 2 vehicles (car, truck, trailer, etc). Additional parking available at additional cost.

Quiet Time – At no time loud music or disturbing noise is acceptable. Quiet time is from 10pm to 8am. For example no bike riding, loud conversations, music that can be heard by neighboring guests.

Leave No Trace – Keep gravel in gravel areas. Do not litter (Including cigarette butts), do not break tree branches or mark tables, etc. Visit: www.LNT.org

Fireworks – Not allowed to be displayed in the park.

Firearms – Must be compliant with state and federal regulations and permits. No open carry permitted in the park.

Site Appearance – NOT ALLOWED - outside refrigerators, freezers, porches, make shift steps, inoperative vehicles, window AC units, make shift repairs, etc., pet fences for extended periods, storage units, drying laundry outside, clutter and other unsightly items as determined by management. RV's must be clean and maintained. In order for us to mow the sites, no items on the grass. Examples: Satellite dishes, solar lighting, grills etc. Effective 12/1/20: Guests with RV's 10 years and older must be approved by management and are allowed a maximum stay of 1 year. Monthly guests with 10+ year old RV's in the park prior to 12/1/20 may stay until 12/1/21.

RV & Vehicle Washing – You are permitted to wash your RV or vehicle for $5.00 fee paid at the office prior to washing.

Removal from Park – Loud, vulgar language, inappropriate conduct, violation of park rules, etc. as determined by management may result in removal from the park without a refund.