Terms of Service

*Terms of Service*

I agree, and shall insist upon my children, invitees, and guests, to abide by the Park Rules, including those rules and policies published at http://www.thegoodlifervpark.com, posted at the Premises or otherwise communicated in any manner by The Good Life RV Park management. 

I understand that The Good Life RV Park reserves the right to refund my $5 Lock Site Fee (if used) and change my campsite location for any reason.

*Rules and Regulations*

The Purpose of The Good Life RV Park Rules and Regulations are to aid in providing The Good Life guest a secure, comfortable, convenient, and attractive environment. They also set guidelines for the appearance of the individual RV’s and the space they occupy, thus preserving the value of each resident’s property.

Payment Policy:
Payment is due in full at time of booking. 

We gladly accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover.

  1. The office is located at the entrance of the RV Park. The address is 8747 US HWY 59 S Burke, Texas 75941. Management can be reached at (936) 526-2123.
  2. Wifi account IDs: The Good Life Guest  Password: beourguest 

  3. Washateria/Office Door code:

  4. Everyone has the responsibility to inquire into any policy that may not be published in The Good Life RV Park Rules and Regulations. Failure to do so is not an exception.
  5. All persons must CHECK-IN by reading and signing the Terms and Agreement emailed to you during reservation.  Check-in time is after 3 PM.  Check out time is 12:00 PM (noon)
  6. ALL persons must be registered if they are staying for more than 24 hours. 
  7. Rent is payable in advance.  Rent is not refundable to anyone who makes a personal decision to vacate his/her lot early. Cash, Money Order, Debit Card, and most Credit Cards are accepted with proper ID.
  8. Monthly Tenants -
  • All Monthly RV space’s 1st month’s rent plus a deposit of $200 shall be payable in advance.  Each site is individually metered.  Approx 3 days out from the end of the month, the guest will be emailed the next month's invoice including the electricity charge. Once the RV vacates the site and after the site is inspected, the balance of the $200 security deposit minus the last electric bill will be refunded. 
  • For our Monthly guests, if guest departs prior to the end of reservation, the current Month's rent is forfeited.  The Monthly guest's security deposit will be completely refunded minus electricity.

    For reservations paid with a credit card, refunds will be credited to the credit card on file with respect to reservation.

  • Management retains the right to issue finance charges on balances overdue by 5 days as per the terms of Management.  Beginning the 6th day of late Rent Payment, a finance charge of $50/day will be charged
  • We run security checks on all Monthly Guests.  It is at the owner's discretion to accept or refuse guests.
  • No A/C units in windows
  • All RV equipment must be in working order (water, electric, sewer, a/c, and heating).​

      8.  Sewer: 

  • No Grease or Oil of any kind can be flushed in the toilet or put down a sink.  Grease must be placed in a container and trashed.
  • No Bleach - it will completely destroy our system
  • Only RV Toilet Safe paper can be flushed in the toilet.  
  • NO Wipes - NO FEMININE PRODUCTS - NO PROPHYLACTICS, ETC.  These must be bagged and trashed.​​
  • Sewer lines must be free from leaks and a “donut” or threaded attachment into the sewer.   No sewer waste spillage allowed. 

      9. Quiet time is 10:00 PM to 6:00 AM. Disruptive noise, fighting, abusive language, or conduct will not be permitted at any time.             Please have respect for your neighbors. 

    10.  Parking

  • Only permitted on your site's gravel. Limit 2 vehicles.
  • Do not park in open spaces without prior office approval.
  • Do not park or drive through the grass.
  • If needed, guests can park their vehicles in visitor parking. See the park office for designated parking. 
  • Do not pull through unoccupied RV Sites for shortcuts. 

   11.  Speed limit throughout the park is 5 MPH.

   12.  Pets:

  • Non Agressive Breeds Only.  Kind Pets are allowed with the permission of management. 
  • You are expected to clean up after your pet and dispose of it properly. 
  • Do not chain your pet up outside unsupervised. 
  • If your pet tends to excessively bark, whine, or be disruptive to your neighbors, do not leave your pet inside unattended. 
  • Do not let pets run loose in the  RV Park and do not walk pets through any occupied RV Sites. 
  • All pets (including cats) must be on a handheld leash any time they are outside. 
  • Pets are not allowed in common buildings with the exception of service animals. 
  • Individual dog runs maybe permitted with owner's permission.

    13.   Not Permitted:

  • Personal landscaping is not permitted. Trees and shrubs shall not be removed.
  • Conducting a business within the park is not permitted. 
  • Clotheslines, of any kind are not permitted. 
  • Open fires are not permitted, no exceptions. Propane gas grills/coal are acceptable. Do not set any type of grill on picnic tables. 
  • Do not dispose of furniture, appliances, lumber, or metal in dumpsters.  Break down Boxes FLAT.  Place all trash INSIDE dumpster.
  • Oil changes and/or maintenance of autos or RVs are not permitted. Minor repairs of RVs will be allowed. No washing of autos or RVs on park grounds. 
  • Absolutely no use of firearms, explosives, drugs, or fireworks is permitted in the park, no exceptions.
  • Do not sell, transfer, assign, or permit the use of your assigned RV space without the express written consent of the Management.  ALL roommates must 1st be approved by TGLRVP Management and pass a Criminal History Check.

    14.   Everyone should keep their site clean and orderly. 

  • All Trash should be properly bagged and brought to the dumpster. Trash pick-up is not offered for any site. No garbage cans or garbage bags outside of the RV are permitted.   Garbage Truck comes on Mondays.
  • Generators are permitted if there is an emergency.
  • Anyone who willingly or negligently defaces, damages, or destroys property/equipment of the RV Park shall be liable for full replacement value. 
  • Do not throw paper, cigarette/cigar butts, charcoal, bottles, cans, etc. on the ground. This is our home, please help us keep it clean for everyone to enjoy.

    15.   It is your responsibility to maintain your personal water and sewer hoses to the RV park service. Maintain your own plumbing so that no water is wasted from dripping lines/pipes, etc.   In extremely cold weather, you may want to insulate the sewer drop to the RV Park's drain. 

    16. Laundry facilities are only for The Good Life RV Park guests.  Please follow the rules posted in the Laundromat. 

   17. If at any time the manager is forced to call local law enforcement because of any type of insubordination, a police report will be filed. Once a police report is filed for your lot, all tenants will be required to vacate the premises indefinitely. No refund. No exceptions. 

   18. If there are any problems or damages to your site, please inform us immediately.

   19.  Insurance: Guests agree to have the RV covered by a full insurance package.  We want our RV's to be road legal and operational in case we have an emergency and our guests to feel safe and secure if and when an accident/emergency occurs.

20.  Catch and Release Pond - Enter at Your Own Risk.  The pond is NOT owned by The Good Life RV Park.  The landowner has generously given guests of the TGLRVP access to his pond.  Please help keep it clean and not abuse this privilege.  TGLRVP is not responsible for accidents or injuries.  Children must be supervised at ALL TIMES.

*Violating Terms and Conditions *

  • If a Guest violates any of the terms and conditions contained in the Terms of Service Agreement, the guest will receive written notice. Guest must remove his/her RV from the RV Park prior to the end of the ten (10) day period.
  • The Failure of the Management, on one or more occasions, to enforce any term of this agreement shall not act as a waiver of the Management’s right to enforce that or any other term of this agreement at any time or any other occasion.
  • If Guest fails to remove, in a timely manner, his/her RV and equipment from the rented space at the termination of this agreement, Management shall have the option of:
    • Charging Guest daily rent of a prorated basis for the RV space occupied; or 
    • Taking possession of the RV and equipment and locking it to the space occupied; or 
    • Moving the RV and equipment to another location; or
    • Pursuing any other remedy available under law. 

I HEREBY RELEASE, WAIVE, DISCHARGE AND COVENANT NOT TO SUE Epiphany Estates, LLC, d/b/a The Good Life RV Park, its owners and agents (collectively, The Good Life RV Park Management), from any and all liability to me, my children, my invitees/guests, personal representatives, and heirs for any loss or damage on account of injury to person (including death) or loss or damage to property relating to, or arising out of, use and occupancy of The Good Life RV Park property, facilities, and any dangers and hazards associated with acts of nature such as changing weather conditions; high winds; thunder and lightning; temperature fluctuations; falling trees; tree limbs, ice; or encounters with wildlife.

I HEREBY AGREE TO INDEMNIFY, SAVE, AND HOLD HARMLESS The Good Life RV Park Management, and each of them, from any loss, liability, damage, or cost (including attorney fees) they may incur due to injury (including death), damage or loss of property relating to the use of The Good Life RV Park by me, my children, and/or my invitees/guests or due to any incidents that may occur during my stay. I understand that, although The Good Life RV Park Management makes every reasonable effort to provide a secure environment, the security of my person, my belongings, and all persons registered in my party is my sole responsibility.

As a courtesy, our employees, if so requested, may assist with directing you to your designated RV Site. It is your sole responsibility to ensure that the site will accommodate your specific trailer/RV and that you will not hit any branches, bollards, trees, etc. when positioning your RV on the campsite. You agree to indemnify and hold Epiphany Estates, LLC, d/b/a The Good Life RV Park, its owners and agents (collectively, “The Good Life RV Park Management”) harmless from any loss, liability, damage, or cost (including attorney’s fees) that may result from an employee assisting or directing you onto a campsite. Furthermore, you release, waive, discharge, and covenant not to sue The Good Life RV Park Management for any and all liability, loss, or property damage relating to an employee assisting/directing you to your site.

I understand that I am and remain personally liable to pay the total amount of my reservation prior to my scheduled check-in date, or at such earlier date communicated to me. If I fail to pay the total due, I agree that Epiphany Estates, LLC may charge any remaining balance (in addition to any damage charges or other amounts owed under these Terms and Conditions) to any credit or debit card on file with my reservation. Any amounts due after 30 days will be subject to the maximum late charge permitted under state law.

The Good Life RV Park is privately owned and THE GOOD LIFE RV PARK MANAGEMENT RESERVES THE RIGHT TO REFUSE SERVICE to anyone for any reason except for those prohibited by law. The Good Life RV Park Management reserves the right to require any person or party it deems necessary, to leave The Good Life RV Park based on violations of The Good Life RV Park Rules and Policies or behavior Management deems inappropriate or disturbing to others. I have read this notice and agree to it as well as all The Good Life RV Park Rules and Policies. In addition, I understand that I am responsible for the actions of all persons registered in my party, including any children, and any guests that visit during my stay. 

Parents are responsible for their children at all times.