Cancellation Policy

>>>If booking through Campspot Marketplace there is a 10% additional surcharge charged at arrival<<<
>>>You May go directly to our website to avoid this, there will be no other discounts used if booked through marketplace including camping specials<<<

Cancellation Policy
We do not give credit or refunds due to the discomforts that nature may throw at us, illness, work
schedule, evictions, amenities not available or other situations. Camping at Hidden Springs Campground continues rain or shine,
therefore, our cancellation policy is enforced regardless of circumstance. Our cancellation policy varies
depending on the timing of your cancellation notice in advance of the reservation date.

*Note: the campsite reservation fee ($25) is non-refundable

For Cabin Rental:
30+ Days:
     Refund less $40 administrative fee OR full refund issued in camp credit (for the current camping season)
     Full reservation forfeited. NO REFUND
For Campsites: less then a10 day reservation
 (6 days) OF CHECK IN DATE
     No refund or transfers and full reservation amount is charged to card on file

1+ WEEK (7 days)
     Refund less $25 administrative fee

*** if possible we can transfer a reservation one time within the current season, once transferred there are no refunds, any balance is charged to card on file.*** Transfer must be made 7 or more days prior to check in

Monthly stays:

our monthly length is 28 days.

no RV over 10 yrs old

$100 deposit is required ( cancel/admin fee) non refundable

cancels less then 14 days are charged for full length of stay

cancel 15+ days from check in are charged full admin/reservation fees ($100)

Stays for 10 plus days

Reservations for stays of 10+ days require a $100 deposit, (cancel/ admin fee) non refundable

cancel 15+ days from check in are charged full admin/reservation fees ($100)

Less then 15 days to check in are charged for full reservation 



For Holidays and special events:
     Full reservation forfeited and any remaining unpaid balance will be charged to the card on file.NO REFUND 

     A one(1) holiday night and administrative fee will be charged to the card on file

$25 reservation/ admin fee is not refundable for any cancels. >Holidays CAN NOT be transferred <


  • All guaranteed reservations will be held until 9:00am on the morning following your scheduled arrival.
  • After 9:00am, your reservation will no longer be guaranteed and your site/rental unit will cancelled and no refunds will be given. Reservations for 2022 are subject to rate increases, and any resultant balances will be invoiced to you subsequent to the implementation of the 2022 rates

While site type is guaranteed, site location is not unless you have paid the site locking fee. Please call if you have any questions regarding the site locking fee. Note, we do not give refunds or credit due to the discomforts of nature. The fun continues rain or shine. For more information on our park amenities and calendar of events, please visit 

All registered guests entering the park will receive a gate card; if the card is not returned upon check out a $50 charge will be incurred on the card on file. We are a gated park. Re-entry is NOT possible without a gate access card. You are not permitted to let your Visitors in with your gate card. Visitors must register at the office during office hours. If caught you may be asked to leave.

if a transfer was done, only allowed once and no refunds given at any time.