COVID-19 Policy

Most attractions and businesses have reopened but some with occupancy restrictions, so make sure to check online or by phone to see if where you want to go is indeed open and if there are any other requirements (advance tickets, masks, etc.)    As the president has loosened mask mandates for all who've been vaccinated, we do not require masks anywhere in the park but suggest all use wisdom and practice the things we did before the vaccine like masks in large groups, hand washing, social distancing where possible, etc.  We'll be disinfecting and cleaning after each reported use of our buildings. As events have been changing rapidly, we are taking drastic steps to protect both the park employees and all who are staying in our park.  We will continue to monitor and adjust our procedures so please understand and be flexible with these changes.  

Note: Saturday Campfires have been reinstituted at 7:30 pm weather permitting.  We encourage you to take advantage of the abundant nature at the park.  There’s a 2-mile walking group that meets at the store at 7:30am Monday thru Friday.  Call for details if interested.

Visitors:Our visitor policies in the terms  are strictly adhered to especially during COVID. 

Laundry Rooms: Laundromat is open and clean for your use. We will be cleaning and sanitizing it regularly.   

Showers/Restrooms: Now open

Pavilion: Pavilion has been reopened for use for park events. Guests may use the Pavilion to sit, congregate, etc but only ith registered guests, not visitors. The northeast corner of the Pavilion has a handwashing station if needed.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call or text 210.623.6737.  You may also chat or message us on our FB page at