Terms of Service

You will be charged a $20.00 (CASH) cleaning lot deposit.

No Golf Carts

Check in from 2:00pm – 11:00pm. NO ONE WILL BE ALLOWED TO SET UP CAMP AFTER 11:00PM. You must set up camp only on your assigned site.

Check out time is 1:00pm. When ready to check out, replace picnic table, clean up all trash, take trash to dumpster’s. (

Playground closes at dusk.

Quiet time: 10:30pm to 8:00am. all radios off at midnight. No loud music or unnecessary noise at anytime. COMPLAINTS ABOUT LOUD CAMPERS ARE ASKED TO BE BROUGHT TO OUR ATTENTION. After office hours, please leave a message on the office door for our security guard and the problem will be taken care of. We thank you for your help.

Campfires: Small campfires are allowed within fire ring. Do not move fire ring. No campfires are to be started after midnight. ALL FIRES OUT BY 1:00AM! NO EXCEPTIONSDo not cut firewood on site; wood is for sale in the camp store.

SPEEDING VEHICLES WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. 5 MPH THROUGHOUT PARK AND ENTRANCE/EXIT. Persons breaking this rule may lose at site parking privileges and will park in parking lot behind office.

CAR PASSES: Must be attached to the driver side of the windshield in the bottom corner so as not to obstruct your view. No driving in the park after midnight.

Gate: Open from 7:30 am to midnight. If locked out park below and walk in quietly do not black the gate. 24 hour exit only gate is located by office. Northwest exit gate closes at midnight.

NO QUAD’S, ATV’s OR BUGGIES to be driven in park; only street legal vehicles are allowed and are to be driven only by licensed drivers.

VISITORS: must stop at office and obtain a car pass. Visitor passes $5.00 per person. ALL VISITORS MUST LEAVE THE PARK BY 9:00 PM


PETS: Allowed on site must be on leash at all times. Never leave them here alone, clean up all messes. Do not take pets into bathroom facilities, pool or store. Management has a right to refuse certain breeds of dogs from park.

POOL HOURS:mid-season 10:00 am – dusk. A parent or adult must accompany any children under the age of 14. All guest must follow posted rules at pool and through park. No glass or alcohol in pool area.

PARENTS: YOU are responsible for the conduct of your children in the park and its facilities. Children must be on site at dusk or accompanied by a parent. For the safety of your children, no exceptions. Due to high traffic volume children should not ride bike, skateboards by store or gates.

BICYLES: are not permitted after dark.

ALCOHOL is allowed at your own site if you are of legal drinking age and have your id with you. No kegs or pumped beer allowed – we do confiscate all kegs, taps and paraphernalia. If you cannot prove your age your alcohol will be confiscated this also applies to those providing alcohol to minors. No alcohol allowed in or around pool.

PROFANITY will not be tolerated. This is a family campground please respect your fellow campers and their children.

PROPERTY DAMAGE to Hideaway will be charged to you and you may be evicted from the park.

EXTENSION CORDS: found across the roads with be confiscated by management.

If security or management has to come to your site for any disruptive behavior you will be asked to leave the camping area in a quiet and orderly fashion. If you do not the authorities will be called. If you have had too much alcohol and you feel you cannot drive in a safe manner you may park in the parking area below the gate. You must remain in your car at all times. Do not re-enter the park for any reason, as you will be trespassing. We do not refund for eviction, nor do we refund any site deposits after eviction. Security has full authority of the park.