COVID-19 Policy

COVID19 Rules 

El Paso County, Texas COVID19 Local Directives:

  1. All guests must wear a face covering at the entrance, anytime they leave their campsite, and anytime they interact with HideAway Lakes employees - to include when HideAway Lakes personnel enter the campsite.
  2. All guests must remain in their private campsites unless walking to the Bait Shack or restrooms. 
  3. All guests must maintain a minimum of 6-feet of physical distance between guests not of their immediate family/household and all HideAway Lakes employees. 
  4. All trash must be placed in sealable trash bags. 
  5. No more than 10 people per campsite.
  6. One vehicle (car, truck, RV, etc.) per campsite.
  7. Any violation of COVID19 Rules will result in immediate eviction and may involve law enforcement.