Terms of Service


  • The camp grounds are for the enjoyment of the campers and guest. This is Yours and Our Home, and I expect everyone to keep their site and the common grounds clean and neat. Don’t throw paper, trash or cigarette butts on the ground. Be respectful and dispose of trash properly. You have the responsibility to pick up after yourself and your animals. If you use the public bathrooms it is expected that you keep them clean. If they are not - please report it to clerk on duty.
  • This is a family owned and run Campground, and we truly love this property and will continue to make improvements for yours and our enjoyment. If you have any suggestions to improve it, please let us know.
  • In the same manner, We have made a big investment and will not tolerate anyone intentional damaging it. As a renter you have a moral responsibility to respect this property as we do. If you see anything that needs to be repaired for the safety of yours and others, you need to inform management immediately


  • All RV sites and Cabins are rented as 2-person occupancy. There is as an additional charge of $6.00 (RV) / $10 (cabin) per day for each person over the age of 12. If you have guests, please notify Management BEFORE their stay.
  • Overnight guests are limited to three (3) days at cost above. If they are on property after 10pm, there will be a guest fee added to your reservation. 
  • Renter(s) may extend the length of stay only with the Manager approval and written/ agreement.
  • Renter(s) or owner may terminate rental agreement at any time.
  • All Reservations are allowed (1) camper, one (1) vehicle with boat/trailer. Additional guest vehicles, campers, and/or boats/trailers will be billed at $10.00 per day or $30/month. Notify Management ahead of time to ensure room on property and tag! If not registered – Vehicle will be towed at owner’s expense. There will be NO parking on empty Campsites, or blocking boat trailer parking or dumpster.
  • Guests at campsites 0-17 and 28-36 and their vehicles must remain on the assigned campsite(s).
  • RENTERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR KEEPING THE CAMP AREA CLEAN. All personal property is to be kept on the campsite. Clotheslines are not permitted. No personal belongings should be kept in bathroom when not in use.
  • Children may not be left unattended at any time. All children must be supervised at all times!
  • Dogs that bark excessively or display aggressive behavior will be asked to leave. Please do not leave Pets unattended.
  • All garbage must be bagged and deposited in the dumpster by the south side of camp. Do not place ANY garbage on the ground.
  • PLEASE CONSERVE WATER. Washing your car, boat or trailer is not permitted without Management Approval. See management if you are going to use an excessive amount of water.
  • No clotheslines are permitted in the park. No plants or trees to be planted,  or excess rugs on site, except in front of RV Door. Any grass or plants that are not in the same shape as at check in, will be the responsibility of the guest and will charged to the card on file.
  • Cabin Tenants: At check – out, Please Turn AC to 80’, Dispose of all Trash, and ensure dishes are clean and put away.
  • Renter(s) may have a campfire with approval of management and a fire pit is used.
  • Quiet time in the park is from 10:00 p.m. through 8:00 a.m. AND IS STRICTLY ENFORCED.
  • GATE IS CLOSED FROM 6:00 P.M. UNTILL 6:00 A.M. The Gate Code will be given at Check In, Please DO NOT SHARE your code with ANYONE!
  • Check out is at 11am for all Reservations – Late check outs may be available if site is not reserved - for a $20 late check out fee.



  • If you have or see a safety hazard on your camping spot or in the camp, you have a responsibility to report it to the manager immediately.
  • No horseplay on the docks, picnic tables or pier. Do not use picnic tables as junk tables.
  • Possession of illegal drugs, excessive alcohol consumption, and/or illicit or illegal activity will not be tolerated and will result in immediate expulsion from the camp.
  • Please secure all personal belongings. Owner is not responsible for the theft or damage of personal property.
  • Owner makes no warranties or guarantees regarding safety of the park, its buildings and grounds. RENTERS AND GUEST ASSUME ALL RISKS. 
  • Unless it is an emergency. Please report all problems or concerns during store operating hours.

We hope you enjoy your stay here. If you have any issues - contact Neil Bonds, Manager (386) 314-1872.