Terms of Service

** No more than 2 Pets are allowed with guests at all sites, Daily Fees apply.

They must be leashed and owners must have current shot records with them.

Animals can not be left alone, unattended. This includes in campsites, rentals, nor parking lot. Please potty your dog off the campgrounds and use a plastic bag to dispose of feces in the green dumpster. Campsites or cabins left with poop will be fined appropriately. Please see our general store for dog treats & wastebags for purchase.

** No Smoking Policy indoors of any Tobacco, natural herb products, E-cigarettes, drugs of any kind. This applies to ALL of our accommodations. Violations of this policy will result in a $200 charge against the reservation deposit.

We are located on United States Forestry land and federal laws apply at all times. Please be respectful and use the sand cans provided for cigarette butts in our designated smoking areas.

** If bed coverings are removed and not used properly to protect mattresses, a $50 fumigation charge will be issued.

**Extra linens can be rented at $10.00 per set should you need them. All beds will have a mattress cover that is laundered with disinfectant and units will be sanitized according to the CDC guidelines.

**Masks or face coverings are required inside the Outpost but not in camp outdoors. Social distancing is required.

** Fires are not permitted anywhere on the property accept the main fire ring in the community area and designated fire bowls at specific sites. Not all sites have a bowl due to space necessary to have a fire. Do not move the fire bowls. Fires set outside of these designated spaces will incur liability. All embers must be dumped in the community fire ring. No outside wood allowed per National Forest restrictions

** Fire sensitivity calls for no burning of incense, candles, and impromptu bonfires. Fines applicable for reckless violations. All fires must be put out when not attended.

** Secure all your food & garbage from wildlife. Bear canisters & locks can be purchase at the outpost.

*Quiet hour begins at 10:00 pm, nightly.