Terms of Service

I – SITE RENTAL Check-in 3pm  Check-out 1pm  (exception RV rental has am 11am check-out)

•       The overnight fee is based on  4 person occupancy by the trailer owner(s) and dependents with whom they reside.  All guests must register at office upon entering the campground.

•       The overnight fee permits one trailer per site.

•       Pets must be under control and/or leashed at all times.

•       We kindly ask that air conditioners be used only when you are present in your camper.  This will greatly help in the reduction of power usage.

Please note:

Cancellation policy is as follows- More than 7 days full refund less $10 processing fee

                                                     Less thsan 7 days 50% cancellation fee will apply


•       Sites are rented from Victoria Day weekend in May until Thanksgiving Day weekend in October for the sole use and enjoyment of the tenants.

•      Tenants are responsible for the upkeep of their site. Site must be kept neat and uncluttered.  Mowing of grass will be provided by the park on a weekly (or as needed) basis.

•       No lands shall be used for commercial purposes without written permission of park owners.

•       No changes to the drainage, grading, or any type of excavation shall be commenced upon any park land unless previously approved in writing.

•       Trimming or cutting of any brush or trees, or collection of wood on the property is not permitted.

•       No “for sale” signs to be posted without written approval.


•       Quiet time is from 11:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m.  Campfire get-togethers are welcome but loud noise of any kind will not be permitted during this period.  Always be respectful of your neighbours.

•       Tenants are responsible for the supervision of their children and guests at all times and will be held liable for any damage caused by misuse of the facilities.

•       Please be respectful of neighbouring properties.  Do not cross other lots without express permission of occupants. Please stay within common areas and roadways for dog walking, hiking, etc.

•       Pets – The “stoop-n-scoop” rule applies and owners are asked to dispose of the baggie in garbage cans, not in toilets.

•       Drive slowly and watch for children.


•       Three way hookups are provided at each site.  It is suggested that black water & grey water tanks be emptied as they become full to minimize the risk of sewage blockages.  All trailers with the exception of tent trailers must be equipped with a black water holding tank. There must be no black water sewage allowed to seep into the ground.  If a spill should occur, please notify park staff immediately.

•       Littering anywhere (riverbanks, water or park lands) is strictly prohibited.

•       The land, water and air surrounding Iron Bound Cove RV Park is full of animals, birds and fish of all descriptions.  Under no circumstance will harming of any of these creatures be tolerated.  Please respect our wildlife.

•       No wrecked, abandoned, discarded, or junked vehicles, trailers, broken sheds, utility trailers, watercraft equipment or material of any kind, shall be placed or be permitted to remain in the park.

•       All waste is to be disposed of in the “Garbage Depot” (household garbage only) except for recycling. Glass bottles, cans, plastic and cardboard must be sorted and recycled by placing them in the appropriate containers. Please empty, rinse and crush large containers to save space.

•       Recycle empty beer cans and alcohol bottles in the proper plastic bins at the garbage depot.

•       Cigarette butts are litter and shall be disposed of accordingly.

•       Burning of plastics or any other toxic chemicals in campfires or on property is not permitted.


•       Speed limit for all vehicles within the park is 10 KPH.  Speed limits must be adhered to by all motorized vehicles within the park.

•       The use of fireworks and firecrackers of any type are prohibited. Fireworks will only be permitted at park-sponsored events. Any use of fireworks will be advertised well in advance for those who do not wish to attend these events.

•       No open fires of any kind, including those for the burning of rubbish and debris, shall be permitted within the park boundaries, except within a barbecue or fire pit. Fires must be attended by an adult at all times and must be thoroughly extinguished by wetting or covering, upon completion of their use. There will be no fires allowed in the park during government issued fire bans.

•       All firewood must be contained and stacked in a safe and neat manner.

•       All trailers must be equipped with a proper RV grade electrical cord and if there is any deterioration the electrical cord must be replaced with another proper RV grade electrical cord. RV electrical cords are the responsibility of the trailer owner and under no circumstances should the hydro or breaker boxes be altered or modified.

•       A surge protector is recommended and is the responsibility of each renter in case of extreme thunder storms on your main power line.

•       No firearms will be discharged within the park boundaries, including BB, pellet or CO2 guns.  Similarly, the use of arrows or other projectiles is prohibited.

•       Hunting is not allowed within the park boundaries.


No structure may be erected or replaced upon any lands without the prior written approval of the park owners. Building permits and associated costs are the responsibility of the seasonal lessee.

•       Although there is no age limit set for trailers, all units must be kept in proper repair and neat in appearance.

•       All Trailers must conform to the CSA standard specifications for Travel Trailer, 5th Wheel, Motor Homes or Tent Trailer styles. Double wide and mobile homes are strictly prohibited.


•       Maximum of 2 licensed vehicles per site if the site space allows for it. No parking on roads. Additional vehicles may be parked in the designated parking area.

•       All motorcycles, ATVs and other such vehicles are forbidden from being operated in any part of the park unless it is being used for park business or for entering and exiting the park. Access and egress of these recreational vehicles are restricted during the established quiet hours.

•       Golf carts are permitted in the park but carry the same warnings as driving a vehicle and must not exceed the posted speed. Open display or use of alcohol while driving is not permitted.  Golf carts may not carry more people that the cart is designed for. Golf carts shall not be operated at any time between 11pm and 8am. Golf carts operated after dusk until the established quiet period must have operational head and tail lamps.

•       No parking on or blocking of boat ramp.


•       Tenants are to provide their own property damage and liability insurance coverage while renting a site. Iron Bound Cove RV Park is not responsible for any assets not belonging to the park.

•       Iron Bound Cove RV Park will not be responsible for any damage or injury caused to tenant’s property or person, and shall not be held liable for any harm or injury caused by tenant’s use or misuse of park property or equipment.

•       The park is privately owned and management reserves the right to evict any tenant at any time without refund for contravention of rules, non-payment of fees or any act that threatens the peace and quiet of the property.

•       No noxious, dangerous, illegal, violent, threatening, unreasonable, disturbing or offensive activities shall be carried on in the park nor shall anything be done which may be or become a nuisance or annoyance to others.

•       The Tenant is held responsible for any changes or additions to electrical wiring, plumbing or sewage disposal performed without knowledge or consent of the owners. Any code or safety violations and fines for such unauthorized work will be the responsibility of the resident.

•       The Tenant will be liable for any costs or actions taken by the owners as a result of failure to obtain the prior written approval.


Thank you for camping with us at Iron Bound Cove!

Randy & Cathy Hickey