Terms of Service


I have read and understand the cancellation and refund policies as stated in my confirmation and on the Keen Lake website.

I understand the Keen Lake Office shall process returned check and ACH payments based on notification from the Campground's bank. A $35.00 returned check fee will also be assessed.

I agree to comply with all of Keen Lake Camping and Cottage Resort’s (“KLCCR”) rules and policies and/or instructions of management.  Failure to do so may revoke my permission to be on KLCCR property.  In which case, I shall immediately vacate the assigned space upon demand, without refund or compensation of any form.

I understand that KLCCR has the right to photograph guests on our grounds.  Images of guests and their families may be used for marketing purposes in print publications, online publications, websites, and social media.  No royalty, fee, or other compensation shall become payable to photographic subjects by reason of such use. 

I agree to receiving emails from KLCCR and understand that I can unsubscribe at any time. 

I hereby acknowledge and understand that there are inherent risks associated with camping and participation in activities provided by KLCCR.  These activities include, but are not limited to, planned activities, use of boats, swimming, use of playground equipment, and use of sports equipment owned by KLCCR.  These inherent risks include, but are not limited to failure in equipment, collisions with natural and man-made objects, and actions of other individuals. 

Natural occurrences, including but not limited to, lightning, high winds, rain storms, exposure to trees with roots and limbs, and encounters with bears, snakes, and bees can be hazardous, unpredictable, and dangerous.  I hereby assume all risk of injury and damage to persons or property while camping. 

Furthermore, I accept camping privileges with the understanding that I hereby release KLCCR, its officers, and employees of all liability for loss or damage to property and injury to my person arising out of the use of KLCCR’s camping facilities, and I agree to indemnify KLCCR, its officers, and employees against claims resulting from loss or damage to property or injury to the person of any member of my family or additional guests, and pets arising out of use of KLCCR’s camping facilities.

I acknowledge that the use of washer/dryer hook ups in RVs is NOT permitted on Keen Lake property. The use of such is prohibited, and will lead to eviction from the grounds without refund. 

I have read the above and agree to all terms and conditions.  I take responsibility for ensuring that all persons who are staying or visiting my assigned camping space are aware of and abide by the terms and conditions outlined above.



You agree that you have read the following and agree to the terms and conditions:

  • I understand and authorize the use of my credit card left on file to be used as my security deposit. This card will remain on file and will only be charged should incidentals such as excessive cleaning occur or to cover any damages that happened to my rental throughout my stay. The card will be charged after housekeeping staff asses the unit at end of my stay. I understand the Keen Lake Office will notify me prior to charging my card. 
  • All rental units are non-smoking. Smoking is only allowed outside and off of the deck. Any indication of smoking such as odors, ashes, etc. will result in a $250 charge. Please appropriately discard of cigarette butts. This charge applies to any other offensive odors left in the rental unit as well.
  • Pets of any kind are not allowed in the following rental units: The Farmhouse, The Morning Glory, The Terrace RV, the Lakeview RV, and all Glamping Tents. There will be a $250 charge for violating this rule.
  • You will report any damage and/or missing items within one hour of registration. After one hour you acknowledge that you are fully responsible for any and all damage, as well as lost or missing items.
  • Check out time is 10:00 am. We do not allow for late departures unless authorized by the Keen Lake Office. Late checkouts may incur a $50 per hour fee. To check out, please return the Key to the office. A $25 charge will be assessed for any cottage key not returned at checkout. A $50 charge will be assessed for any RV key not returned to at checkout.
  • Other charges for damage, missing items, or excessive cleaning will be assessed based on repair, replacement cost, and/or labor.
  • Only the designated maximum number of occupants, which can be found on the website or on your confirmation, are allowed in the unit. No Exceptions.
  • Guests are to leave the property in the same neat and orderly condition in which they found it, including, but not limited to:
     --Dishes, pots, silverware, utensils, etc., should be washed and put away.
     --All trash, interior and exterior, should be placed in garbage bags and taken out to the garbage cans supplied at each unit.
     --Counters are to be wiped down, and all spills inside the rental unit should be cleaned up.
     --All personal items, including food, are to be removed from the premises.
     --Pet Owners are to remove excessive fur.
  • All Keen Lake property (blankets, pillows, dishes, utensils, remote controls, etc.) should remain inside the property.

The guest acknowledges that they are the authorized cardholders on the credit/debit card account listed with the Keen Lake Office and do hereby give permission to charge the credit/debit card for the amounts/reasons above.

The guest agrees that Keen Lake Camping and Cottage Resort management shall be the sole judge as to the condition of said cabin and facilities after I depart. Abuse, neglect, damage of any kind, including abnormal wear is my sole responsibility.