Terms of Service


1. Fill out Application for Residency.

2. Sign and Date Background Check form.

3.  Collect fee of $50.00 per person for Background Check.

4.  Make copy of their Driver's License for our file only.

5.  Give copy of Park Rules.

6.  Sign and date they received copy of the Park Rules.

7.  Go over Kev sheet if they want to keep a set in the office.

8.  AFTER BACKGROUND CHECK-Fill out Emergency Sheet.

9.  Issue Post Office key. If lost, it will cost $25.00 for Postal person to issue new key.

10. Give key to big Green gate and other gates to lake.

11. Animals must be always kept on a leash. Marion County has a leash law. We have a Pet Park. Always pick up after animals. Green gate locked at 10:00 PM and opened at 7:00 AM. Speed limit is 20 miles per hour coming in and out main road and 10 miles per hour inside the Park. Only one shed per lot. Do not put anything on the sign posts. Always ask permission from office before doing anything on lot. Quiet time hours are between 10:00 PM to 8:00 AM. Weekly/monthly event schedules can be picked up in the Office and check the board by the Post Office and Rec Hall for any extra activities in the Park. Have a new dock and can fish in King Lake.

Tall Timbers Revised Rules and Regulations

The following Rules are for the safety and well-being of everyone in the park.

1.      Beer & other Alcoholic beverages are not permitted in public areas.

2.      Cursing, swearing and other offensive language is not permitted.

Be considerate of your surroundings.

3.      No Firearms or weapons of any kind are permitted outside of your residence at any time.

4.      Stray Dogs or Cats do not belong in the park, please do not feed or pet them. Wild animals MUST NOT be touched or fed.

5.      Renting or subletting residence is not permitted.   

6.      Residents planning to be away from the park overnight should notify the office in case of an emergency and we need to locate you.

7.      Anyone having overnight visitors must register them at the office upon arrival. Guests are permitted to stay up to 2 weeks.

8.      Emergency telephone calls are delivered immediately.

9.      The speed Limit in the park is 10 miles per hour. Observance of this rule is of utmost importance.

10.    Quiet Hours are between 10: P.M. and 8: 00 A.M.

EMERGENCIES: In an emergency, first call 911 then inform the office @ 625-2783.


The Recreation Hall and all other recreational areas belong to the park.

All Residents are encouraged and welcome to use any of the facilities. All activities held in clubhouse must clean up afterward.


Must not be cut without permission from the park and you will be financially responsible for any live trees cut.

The park is responsible for removal of dead trees only.


1.   Leaves and brush must be separated and will be picked up regularly during the season. Barrels will be provided. See pick up days as posted.

2.   Any Leaves that you bag and personally transport to the Leaf bin must be emptied and dispose of the bag in the trash dumpsters.

3.  Do not place leaves in the road and no household trash, garbage, wood etc. allowed in leaf bins.


There are trash dumpsters located by the fence near the office. HOUSEHOLD trash only! Do not put wood, motor oil, tar paper, leaves or any other Non -household trash items in the Dumpsters.


DO NOT flush disposable diapers, paper towels, rags, food scraps etc. into the sewer lines. You will be financially responsible if this cause’s stoppage in the sewer line.


All residents are responsible for the following:

1.  Repairs to electrical equipment and wiring from the meter to the residence.

2.  Repairs of sewerage lines from the residence to the 6" main.

3.  Repairs ofwater lines from residence to the 2" main.


1.  Any changes, additions or improvements to any residence or property must be approved by the park. After approval, you must get a permit from the Marion County Building Department.

2.  Temporary carports (COVERED ONLY) are limited to 1 per site, maximum 12' x 20'. Anything above these limits must be approved by the park.

3.  Only 1 shed per site allowed. Sheds on empty lots belong to the park. ALL permanent sheds and carports must remain on the site
should you leave.

4.  Picnic table are provided for temporary lots all permeant responsible for there on tables.


1.  Only 1 recreational vehicle is permitted per site as required by Florida State Law. Extra RV 's must be kept in the storage area.

2.  We offer temporary storage for 1 unit, storage trailer or boat at no charge to residents. Additional units are $ 25.00 per month. All of the above must be registered with the office.


Temporary Sites: Rent is due monthly on the date you arrived. There is a $10 cancellation fee if you cancel your reservation. There will be no refund if cancelled within 30 days of scheduled arrival. If you wish to leave your unit on your site for the summer, you must pay 4 months regular rate prior to leaving and then a On Site charge of $53.50 per month for subsequent months before returning. You can reserve a site for the next season with a $100 deposit to guarantee a site, and the same site if you have been a resident for 4 months.

Permanent Sites: Rent is due on the 1st of every month. If you are more than 10 days late with rent, a $1 fee will be charged for each additional day late.


1. Anyone wishing to sell their home must notify management. All buyers must be pre- approved by the park and pass a background and credit check before the sale. Sellers must make arrangements with buyer for the balance of the lot rent for that month, (this should be part of the negotiations). Should you decide to sell, you may list your home with the office for a fee and we would be happy to assist you with that.


1. The gate is for your protection. DO NOT let friends or relatives use your gate pass.

2.  Remind all visitors that only one car can pass through gate arm at on time. The arm could close on second vehicle.

3.  One gate card per site is permitted. If you lose or destroy your card, you will be charged a $25.00 fee for a new one. Card must be returned when you leave permanently.


1.  We have a 2 pet policy, under 40 pounds, and no Dobermans, Rottweilers or pit bulls allowed. All pet droppings are to be picked up and disposed of properly.

2.  Pets must be on a leash at all times when outside your residence.

3. We have a designated pet area for your pets to exercise.

4. Excessive barking will not be permitted, this will be a violation of park rules.


The following are recommendations for insurance and safety purposes:

1.  Must have site # on cart

2.  Must have running lights for night driving

3.  Please remove keys when not in use

4.  Follow manufacturing specifications for seating capacity


1.  All Residents have a designated mail box.

2.  Incoming mail must be addressed to your lot number. i.e. Lot Al.

3.  All mail box keys must be turned in to the office if you are not returning.

4. The post office charges $20.00 for lost keys (They have to change the lock). The keys belong to the Post Office and therefore must be returned.


1. Make sure the office has your updated address and phone number for here and your home away from home. It is required that all residents fill out an Emergency contact information form for the office. When there is a change, please contact the office immediately.


It is strongly recommended you leave keys with the office in case of an emergency.


Please keep the noise of your motorcycle as quiet as possible while riding through the park.


Only 2 Registered vehicles are allowed on your site.

UNREGISTERED vehicles will be towed at owners' expense.

General Information

Management will not assume responsibility for residents who become unable to take care of themselves. Family members must provide for their care.

It is recommended that you notify the office when leaving for a period of time.

All Residents are responsible for maintaining their yards and their residence, at all times, even when you are away (you must make arrangements for the maintenance). The Park will provide service at the following rates:

Yard work: $35.00 per session

Pressure Washing/Debris of home or shed: $100.00 per session.


1st Offense: Written warning will be issued 2nd Offense: A 2nd Written notice will be issued 3rd Offense: Will be cause for Eviction

OUR GOAL IS TO ENSURE YOUR SAFETY AS WELL AS YOUR WELL BEING. We want our Park to be an enjoyable place to be, both for our Residents as well as our Temporary campers.