Terms of Service



  • OFFICE HOURS: We do not maintain regular office hours, but our office/business center door is open 24 hours a day and you may register or check in at the computer inside. We typically have maintenance/groundskeeping personnel on site between 8AM and 6PM, as well. Should you need assistance with check-in or another issue, please press the button on the Arlo camera inside the office to call, or phone us at 307-655-9284; be sure to leave a message if no one is available to take your phone call.
    • RV CHECK-IN TIME:  2:00 PM
    • RESERVED GUESTS: You will receive a text or email at least 24 hours prior to your arrival inviting you to check in on line. Once you arrive, please proceed past the office and directly to your assigned site. No need to stop at the office; simply check in on your computer or mobile device.
    • DROP-IN GUESTS: Please visit lazyrcampground.com from your computer or mobile device and register for an available campsite. You may also use the computer inside the office/business center to make your reservation. Should you need assistance with check-in or another issue, press the button on the Arlo camera inside the office to call, or phone us at 307-655-9284; be sure to leave a message if no one is available to take your phone call.
  • CHECK-OUT: 12:00 PM
  • OCCUPANCY: Occupancy for RV sites, tents and cabins is based on 2 adults. Fees for additional guests 13 and older are $3 per day for RV sites and tents and $10 per day for cabins.
  • DEPOSIT: Charges for the first night of your stay are due at the time of booking. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.
    • Cancellations made more than 48 hours prior to scheduled check-in are subject to a $10 cancellation fee.
    • Cancellations made less than 48 hours prior to scheduled check-in will result in forfeiture of deposit.
  • REFUNDS: Refunds will not be issued for early checkout.
  • NO SHOWS: Reservations will be held until check-out time on the day following your scheduled arrival. No shows will result in a charge to your credit card for the full charges for your scheduled stay.
  • CABINS: Cabins have a two-night minimum and sleep a maximum of 5 people. Up to 2 pets may stay in the cabins for $20/night each.
  • WIRELESS INTERNET: Wireless internet is complimentary, but due to limited rural bandwidth and increasing bandwidth use for multiple devices, streaming video, etc., we cannot guarantee the availability of service. Please help maintain your WiFi connection and that of your neighbors by keeping bandwidth use to a reasonable level.
  • RESTROOMS: We have two individual, unisex restrooms with showers. We clean them regularly and ask that you clean up after yourself, as well. They are open 24 hours, 7 days a week. A key code will be sent to you upon check-in.

    Additional fees apply for Extended Stay guests paying our discounted monthly rate. Please see Additional Terms and Conditions below.
  • PETS and PET WASTE: Pets must be on a leash; kennels and tie-outs are not allowed. Please limit your pet’s elimination to your site and the common areas of the park, and clean up after your pets immediately. Pet cleanup bags are available next to the campground office dumpster. Out of respect for your neighbors, please make certain that your dogs do not bark incessantly if left behind whenever you leave your RV.

    Additional fees may apply for Extended Stay guests paying our discounted monthly rate. Please see Additional Terms and Conditions below.
  • TRASH and LITTER: All trash must be bagged, secured tightly, and deposited in the provided dumpsters. Leave your site as clean as you found it. Please do not discard cigarette butts, filter tips, candy wrappers, or other trash on the grounds. The Town of Ranchester provides recycling containers for cardboard, glass, cans, paper, and some plastics at their maintenance yard on Gillette Street across from Connor Battlefield State Park.
  • SPEED LIMIT: Please keep your speed under 5 miles per hour while in the park.
  • NEIGHBORS: Please respect the privacy of others and do not cut across occupied campsites.
  • QUIET HOURS: Quiet hours are from 10:00 PM to 7:00 AM daily. Sound carries a long way at night, so please be courteous to your fellow campers. Profane language or unreasonably loud noise levels are not allowed at any time. Vehicles with loud exhaust, such as motorcycles, must be operated as quietly as possible in and around the campground.
  • GENERATORS: Use of generators is not allowed in the campground.
  • SMOKING: No smoking is allowed inside campground facilities, including the cabins, restrooms, and breezeways. Smoking inside the cabins will result in a $250 cleaning fee charged to your credit card.
  • LAUNDRY: There is a 24-hour laundry in the mini-mall located across the highway from the campground.


  • ELECTRICAL POWER: Electrical power usage up to 1,750 kWh per month is included in your base monthly rate. If you exceed your maximum allowable usage, a charge of $0.10 per kWh will be added to your next month’s rent. Meters are read on the first working day of each month; your initial meter reading will be done on the first working day of the month following check-in. Should you exceed your monthly usage limit, we will notify you of any additional charges that have been added to your next month’s rent.
  • MAIL DELIVERY: Because mail delivery service requires special facilities, staffing, and provisions for mail safety, we do not provide mail delivery service. Mail service can be arranged at the Ranchester Post Office, located across the highway from the campground. Should you need to have a package shipped that cannot be received via US Mail, please ensure that your site number is included in your shipping address so that the shipper may deliver directly to your site.
    • Each Extended Stay guest is allowed no more than two vehicles per site, which includes all types of ORVs, motorcycles, and snowmobiles.
    • Absolutely no parking of vehicles of any type is allowed on the grass or reseeded areas.
    • Due to limited space, storage boxes, units/sheds, or enclosed trailers are not allowed on RV sites.
    • The Town of Ranchester has requested that campground residents avoid parking on the street during winter so that streets can be plowed.
  • WINTER CONSIDERATIONS: Guests staying into the winter months will need to winterize water and sewer lines with insulation and/or heat tape. Some type of skirting is strongly recommended. We will maintain a heat tape on the water faucet itself, plugged into the 110 outlet at your site. Please do not unplug the heat tape on the water faucet for any reason.
  • DISCOUNTED MONTHLY RATE: Our Extended Stay monthly rates are based on one or two adults per unit plus children 12 and under. A fee will be added to the base rate for each additional occupant 13 and over. Rent is due in full for the first month before moving onto your assigned site. For the remainder of your stay, your monthly rent is due in full on or before the due date. If you stay for only part of a month or make a payment for less than the full amount due, your rental fee will be calculated at our posted weekly and daily rates. We do not pro-rate the monthly rates.
  • USE OF CAMPGROUND SHOWERS/RESTROOMS: Extended Stay guests are required to have a working restroom and shower in their RV. A charge of $100/month will be added to your monthly rent if you are unable to meet this requirement. Should it be necessary for you to use the campground facilities, please help keep the showers/restrooms clean. If you observe that a restroom is in need of attention, please let us know. NO SMOKING IS ALLOWED IN THE RESTROOMS.
  • LATE FEES: You will receive a payment reminder email each month 2-3 days prior to your rent due date. This email will contain a link for you to pay your rent by credit card, or you may deposit your rent into the secure drop box next to the office door. If your payment is not received by 5:00 pm on the 5th day following your due date, an initial late payment charge of $25 will be added to your rent. An additional $5 per day will be added for every late day thereafter. For your convenience and to ensure that you will not incur late fees, we strongly encourage you to authorize the Lazy R Campground to charge your credit card on file for the monthly rent amount on your rent due date.
  • SITE MAINTENANCE: We are continuously improving the campground lawns, buildings, and grounds to make your stay with us as pleasant as possible. Please keep your site tidy and free of trash, pet waste, etc. Lawn chairs, a BBQ, small entrance platform and steps entering trailer may be left out near your trailer, but avoid placing anything on the grass (winter or summer) that will kill the grass or that cannot be easily moved by Lazy R crew for lawn care, snow removal, etc. All other belongings must be stored inside or under your trailer or in offsite storage. Roll your water hose, TV/satellite cable, and power cord neatly and place them under your trailer as much as possible.
  • PET WASTE FEES:  If you fail to clean up your pet waste immediately as stipulated in the General Terms and Conditions above, we will add a $75 per month pet cleanup fee to your account until such time as the site is kept consistently clean. You may be asked to vacate your site should this fee be charged a third time.
  • DEPARTURE: Because extended stay renters often hook up to their trailer and head out for short road trips, camping in the mountains, etc., we do not stop your rent payments or rent your site to a new renter until you’ve notified us that you are leaving permanently. If you are checking out, please give us notice at least a week in advance, so that we may notify people on our waiting list of upcoming availability.

Thank you for choosing the Lazy R Campground as your “base camp” during your time here in Sheridan County. We appreciate your business, and appreciate your efforts to help us maintain our reputation as a friendly, quiet, clean and affordable RV park.