Terms of Service

Terms and Conditions:

o   Dogs/Pets are only allowed in RV’s staying a month or longer. Non-aggressive dogs only. Dogs/Pets are NOT ALLOWED in tent sites or RV’s paying a daily or weekly rate.

o   No refunds if you decide to shorten your stay due to acts by Mother Nature, Covid-19, etc.

o   No glass, fireworks, or firearms of any nature.

o   The speed limit is always 5 MPH inside the campground due to safety and dust control.

o   There is no glass, Styrofoam, or 5 oz plastic containers allowed in the river by order of W.O.R.D., the river authority.

o   There are no rope swings, water slides, hot tubs, swimming pools, etc. allowed.

o   Do not cut, harm, or trim any trees, grapevines, or structures (fines will be assessed).

o   Music must be kept at an acceptable volume. No music is allowed during quiet time.

o   Quiet time is from 12:00 AM – 8:00 AM on Friday & Saturday and 11:00 PM – 8:00 AM Sunday – Thursday.

o   All fires must be contained and confined to fire pits/rings provided at each campsite. No open ground fires.

o   Do not cross any boundary fences; private property exists past fence lines and should never be crossed.

o   Do not throw cigarette butts on the ground, including at your campsite.

o   Unlicensed motorized vehicles like minibikes/dirt bikes, 4-wheelers, etc. are not allowed.

o   Golf carts are allowed. However, they must conform with all rules and regulations set by Lazy L&L. You must be at least 16 years of age or older and have a valid driver’s license to be able to operate the golf cart. Golf carts are to be only used in gravel roads throughout the campground and no excessive speeding, joy riding, disregard of traffic signs, or any type of unreasonable activity with the golf cart will be tolerated.

o   Please respect your neighbors. Do not walk through their site, use profanity, etc.

o   The responsible party will pay for any damages or destruction to property. Management is not responsible for loss or damage of personal property caused by fire, theft, accidents or acts by Mother Nature.

o   Reservations are not contingent upon the availability or conditions of the water recreation activities in the area.

o   Management/staff reserves the right for your immediate dismissal for any misconduct with no refund.