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Park Events

  • Leduc No. 1 75th Anniversary Celebration

    Leduc No. 1 75th Anniversary Celebration

    June 18 - June 18

    On February 13, 2022, the Leduc #1 will celebrate 75 years since it’s official production began. A National Historic Site, the Imperial Oil well marked a turning point in the history of the Alberta petroleum industry. Oil production in the Edmonton area expanded rapidly and enabled Alberta to become a major oil producer and moved Canada into a self-sufficient oil producer. We invite you to celebrate Alberta’s energy history and the 75th anniversary of the Leduc #1 oil well on June 18, 2022. The Canadian Energy Museum has developed a fun family day that will include food, special guest speakers and activities. Our aim is to celebrate Alberta’s heritage. In 2019 the Leduc No. 1 Energy Discovery Centre rebranded as the Canadian Energy Museum. Our mission is to cultivate curiosity, engagement, and a balanced understanding of the energy sector through our education and public programs, exhibits, and events. We endeavor to excite inquiring minds through the countless storytelling opportunities provided by Alberta’s unique energy history, its people, places, science, challenges, and innovation. With the rebranding comes new faces at the museum, new exhibitions and new opportunities. As a non-profit we are excited to continue to tell visitors about Alberta’s history through the energy industry.