Terms of Service

                                                                                     Check In Times are: 12pm -4pm

                                                                                       please call if you will be later.

                                                                                      12:00pm - 4:00pm

                                                                                       Check out Time is:

                                                                                        11:00am Sharp


1.  Speed Limt in the Park is 5 MPH No Exceptions

2.  No cleaning of fish on Park grounds

3.  Campfirrs must be completely extinguished when you leave.

4. Quiet Time is 10pm- 7am. Please keep radios and tv.s at a low volume. 

5.  Tenants and Guests are responsible for any damage or injury caused by themselves, their children and/or pets.

6.  Tenant assumes any and all risks associated with the foregoing and agrees to hold Landlord harmless from and indemnify Landlord against       the  same.

7.   The Park is not responsible for personal injuries or damage, loss or theft of any personal property or vehicle.

8.   We reserve the right to evict any person(s) who does not comply with the rules and policies

9.   Blowup mattresses, sleeping bags and cots are not allowed outside.

10.  Maintenance on RV’s or vehicles on property is not allowed.

11.   Washing RVs or vehicles on property is not allowed.

12.   Only 1 RV and a maximum of 2 other vehicles allowed per site unless stated otherwise.

13.   The use of Firearms of any kind is PROHIBITED in the Campground

14.   The use of archery, paintball, slingshots or air guns is PROHIBITED.

15.   Fireworks of any kind are PROHIBITED.

16.   Use of illegal drugs is PROHIBITED.

17.   Obnoxious behavior of ANY kind is PROHIBITED.

18.   Motorcycles must be in idle speed when traveling through the Park.

19.   Children under 14 years of age must always be accompanied by an adult in Park

20.   No vehicles can block any portion of roadway.

21   .Vehicles may park in designated spaces only.